Carol Ann Susi Passes Away at 62

News reports that Carol Ann Susi, 62, has passed away after a battle with cancer. Anyone who has ever watched the hit television show The Big Bang Theory knows the popularity of Howard Wolowitz’s mother.

She made one brief appearance at Howard’s wedding at the end of season five, according to Rod Rohrich. Susi was the voice behind this tremendous character, making Mrs. Wolowitz a large part of the comedy series. It has not been discussed how her passing will impact the show. Although the actress that play Wolowitz’s wife does a great impression of Susi. Susi’s character has become part of the storyline this season.  She has made actual guest appearances on many shows including Cheers, Seinfeld and Just Shoot Me. Her comedic timing and boisterous voice will be greatly missed in the world of acting and especially on The Big Bang Theory.

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