Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms: Beauty Never Looked So Good

When it comes to smooth, soft, kissable lips, women are obsessed. We adore products that deliver true moisture, excellent protection and a yummy scent or flavor.

Say hello to Evolution of Smooth lip balms!

Need we say more? The brand has been a huge favorite among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Maybe it’s the adorable design of these spherical balms sitting in their spherical little pots. The look is genius, and the round ball of conditioning balm glides on, reaching every part of your amazing mouth.

It could also be the incredible, soothing organic base of shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Natural pureness for your lips is essential, and this brand makes it happen. It’s super affordable and you can collect the entire line. Evolution of Smooth is the ultimate traveling companion and ideal for those hot days in the sun when your fragile lips need a worthy shield.

Pampering your lips isn’t an option, ladies. You need to apply lip balm often during the day and when you go to bed at night. No one likes dry, chapped lips, but that happens when you ignore this part of your face. Evolution of Smooth features one of the gentlest and hydrating balms on the market. Celebrities have fallen in love with EOS lip balm, because they work extremely well.

We are addicted to Evolution of Smooth’s Sheer Pink lip balm, but it’s temporarily out of stock due to high demand. It’s easy to see why; the balm has that signature moisturizing base.

The EOS Shimmer lip balm delivers a delicate and oh so pretty sheer shade of pink luminosity for your lips. When you don’t want a heavy lipstick/gloss, this one does the trick. It’s a natural sun-kissed pink that looks gorgeous all year round. You can find Evolution of Smooth lip balms at your favorite stores like Well, Walmart and Target. The products are also available online. See, https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU.

Discovering A Hair Treatment That Works

In a recent article, it discussed an experiment used with a popular hair product and the positive effects it had on the authors hair. In an attempt to improve the overall health of her hair, while proving the worth of the hair care product, she used it for one week and recorded the results using photos and text. This product, known as Wen Hair, is a popular Haircare line that offers a special formula called the cleansing conditioner. This buzzed about formula is one that is said to do wonders for the hair.

So what makes this product so talked about and sought after? It is a three-in-one product that includes shampoo, conditioner and treats your hair so it is easier to style. In only one day of using the cleansing conditioner, the author states that her hair is almost immediately softer. The idea of this cleansing conditioner quickly becomes believable when she notices her normally thin hair starting to look more bouncy and voluminous. By the end of the experiment, her hair is not only softer and has added volume, but it is shinier and so much easier to style. She shows her results with photos and it is truly unbelievable how quickly this formula worked. To see the results, visit:http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Wen was created by popular Hollywood hairstylist, Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is well known and trusted among many A-List celebrities. He created the formula to decrease hair styling time while giving your hair all the nutrients it needs to become and stay its healthiest. It’s safe to say that this Wen cleansing conditioner definitely worked for this young woman. All you need is one week to see the magic of this miracle in a bottle. For more info, check out the brand’s Wikipedia page.


Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.com.


Bustle Writer Samples WEN by Chaz for Shiny Fuller A-List Hair

As women, we want the perfect head of hair that shows off shine, volume and manageability. When we’re having a bad hair day, it can ruin everything else. Just ask blogger Emily McClure who has the dreaded fine, thin, do nothing cursed head of hair.
Emily wanted a hair transformation like the ones WEN by Chaz was famous for in their YouTube ads. So, she decided to try WEN for a brief 7-day period and post her results to Bustle.com.

Emily chose their unique cleansing conditioner in FIG for extra body, moisture and gloss. She even took hair selfies every day to show readers how WEN was performing.

Wen by Chaz is a pure and healthy way to wash, condition, de-tangle and care for hair using a no lather shampoo concept. Gone are the nasty sulfates present in store bought formulas that damage hair. West coast celebrity stylist Chaz Dean knew there had to be a better way, so he developed his WEN by Chaz brand, and today, it has revolutionized the way people cleanse their hair.

WEN by Chaz is full of clean, plant-based formulas that nourish and strengthen the strands of every hair type. It’s pure hair radiance in a bottle.It is sold on Amazon.

Emily discovered that the best routine for her on WEN was with a daily AM cleanse. It left her mane soft and smooth, and after she blow-dried and styled, the shine was a knock-out with fuller hair. Her friends were becoming hair envious.

Emily learned not to get lazy on WEN after your hair has adapted to the routine. She tried nighttime cleansing, but the results weren’t as good. She learned that if you take the time to blow-dry and style your hair after every WEN wash, you will see the famous results everyone raves about.

For more info, see http://www.wenhaircare.com/.

