Bernardo Chua’s Path To Success

Bernardo Chua has really been a big success in the corporate world. There are several different ways that he has been successful in the business world. Ultimately, he was able to create his own extremely successful corporation that sells coffee. The name of this business is Organo Gold, and they sell coffee that has a very unique twist. In addition to selling great coffee, his products also contain a mushroom with powerful medicinal properties. This mushroom is ganoderma lucidum, which has had a great reputation in Chinese medicine for many years. People have experienced incredible health benefits from drinking the coffees and teas that are infused with it.

Bernardo Chua began his career in the Philippines as a multi level marketing professional. This career really took off, and it was quite successful. However, this was only the beginning of his distinguished career in business that ultimately took him to the United States.

Chua became employed with a company called Gano Excel, while he was still located in the Philippines. This company sold various types of coffee that contain ganoderma lucidum. At first, this was a Philippines company that had no ties to the US. Bernardo Chua helped this company to grow and expand. Ultimately, the company made it’s way into the US to sell it’s coffee products there. When the company made this expansion into the United States, people began buying Gano Excel’s products quite frequently. This helped to make the company quite successful.

Then, as some time passed, Chua decided to go into business for himself. When he did, he founded Organo Gold, which also infused their products with ganoderma lucidum. In addition to containing the mushroom, Organo Gold is well known for it’s high quality coffees. The superior taste and nutritional qualities of the product have made it become popular in multiple different countries. He has expanded his company well beyond the United States, and his company has made it’s way into 34 countries in total. As time goes on, the company can be expected to continue to expand further.