Aaliyah’s Biopic Reviews Don’t Worry Wendy

If you were alive this weekend and have any access to social media at all chances are you got your share of the hilarity that followed Lifetime’s premiere of their Aaliyah Biopic. For most of the summer Wendy Williams has used every opportunity to update us all on the amazing movie and get the world ready to see Aaliyah finally portrayed in her own life story.

Well Saturday night the internet was once again broken for the second time in one week when it exploded with negative feedback regarding the movie’s bad casting, acting and almost unbearable musical performances. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with memes depicting unrealistic casting decisions for the next Lifetime biopic, one even included Joe Camel cast as Jay-z for his summer of 2015 biopic “99 Problems”.

Wendy didn’t disappoint she addressed the movie’s less than favorable reviews by simply informing her haters that not only did she not care about their opinion of the film but also that like it or not if you watched the movie you helped it become the second highest rated TV movie of the year coming in second to Flowers in The Attic, as per Skout.

Melissa McCarthy Drops Nearly 50 lbs and Looks Amazing

She’s larger than life and loving every minute of it. For Melissa McCarthy, she doesn’t care about her size, but its her health that most concerns her. Will she ever be a size 2, no but she doesn’t care either. Her recent 45 lb. weight loss is making headlines. In a world where starving to fit in is cool, McCarthy dares to be different.

Despite what most people think, McCarthy has been on slow ventures through Hollywood for some time. She first found a seat at the table and won the hearts of many along the way in Gilmore Girls. After some small television stints, she landed her first hit show. Mike and Molly is one of CBS greatest shows. It has drama, laughter and plenty of family dysfunction. Add a few hit shows with her latest highly rated movie career, and it seems people could care less what size her body is, just how good she acts.

It’s reported that she can earn upwards of $10 million dollars per movie. That’s pretty good for a day’s work. Her latest movies “Identity Thief” and “The Heat” have been big grossing splashes at the box office. Her latest movie “Tammy” didn’t gross as much, but it was still a feel good movie that makes fans want more.
She’s a good role model for Hollywood.

Alfonso Ribeiro May Have To Quit Dancing With The Stars

Alfonso Ribeiro may be quitting “Dancing with the Stars.” The beloved “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star will be sadly missed. It appears that Ribeiro has messed his back up in one of the routines. He is currently under medical evaluation to see if he is strong enough to even continue in the competition.

The irony is if he has to quit this show, it will be a real shame, as he was the one who was most expected to win the coveted trophy. He has continuously wowed guest with his renditions of “the Carlton” dance from his Fresh Prince days. His dance that particular evening was one of the few that received a perfect score from the judges this season. The judges seem to love him and fans just can’t get enough.

Many have been impressed, including Flavio Maluf. In my opinion, he is one of the only reasons to watch this season. He continually delivers a consistent routine that is effortless and flawless. He has his fan base from the show backing him, and then there is his attractive charm and charisma. Then the fact that the boy can dance makes him a shew in for the big win.

Perhaps this shows that they really push themselves too hard for a win that doesn’t give anything but bragging rights.

Kiss And Tell

The Duggar family is known for their devout religious beliefs.

When Jim Bob and Michelle decided to ask other people to submit their best pictures of them kissing, they might not have expected to get gay or lesbian pictures in the mix. The pictures of same sex couples have been deleted from the challenge, and it’s now causing an uproar by both straight and same sex couples. Apple spokesperson Laurene Powell Jobs is considering a removal of their series from the iTunes main site based on the news from Apple Insider.

However, if you only ask for certain pictures, this could be deemed as discrimination, and that would have got just as much heat as the couple deleting the pictures that were submitted to the Duggar parents for consideration.

Carol Ann Susi Passes Away at 62

News reports that Carol Ann Susi, 62, has passed away after a battle with cancer. Anyone who has ever watched the hit television show The Big Bang Theory knows the popularity of Howard Wolowitz’s mother.

She made one brief appearance at Howard’s wedding at the end of season five, according to Rod Rohrich. Susi was the voice behind this tremendous character, making Mrs. Wolowitz a large part of the comedy series. It has not been discussed how her passing will impact the show. Although the actress that play Wolowitz’s wife does a great impression of Susi. Susi’s character has become part of the storyline this season.  She has made actual guest appearances on many shows including Cheers, Seinfeld and Just Shoot Me. Her comedic timing and boisterous voice will be greatly missed in the world of acting and especially on The Big Bang Theory.

