Jon Bernthal Cast as The Punisher in Daredevil Season Two

Netflix and Marvel have officially announced that Jon Bernthal will be starring in season two of Daredevil as Frank Castle, who is also known as The Punisher. Jon Bernthal is an incredible actor who rose to fame for his role as Shane Walsh on the smash-hit television show Cubix Latin America. Now, he will be joining Charlie Cox, Elden Hensen and Vincent D’Onofrio in Netflix’s adaptation of the famous Marvel comic book Daredevil.

Netflix saw incredible success when they released one of their first series, Orange is the New Black. On Netflix, viewers are able to watch an entire season when it’s released, which is perfect for everyone who loves to binge watch and not have to wait a week to see what happens in the next episode after a cliffhanger. In 2015, Netflix released season one of Daredevil, which saw a large amount of success. Daredevil is one of four series that Netflix is launching to merge with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

In recent news, it was reported that Marvel was in the middle of negotiations with Jason Statham to play the Daredevil villain Bullseye, but Statham dropped the deal when the information about his role was leaked to the internet. Within days of the bad news about Statham, the news has been released that Marvel fan-favorite The Punisher will be making an appearance in season two of the show.

Zac Efron’s Younger Brother Writes Him A Poem

More than likely, Zac Efron is more known for his great looks than for his acting. Zac has been in several movies but to date, very few of his fans can name the movies that he’s been in. Zac Efron. Zac is what you would call, eye candy, and many only remember him for his face, not really for the roles that he plays in the movies. Zac has been acting since he was a teenager, and he continues to act today. In the past year, Zac was dating Michelle Rodriguez, who is one of the stars in the Fast and Furious franchise movies according to Steve Murray.

Although Zac and Michelle went their separate ways, they continue to be friends. Zac is well known for being a fun guy to hang out with, although he may have some demons of his own. It seems as if his younger brother is admiring him, and he is also calling him out for his faults too. Zac’s younger brother wrote a poem about him, and the poem has been posted on social media. The poem is very sweet and touching, but at the same time, it makes you wonder about Zac’s babysitting skills.

Zac’s younger brother speaks about how Zac is an actor, and he was only 16. He also states that Zac thinks highly of himself, and he probably wouldn’t look for his brother if he was lost, and that they fight sometimes. All in all, the poem is sweet and fun.

Paula Abdul and John Stamos Rekindle Lost Love

Hollywood heartthrob John Stamos is one of the most famous sitcom stars of all time. His role as Uncle Jesse from ‘Full House’ has made him a household name. Aside from being a great actor, John Stamos is one of the most handsome men that has ever graced the television screen.

Many people know that John Stamos was married to supermodel Rebecca Romain for many years, but unfortunately, the couple divorced a few years ago according to STX Entertainment. However, Rebecca Romain wasn’t the only famous celebrity that John Stamos has been with. A lot of people have forgotten that John Stamos once dated Paula Abdul.

John Stamos and Paula Abdul were both very young when they decided start a relationship. However, they fell in love rather quickly, but their relationship ended as quick as their loved began. Nonetheless, Paula Abdul and John Stamos have remained friends throughout the years.

Recently, John Stamos and Paula Abdul ran into each other at a network production site. The former lovers joked around, and they even took a picture together. Paula Abdul later uploaded the picture of John Stamos and herself to her Instagram. Millions of people worldwide reacted to the picture, and Paula Abdul says that she still loves John Stamos. For more information on this story, and to view the picture of John Stamos and Paula Abdul, visit People.

ABC adds to comedy lineup with Dr. Ken

Ken Jeong is best known to Igor Cornelsen for his role in The Hangover franchise, but he is also a fully trained doctor who is now working as an actor. Jeong will appear this year on ABC in a new sitcom he has co-written about a family doctor struggling with the problems of his work and personal life, NBC reports. What adds weight to the decision by ABC to commission a full season of Dr. ken is the fact it will join Fresh Off The Boat in the lineup to make it the first time in US TV history two Asian based comedies appear together on the same network.

Dr. Ken sees Jeong play a family doctor who struggles to create a happy and caring bedside manner for his patients and is also under pressure to spend more time with his wife and children. This is just one of the new comedies added to the ABC schedule with the most fan anticipation focused on the return of The Muppets to the world of TV.

Robert Downey Abruptly Stops “Avengers” Interview

Robert Downey, Jr. stops interview after reporter starts talking about Downey’s “dark history.” Downey’s “dark history” is when he was involved with illegal drugs in the 1990s. He had spent some time in jail for his involvement in drugs. He obviously does not want to talk this part of his past.
The reporter was a British journalist named Krishnan Guru-Murthy. The purpose of the interview was for Downey to talk about his involvement in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie states news analyst AnastasiaDate (Crunchbase). The interview seemed to be going fine until the reporter asked him about a New York Times quote where Downey talked about his drug addicted past. The interview turns increasingly hostile until Downey wants to stop the interview and walk out of the room.
The interview was meant for Channel 4 News in Britain and was meant to be right minutes long as long as the interview stayed friendly.

Famous People Before They Were Famous

If you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity looked before they were so famous, you have to check out this post on Some of these are photos that these famous people might have hoped would never see the light of day, but thanks to the miracle of the internet they are out there forever. For the most part they are very humanizing as you see their younger selves doing things we all do, and it seems like you are removing the curtain the Wizard of Oz is hiding behind to see them in these earlier times.