Beauty Writer Puts WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the Test

Emily McClure is a self-described fashion addict who writes about beauty and fashion for publications such as Bustle.com, HerCampus.com and Simplemost.com. So you can be pretty sure she knows exactly how to perfect her own personal look.
Recently, Emily stepped a little outside her comfort zone when she experimented with Wen Hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner on her hair. As she describes it in an essay on Bustle.com, “I decided to put the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the test to see if it could transform my thin hair into luscious, TV-worthy strands.”

Emily used WEN hair by Chaz over the course of a week, showering with it both at night before bed and early in the morning before work.

Here’s what she learned: She got the best results when using WEN by Chaz in the mornings. Using it before leaving for the day, she found, gave her hair that extra bounce and shine – enough to make her friends sit up and take notice.

On the other hand, when Emily showered in the evenings, she found that the magic of WEN by Chaz would wear off – the day after, she felt her hair was uncomfortably oily. prefer.

She writes in her Bustle.com essay: “I can see myself reaching for the conditioner again on days when I crave a little extra shine… if I get myself out of bed on time.”

WEN® by Chaz Dean is line of conditioning hair cleansers that offer a healthy alternative to traditional shampoos, conditioners and other hair products.

Made with natural botanicals, herbs and extracts, WEN cleansers leave your hair clean, shiny and bouncy. The WEN hair line was developed by celebrity Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean of Los Angeles. It is available online via eBay and most salon and stores that sell hair care products.

See, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html for more info.

Bernardo Chua’s Path To Success

Bernardo Chua has really been a big success in the corporate world. There are several different ways that he has been successful in the business world. Ultimately, he was able to create his own extremely successful corporation that sells coffee. The name of this business is Organo Gold, and they sell coffee that has a very unique twist. In addition to selling great coffee, his products also contain a mushroom with powerful medicinal properties. This mushroom is ganoderma lucidum, which has had a great reputation in Chinese medicine for many years. People have experienced incredible health benefits from drinking the coffees and teas that are infused with it.

Bernardo Chua began his career in the Philippines as a multi level marketing professional. This career really took off, and it was quite successful. However, this was only the beginning of his distinguished career in business that ultimately took him to the United States.

Chua became employed with a company called Gano Excel, while he was still located in the Philippines. This company sold various types of coffee that contain ganoderma lucidum. At first, this was a Philippines company that had no ties to the US. Bernardo Chua helped this company to grow and expand. Ultimately, the company made it’s way into the US to sell it’s coffee products there. When the company made this expansion into the United States, people began buying Gano Excel’s products quite frequently. This helped to make the company quite successful.

Then, as some time passed, Chua decided to go into business for himself. When he did, he founded Organo Gold, which also infused their products with ganoderma lucidum. In addition to containing the mushroom, Organo Gold is well known for it’s high quality coffees. The superior taste and nutritional qualities of the product have made it become popular in multiple different countries. He has expanded his company well beyond the United States, and his company has made it’s way into 34 countries in total. As time goes on, the company can be expected to continue to expand further.

How Can You Get More Exposure from Creating a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia pages are one of the best kept secrets of business and company owners. A Wikipedia page is an entry or page that has in-depth information about a topic, person, organization, or business. These pages are highly respected because they contain information from reliable sources. I know one must be asking, how a Wikipedia page can benefit my company. By making a Wikipedia page your company can gain publicity, boosts its online reputation, as well as create trust amongst clients and customers. 


Wikipedia was launched in 2001 and has since become a website that many visit in order to gain knowledge on a list of subjects and topics. Millions of eyeballs read through various published articles on the site. These many eyeballs could be potential customers or clients. The heavy traffic that the site receives everyday can increase the chances that someone will come across your page. In the event that a person learns about your company or business through the site then he or should could turn into a customer. A new customer means more revenue for you and your company. 


Gaining new customers is only a portion of the benefits that a Wikipedia page can provide. This site can help to increase your brand and reputation. The internet is a place that people can make negative remarks about people or businesses. Unfortunately, these negative remarks can damage the reputation of the person or business because many people can view such remarks and possibly believe them. If your company has fallen victim to negative remarks being posted online, then a Wikipedia page can help to counter these remarks. If a person does a search for your company or business online, then that search can direct traffic to your Wikipedia page instead of the negative comments. This can help to prevent potential or loyal customers from viewing the negative remarks made about your company or business.

Increase Trust

Scams and untrustworthy businesses are created everyday online. These entities can cause the trust of potential customers to dwindle or even come nonexistent. When trust is lost in a potential customer then he or she will be least likely to make a purchase from your online business or company. Instead of allowing this to occur, create a Wikipedia page that will provide information about your company that will help to once more instill trust in customers. 

