Skout and My Friend

Life is full of new experiences and staying apart of the present has some serious benefits. I have been reflective lately because I recently lost my best friend to alcoholism. However, I felt he died from being lonely and being unable to let go of the past. We were pretty popular in high school, but imagine being stuck there. I did not give much credence to the popularity because I knew it was fleeting from my years playing football. My concern was attending college and moving on in my life, but he stayed focused on this period in our lives. He managed to keep working at his father’s business and contributing to his family almost until the end, but the oncoming digital revolution spelled his demise. He became more depressed as the innovations became less accessible to him.

I continued to keep up with Skout technology and became proficient in all the relevant advances. The effects of the digital revolution cannot be overstated and especially for those who lived most of their lives before it. It changed everything from postal mail to the way our nation goes to war and pursues peace. Anyone in my generation that did not keep up with these advances is lost. Because everything has changed, even people’s occupation can be at risk if they are not able to learn all of the new technologies and become proficient in their real world application. This is where my friend found himself after all of those years of drinking and vainly reminiscing about our heydays, and he died somewhat bitter about the changes that had occurred in the world.

Instead of being depressed after his death, I wanted to enjoy the world even more. I am happy that I was not captured in the doldrums of life at any point, so when the digital revolution happened, I was ready. When my wife wanted to chase childish dreams, I was ready also. I was ready for a divorce. I got one, and we went our separate ways. The fighting and the angst was over, but she left with all of the friends. Initially, this was not a problem because most of them were just like her, but eventually, I became lonely. Many of my friends were using digital dating apps, but they are horn dogs since their divorces, and I am too old for skirt chasing.

I am looking more for compatibility because secretly, I want people to talk to much more than I am interested in dating. I miss long conversations with my friend of which only he and I had context. Our conversations were about things we had done in our childhood and girls who we had dated. Ironically, I found conversations and friends with a dating app. However, this app is nothing like the hookup fest dating sites that my friends use. It is called Skout on zendesk, and it is based on a social media model with designations per peer groups. It is awesome and has become a social circle in itself for me.