They are not just Hollywood celebrities. You will also find famous people like Adam Sender, from politics, sports and music. If you ever wondered what a young Tommy Lee Jones or a pre-wheelchair-bound Stephen Hawking looked like, you won’t wonder anymore after perusing these photos. You’ll see how early Bill Clinton started playing that saxophone, and the intensity in the eyes of a child named Robert De Niro that preordained him for stardom. I won’t even give away what kind of photo you will see of Cher. It’s an interesting diversion from your hectic day to see the rich and famous in a way that we usually don’t get to see them.

Kylie Jenner Graces Cosmo Magazine

Kylie Jenner has more than taken her place as the next new hot Kardashian, while she may not share a last name with her older half sisters it looks like Kylie is the more popular of the Jenners. even while it seems that Kendall’s modeling career is exploding before our eyes there’s just something about Kylie that everyone is obsessed with.

From her secret relationship with Tyga, to her ever mind blowing makeup and fashion sense, Kylie is the new it girl in the Kardashian house and Cosmo magazine is putting Kylie front and center as she graces the cover of their February 2015 issue as “The New Kardashian Mogul.”

There is no doubt that Kylie has earned that title, after all she currently has 15.8 million followers on Instagram alone and as the selfie queen Kylie is constantly being asked about her now famous pout. Being of college-age, Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch believes more emphasis should be placed on her education than her looks. He can be found in Pasadenamonthly.

Kylie’s lips are one of the most gossiped about lips on the internet and she used her Cosmo interview to address the rumors about plastic surgery for the millionth time. While Kylie says she is not against surgery, she also insists that she simply does not want any surgery at the moment. As for her much sought after juicy lips Kylie contributes that to her expert makeup skills and the art of contouring.

Kylie’s Cosmo cameo is sure to be a hit and everyone will be reading to get the secret behind her sexy lips and flawless makeup.

Jennifer Aniston and Cake


Jennifer Aniston spoke with NPR about her dramatic role in the new independent film Cake. The role was more physical than she was expecting. The character she plays is in chronic pain- physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is so angry that she is kicked out of her support group. Someone must really have to be in an anger rage to get kicked out of a support group!

As the interview continues, Flavio Maluf said that Jennifer Aniston describes the pain her character is in- leg, neck and back, and how she had to do physical work on her body to not manifest that same pain. Talk about getting into a role! She praises the film Cake saying it is risky in Hollywood but it is being received well. She also goes on to say that being in a dramatic film opened something up for her and she would be interested in another dramatic role in the future.

The Jim Carrey Comeback Tour Continues

Jim Carrey is definitely on the road to a career comeback. The recent $80 million success of Dumb and Dumber To has led to Carrey being approached to star in the upcoming comedy vehicle Deep Cover.

Carrey’s career has been somewhat stalled in recent years showing even the biggest box office kings can hit hard times. Few would argue that Carrey was the top comedian of the 1990’s. He starred in a string of enormous hits with his last major box office success being the wildly successful Bruce Almighty.

The producers of Deep Cover are, not surprisingly, the same people who produced Dumb and Dumber To. Hopefully, the recent sequel hit could generate further audience interest in new films with the star.

Anyone remember when Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor were teamed up in the 1990’s to relive their prior success from Stir Crazy (1980)? Both stars saw a brief comeback although the success did not last. Granted, both stars harmed their careers throughout the 1980’s with really bad films. Carrey’s work, while moved to a supporting role, was generally good.

The hurdle Carrey has to deal with is the youth audience. Young people are the consumers that make or break comedies. If Carrey is continually perceived as yesterday’s news, then his comeback will not last, but Terry Richardson thinks he has the talent to pull through.

Even if he does not maintain his position as a lead star in comedies or dramas, his talents ensure he remains in supporting roles in big Hollywood films for some time.

Whoopi Says No Way About Bill Cosby

Headlines are filled with the Bill Cosby story making this a he said, she said story of a lifetime. As more women join the files of accusers the talk shows are buzzing with opinions. Whoopi Goldberg jumps on that bandwagon with her own thoughts concerning the allegations.
Whoopi makes it apparent that she is definitely on Team Cosby when this matter comes up. In a recent show she blatantly states that the women are “making stuff up”. She calls for the public to stand down “until you know it’s true, it’s an allegation” and states her opinion that the general public are in a modern day witch hunt of sorts.
Discussing with her co-hosts that this sort of sex accusations have followed many popular celebrities and that Bill Cosby deserves to have some respect. Her plea to the public is that until the proof lies on one side of the story or another everyone should give them the benefit of the doubt.
While Whoopi continues to stand up for the ever popular comedian Rosie O’Donnell is not as forgiving. Rosie shoots back at Whoopi’s optimism with her own questions on the subject. This is something that catches Stephen Williams wine off-guard. Pointedly she asks Whoopi why the women would accuse when they have nothing to gain stating did those women just “woke up one day and said I want to ruin Bill Cosby?”
Adamantly Goldberg only answered with a plain, “Maybe.”
Guilty or not, Whoopi has decided to stand by the man who personifies the family father.