Paula Abdul and John Stamos Rekindle Lost Love

Hollywood heartthrob John Stamos is one of the most famous sitcom stars of all time. His role as Uncle Jesse from ‘Full House’ has made him a household name. Aside from being a great actor, John Stamos is one of the most handsome men that has ever graced the television screen.

Many people know that John Stamos was married to supermodel Rebecca Romain for many years, but unfortunately, the couple divorced a few years ago according to STX Entertainment. However, Rebecca Romain wasn’t the only famous celebrity that John Stamos has been with. A lot of people have forgotten that John Stamos once dated Paula Abdul.

John Stamos and Paula Abdul were both very young when they decided start a relationship. However, they fell in love rather quickly, but their relationship ended as quick as their loved began. Nonetheless, Paula Abdul and John Stamos have remained friends throughout the years.

Recently, John Stamos and Paula Abdul ran into each other at a network production site. The former lovers joked around, and they even took a picture together. Paula Abdul later uploaded the picture of John Stamos and herself to her Instagram. Millions of people worldwide reacted to the picture, and Paula Abdul says that she still loves John Stamos. For more information on this story, and to view the picture of John Stamos and Paula Abdul, visit People.

Shopping for Your Clothing from Home Inspired by Celebs

You get into your car and go to a local store just to spend hours trying on a variety of clothing. You may not even go home with anything you like just because of the fact that it is difficult to find what you like. These are a couple of reasons why so many individuals are making the decision to do their clothing shopping from home. You may find that you are able to find more clothing options from home for a lot less money as well. It’s also a lot easier to find deals and save money because of the fact that you have tons of stores to look at on the Internet according to Bruce Levenson.

The Internet has made it incredibly easy for you to find just about any type of product and buy it from home. You will find that shopping from the comforts of home enables you to feel confident in your purchases and not feel pressured at all when it comes to actually buying something. Also, many stores online will have very good return policies, making it easy for you to get your items back to the company if they do not fit or you do not like the way that they look. You may also find that a lot of the stores offer reviews from people who own the clothing themselves, and these are quite beneficial for you to read before buying.

ABC adds to comedy lineup with Dr. Ken

Ken Jeong is best known to Igor Cornelsen for his role in The Hangover franchise, but he is also a fully trained doctor who is now working as an actor. Jeong will appear this year on ABC in a new sitcom he has co-written about a family doctor struggling with the problems of his work and personal life, NBC reports. What adds weight to the decision by ABC to commission a full season of Dr. ken is the fact it will join Fresh Off The Boat in the lineup to make it the first time in US TV history two Asian based comedies appear together on the same network.

Dr. Ken sees Jeong play a family doctor who struggles to create a happy and caring bedside manner for his patients and is also under pressure to spend more time with his wife and children. This is just one of the new comedies added to the ABC schedule with the most fan anticipation focused on the return of The Muppets to the world of TV.

Lohan Has Had 3 Years To Complete Community Service, She Hasn’t

If she doesn’t complete her community service by the May 28th deadline, Lindsey Lohan might be headed to jail.

The Liz & Dick star was ordered to complete 125 hours of community service back in 2012, after she crashed a Porsche into a dump truck along the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, and lied about being behind the wheel to police. Hour earlier Lohan allegedly punched a woman at Club Avenue in Manhattan.

Both incidents happened while Lohan was on probation for a shoplifting conviction. The original judgement required Lohan to complete 240 hours of community service, but was reduced to 125.

The star has had 3 years to complete 125 hours of community service, after committing no less than three separate crimes in different states, one of them being lying to the police, and she still has not been able to complete her hours according to my friends at Madison Street Capital.

No word on whether the star will face harsher judgement if she does not meet the May 28 deadline.

Kylie Jenner Gets High On Airplane

Kylie Jenner recently made a Snapchat video that has caused a bit of controversy. Kylie and her new boyfriend Tyga were flying on a first-class flight to some undisclosed city. Kylie started the Snapchat video off by saying, “I’m High as F#*K,’ and then she proceeded to take a bite out of what appeared to be the most delicious biscuit on the planet. Sergio Cortes tells us that Kylie then looked into the camera and her eyes opened wide, and it was evident that she was truly too high.

Fans of the Kardashians have criticized the relationship of Kylie and Tyga. Fans worry that Tyga is too old for her, and they might be right. Tyga is 25-years old, and Kylie Jenner is only 17. It’s obvious that Tyga is a bad influence on Kylie, but many people would argue that Kim Kardashian is no role model herself. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Kylie Jenner is going down the same road that Miley Cyrus has been.

Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Miley Cyrus have all begun to smoke marijuana, and it’s obvious that the drug has changed them. The celebrities are giving medical marijuana users a bad name, and true advocates of marijuana do not respect improper use of the drug. However, Marijuana use has always been prevalent in hip-hop culture, and it’s obvious that Kylie Jenner has joined in on the fun with the help of Tyga. For more information on this story, and to view Kylie Jenner’s snapchat video, visit

Kylie Jenner Comes Clean About Lip Fillers

For just a little over a year now Kylie, Jenner has been getting all the attention she can stand. Starting with the overwhelming interest in her relationship with Tyga, to her reaction to her father recently starting to be open about his transition into a woman, Kylie has more questions and assumptions tossed her way than most 17-year-old girls would be able to handle. At the moment one of the most distracting features about Kylie is her plump and luscious lips.