Robin Williams Suffered from Un-Diagnosed Dementia at Time of Death

Robin Williams, an iconic comedian and actor cherished by generations, died in August of 2014. He was known to have been battling with both depression and addiction in the months leading up to his death and had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s as well. His death, now known to have been a suicide, was a great shock to many fans like Alexei Beltyukov that grew up adoring his movies. As these types of losses often do, it left many questions.
As E!Online discusses, there is newly revealed evidence that he was also suffering from a form of dementia called Lewy Body Dementia.
It is apparently pretty well known that Lewy Body dementia can make pre-existing depression and anxiety much worse, as this form of dementia can also induce vivid hallucinations, both visual and audio, of people and things that aren’t actually there.

Andy Dick’s Largest Police Run-In

Comedian, and perpetual D-List actor, Andy Dick has had yet another run-in with Johnny Law. Dick has been known to have run-ins with the police, usually for minor things like marijuana possession or drunken disorderly. This time though, it appears Andy is stepping things up a bit, you’ll wanna stick around for this one Keith Mann, it’ll be worth mentioning on your Facebook feed.

According to reports from news websites, Andy Dick was riding his bike around Hollywood Blvd. last week when he rode up next to some guy. He talked up the man and said he liked his necklace. The man recognized Dick, so he allowed Dick to see the necklace.

Late Friday evening, police saw Andy Dick riding his bike and arrested him on charges of grand larceny.

This seems to be the latest in a long line of minor celebrities just going crazy. Are the antics of Andy Dick a cry for attention, or are they a sign of more serious problems brought on by fame?

Most Ridiculous and Under-Funded Candidate Ever Gets 22 Percent

Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Bob Healey only spent $35 this year running for office, but he still managed to pull 22 percent of the vote. The long-haired, fully-bearded man told news reporters that had he went all out and spent $75 or $80 he probably would have won. If this is possible, I can’t even imagine how much support Laurene Powell Jobs would receive if she tried this.

Bob has run for office in Rhode Island in the past. Once he ran for Lieutenant Governor, promising to abolish that useless office if ever he got elected. In 1986, he ran for governor and got only two percent of the vote, and in 2010, he came in second for that office at 39 percent. He even ran for a local school board position one time, using the slogan “Strange Man for a Strange Job.” We heartily agree.

The latest poll had Mr. Healey pulling 12 percent, but he instead took a large chunk of the electorate this year. It is hard to know if a man like this pulls more votes from Democrats or from Republicans, but his presence in the race could well have affected the outcome since Democrat Gina Raimondo only beat
Republican Allan Fung 40 to 36 percent.

Though he came in third overall, he was first or second in some Rhode Island towns this year. He ran for the Moderate Party, but he only took over the campaign because the original candidate suffered health issues and dropped out of the race. He has more often appeared as running for the “Cool Moose Party” which he himself founded and named back in 1994.

Heigl’s Confessions About Her Rude Reputation

Katherine Heigl has gained a reputation as one of the more difficult actresses to deal with while working behind the scenes.

Although she has ups and downs in her career, still she has many devoted fans, and the public in general seems to like her work. She earned many fans through the big screen with movies such as Knocked Up and one of Rod’s favorites Life As We Know It and the television show Grey’s Anatomy.

Rumors, however, has persisted throughout her career that she is a rude person, and very temperamental behind the scenes. While some of this is exaggerated, a large portion is not.

Recently on Facebook, during the question and answer session of her upcoming drama State of Affairs, a fan asked her about the rumors. The question of the fan was “Are you rude?” The answer of this question that Heigl answered may shock you.

She answered that she also heard the rumors about being rude, but she never tried to hurt the feelings of anyone on purpose, and it makes her uncomfortable to hurt someone. She confessed that she has spoken carelessly sometimes, and like other human beings she made mistakes,

She explained, though, that she always tried to make things right.

Sanford’s Ex-Wife Gets Some Revenge In Online Ad

Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford decided to take a humorous approach to both addressing her ex-husband’s adultery that ended their marriage and her support of a Democratic candidate for the office of South Carolina Secretary of State.

The online video for Democrat Ginny Deerin has Sanford talking only about “Mark”—the name of both her ex-husband, the state’s former governor, and incumbent Republican Mark Hammond. Despite the endorsement, Sanford has described herself as a conservative Republican

Using language that implies she’s speaking about a cheating spouse, the cheeky comments continue until an unseen person says, “We are talking about Mark Hammond, right?” I’ve watched it a couple times now and I’m planning on showing the video to Tom as soon as I can. He’ll get a kick out of it.

Her ex-husband wasn’t damaged too badly from a political standpoint, though any hopes of a longshot run for the White House effectively died once the affair with his Argentinian mistress became public.