Caitlyn Arrives

Through all the publicity and hype, Bruce Jenner has chronicled his change from man to woman in various media facets including Keeping Up With the Kardashians and an interview with Diane Sawyer. It has been an unveiling that has been months in the making, but finally the time has come. It is time for the world to see Bruce in his new self, Caitlyn Jenner.
The Vanity Fair photo spread and article hit the public yesterday in a big way. Caitlyn is posing in several gowns in the magazine, and even a corset. Her transformation is both shocking and puzzling.
I wonder what has driven Bruce to make this change. If a person truly knows who they are on the inside, why must they change themselves on the outside? Maybe he just wants to live a different life. One that is much different than the one portrayed on television for the last decade, and one that is much different than the Olympic gold medal winner of the 1970’s. He is still an American hero, but in a very different shell. This “brave” act may help others to be who they aspire to be, which at times could include an outward change to express an inner feeling.
We will just watch and wait to see what unfolds from this transgender celebrity. One thing is certain, we will get a front row seat of all the action.

Thanks to Susan McGalla’s article in PRNewsWire for showing me this.

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