Brad Reifler Sees Truth in “Money Monster”

The investment world can be an amazing thing. It unfortunately often focuses on the wealthy only. In the fictional film Money Monster, many of these truths about Wall St. are uncovered. The film demonstrates how Wall St focuses on wealthy investors, and provides them with the tools to succeed. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler sees a lot of truth behind the film. After years of helping the wealthy get wealthier he too has refocused his efforts to the large group of Middle America.

Reifler understands what the small middle class investor must deal with. He has identified three major problems they face. First, they must deal with the large fees that most firms charge. Brokers should not continue to get richer. Second small investors have limited access to what investments they are allowed to participate in. They are not seen to be as intelligent as accredited investors. Finally these non-accredited investors must deal with more stock market risk.

With years of experience Brad Reifler is considered by most a highly respected entrepreneur and investor. Along with his duties at Forefront Capital he is chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial services firm. During his time at Pali the company made more that a billion dollars. Furthemore they had a staff of over 300 people and had offices across the world. With so much experience and so much already accomplished, Brad Reifler’s work will have a major impact on the investing and entrepreneurial world for some time to come.