Beauty Writer Puts WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the Test

Emily McClure is a self-described fashion addict who writes about beauty and fashion for publications such as, and So you can be pretty sure she knows exactly how to perfect her own personal look.
Recently, Emily stepped a little outside her comfort zone when she experimented with Wen Hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner on her hair. As she describes it in an essay on, “I decided to put the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the test to see if it could transform my thin hair into luscious, TV-worthy strands.”

Emily used WEN hair by Chaz over the course of a week, showering with it both at night before bed and early in the morning before work.

Here’s what she learned: She got the best results when using WEN by Chaz in the mornings. Using it before leaving for the day, she found, gave her hair that extra bounce and shine – enough to make her friends sit up and take notice.

On the other hand, when Emily showered in the evenings, she found that the magic of WEN by Chaz would wear off – the day after, she felt her hair was uncomfortably oily. prefer.

She writes in her essay: “I can see myself reaching for the conditioner again on days when I crave a little extra shine… if I get myself out of bed on time.”

WEN® by Chaz Dean is line of conditioning hair cleansers that offer a healthy alternative to traditional shampoos, conditioners and other hair products.

Made with natural botanicals, herbs and extracts, WEN cleansers leave your hair clean, shiny and bouncy. The WEN hair line was developed by celebrity Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean of Los Angeles. It is available online via eBay and most salon and stores that sell hair care products.

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