A Wikipedia page has many benefits that it provides to a company or business but they can be frustrating to create. For companies that would like assistance with the task of creating a Wikipedia page, http://www.getyourwiki.com/ can help. This organization has many available Wikipedia writers for hire that are experienced in Wikipedia page creations. Their expertise can help you to gain exposure, have a positive online image, and increase trust amongst potential customers. 

Tips on Keeping Dogs Healthy

Keeping pets healthy should be everyone’s top priority. There are a lot of different things individuals can do to ensure that their pet stays healthy. Following some simple tips can lengthen a dog’s life by a lot of years. Here are some ways to keep dog’s healthy so they live a long and healthy life.

One way to keep a dog healthy is to take them to the vet for their immunizations. Dog’s should be given all the necessary shots to ensure that they stay healthy. These vaccines help dogs avoid certain diseases and ailments such as Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and many others. By taking dogs to the vet regularly their vet can check and make sure that they are completely healthy.

Another way to keep a dog healthy for a long time is to feed them nutritional dog food. One great food that keeps dogs healthy is Beneful. This dog food is packed with 23 vitamins and minerals that are great for any dog. It has Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin B-12, and a ton of other great nutrients. It has a lot of protein it from the real chicken or beef that is added. It has antioxidants in the food that help dogs build a strong immune system. It has a ton of different grains such as wheat that help give dogs energy throughout the day. It’s very important that individuals feed their dog a great food like Beneful on multivu because dogs need the nutrients found in this type of meal.

Dogs need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and live longer. It’s important that dogs get a walk everyday so that they can stay at a healthy weight. Dogs that are overweight tend to get sick with diseases such as Diabetes and these can be fatal. By allowing dogs to get exercise everyday individuals can ensure their dogs are around for a long time.

It’s important to administer flea and tick products to dogs every month. Without this preventative medicine dogs can be exposed to deadly diseases. If dogs are not protected from ticks they can come down with Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and even paralysis. This paralysis is caused by a toxin that is secreted by ticks. When it comes in contact with a dog it affects the nervous system. This causes weakness and eventually paralysis in the legs. Flea and tick medication is relatively inexpensive and can be found at pretty much any pet specialty store or mass merchandise store.

Lastly, to keep dogs healthy they should be spayed or neutered. This helps them live a healthier life. This helps prevent infections and even breast cancer. This cancer and infections of the uterus are often fatal so its very important to get this operation done.

Individuals want their pet to live a long and healthy life. After all pets are often a part of the family. By following these tips individuals can ensure their dog will live a long life.

Purina PetCare: A Trusted Leader in Pet Care Products

There’s never any compromise when choosing pet care products. Our pets are like family and we treat them with the same care and attention. This is one reason most pet owners go to the single, most trusted source of pet care products: Purina PetCare. Purina PetCare is also a subsidiary of the Nestle Company, founded in Vevey, Switzerland in 1866. Purina PetCare, however, was founded in 1894, originally as the Robbinson-Danforth Commission Company in St. Louis, Missouri and has an annual revenue exceeding $11 billion. Purina PetCare products include:

. Dog and puppy food
. Cat and kitten food
. Cat and dog litter
. Snacks for pets
. Pet health products

The Purina PetCare Reputation for Excellence
When you choose products for your pet, you want the assurance that pet foods, litter, snacks and health products have excellent quality and are free from unnecessary ingredients. Purina PetCare’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control experts meet the Purina name for excellence with each product. Purina PetCare is a full-scale source of the finest quality pet products pets love. By offering diversity in dog and puppy, your canines are assured their meals are not just delicious, but also nutritious. Using the highest quality ingredients makes the difference in pet food flavor. This is also true for cat and kitten foods. Meeting the oftentimes picky appetites of felines can create problems for owners who try to please. For example, Fancy Feast and Deli-cat are the preferred choice of kitties. For dogs, there’s the newest addition, Beggin’, a super treat canines can’t resist.

Purina PetCare – Attention to Detail
Your pet is precious. Purina PetCare knows this and creates a full line of products that focus on attention to detail. For example, the Purina News Center notes that it’s important to choose pet foods based on the age of your pet. One of these products, Purina Pro-Plan for senior dogs helps keep your dog active and vital and also protects aging bones and tissue.

Not Just Pet Care
Purina PetCare is a well-rounded company that goes beyond trusted products. In 2013, Purina PetCare partnered with Canine Health Foundation to focus on advancements in veterinary research. Purina also donated $100,000 to animal shelters after Hurricane Charley struck Florida. More recently in 2012, Purina PetCare joined with Jenny Craig to create “Project Pet Slim Down.” This program helps pet owners and their pets slim down.