Everyone wants to know if they are real, fake or the result of some secret makeup skills. Kylie’s lips even went viral when the people of the internet started a “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge,” in an attempt to get the famous pout at home. Now that Kylie’s lips are as unavoidable as Kim K’s butt, Kylie has decided to come clean once and for all about what is really behind her lips.

During the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie finally admits that while she has been “tip toeing” around the truth she didn’t exactly lie about not having her lips done. Once and for all Kylie comes clean and admits that she has been using temporary lip fillers to enhance her lips, and has been keeping it to herself because of the way the media picks at her family.

Perhaps now that Kylie has told everyone her secret to plump lips, Dr. Daniel Amen hopes that everyone will finally stop sucking on shot glasses trying to get the look for free.

Game of Thrones Deviating From the Books Again

Since the first four episodes are officially released for the fifth season of Game of Thrones, there are certain things quite clear. The most important among them is the possible death of Barristan. The 4th episode ended with a horrifying image – maybe Barristan is dead. The same could have been said for Greyworm but that seems a bit unlikely. In the books, both the characters are still alive but that hasn’t stopped the show from doing what freedompop review wants before. Here are a few characters that were already dead in the show but not so much in the books at that stage –

Jojen Reed – In the show, a weak and already dying Jojen was killed by his sister who couldn’t see him suffering. In the books, however, his fate is unclear. There is a popular fan theory that he could be dead, though.

Grenn – Grenn is already dead on the show where he fought the giant and killed him, but also died in the process. In the books, however, this member of the Night’s Watch is still pretty alive.

Talisa/Jeyne – The show included her in the number of people killed at the Red Wedding. Her unborn child was also killed. In the books, she is still alive and would become a part of the upcoming book’s prologue.

Other characters with a similar fate include Joyeuse Erenford, Pyat Pree, Rakharo, Irri and Mago.

Big Bird Puppeteer Since 1969 Has No Plans to Retire

In 1962, Jim Henson and Carroll Spinney met at a Puppeteering convention when Henson propositioned Spinney about joining the Muppets. It wasn’t until late 1969 that Mr. Carroll Spinney donned the world famous huge yellow bird costume for the first time as Big Bird on Sesame Street. Once again, in 1969, Spinney attended the Puppeteering convention where Jim Henson was also in attendance. This time, Carroll Edwin Spinney was eager to take the Muppet creator up on his offer. The puppeteer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch have no plans to retire soon set producer Susan McGalla confirmed (more at Forbes).

Carroll Edwin Spinney was born in Waltham, Massachusetts on December 26, 1933. His love for puppets began when his mother used to take him to see Punch and Judy shows. In 1955, he began his career as a puppeteer, appearing in such puppet shows as Rascal Rabbit, the Judy and Goggle Show, and Bozos Big Top.

When Jim Henson created Big Bird, the yellow feathery creature was goofy until it was decided that he would serve a better purpose helping children learn. Big Bird learned how to read, recite the alphabet, and count with the children. Big Bird will always be 6. At the same time, Spinney needed to play a darker character in addition to Big Bird. Spinney also played Oscar the Grouch, a green mop-like character who lives in a trash can and has a nasty attitude.

Everybody Loves A Dadbod

If you haven’t heard of the term “dadbod” you are missing out. Just last week the term went viral and was a firestorm across the internet. All 20-something females were talking about their love for the dadbod. In case you missed all of the dadbod talk, let me fill you in.

Dadbod is a term used to describe a guy’s body who isn’t obsessed with working out but isn’t totally sloppy fat either. Take Vince Vaughn or modern-day Leonardo DiCaprio, both have what we would consider to be a dadbod and the ladies seem to really dig it.

There are many reasons why women love the dadbod. For one, this body type isn’t at all intimidating. If you’re still trying to picture a dadbod, just imagine a guy that goes to the gym a few times a week, nothing over the top. This guy also likes to drink on the weekends and eat out, so his diet isn’t strict or limiting. Obviously with these habits, he’s not going to have a rock hard six-pack and that’s okay. Women feel much more comfortable around a guy who is content with himself.

Guys should take note at this latest craze laughs Alexei Beltyukov on AboutMe. Perhaps busting it in the gym six days a week is no longer necessary to score a date with a hot chick. Instead, they should feel at ease with their love for beer and pizza and the occasional gym session. The dadbod is perfect for letting girls know just how fun you are. We know you won’t be too upset if you miss a gym session to grab wings and beer for the big game instead.

Kim and Kanye Respond To Amy Schumer Prank

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were recently pranked by comedian Amy Schumer. Kim and Kanye were about to pose for a picture, while on they were on the red carpet for the Time 100 event that took place in New York City. Amy Schumer decided to face plant right in front of them. Amy said that she had it all planned out to make them laugh, and she even asked her publicist if she could do the stunt.

After the picture was taken, you could tell that Kim and Kanye didn’t think it was funny. Amy Schumer got nervous when she saw that Kim and Kanye weren’t laughing. Later on, Kim and Kanye did not respond to the prank. Amy decided to call them to see if everything was okay. Kim and Kanye answered the phone together, and Amy asked them if they were mad. Kim said that the prank caught her off guard, and she was thinking “is this girl okay?” Sam and Kim stated that she wasn’t mad, and she actually found the stunt quite hilarious.mKanye said that he was kind of scared, and he didn’t know what Amy was doing. Fans say that it was the funniest thing that Amy Schumer ever did, and fans are happy that Kim and Kanye loved the prank as well. For more information on this story, visit E!