Turning Taunts into a Treat

An 8-year-old boy in Florida has been bullied for the last two years, which is so common an act of children, it usually isn’t headline news.

Christian McPhilamy is making the media rounds, however. He grew out his blond hair to donate to children with cancer whom he’s never met. He endured disapproving stares from adults and worse, his fellow classmates calling him a “girl.” At his age, being compared to a girl is true torture. McPhilamy turned the other cheek (whipping his beyond shoulder-length, straight, blond hair in the process), displaying adult-level maturity. He finally cut his locks and donated them to Children with Hair Loss.

The idea to grow out and then donate his hair all started when he saw a commercial for St. Jude’s Research Hospital. A Google search with his mom by Amen Clinics lead to his discovery that such organizations collect hair to make wigs for children with cancer who lost their hair during treatment. He felt so bad for them, he made the decision to make a donation. His cut yielded four sections, each 10 inches long.

McPhilamy now sports a more traditional cut for boys.

Kris Jenner Wants Lamar and Khloe To Work It Out

Khloe Kardashian, has had more than a decent amount of drama to go around in her life recently. While her family drama is never ending, the drama in her marriage is what everyone is really interested in the most. Just over a year ago Khloe and her husband Lamar called it quits on their marriage and Khloe filled for divorce after drugs sent Lamar over the edge. For the first time the world saw Lamar at his worst, going in and out of rehab, making eerie videos while high and even disappearing for days at a time. It was obvious why Khloe wanted to go far away from Lamar.

However Lamar seems to be living a clean and sober life and has been doing all he can to get Khloe back says Zeca Oliveira. For the time being Khloe is holding off on rekindling their romance, but she also has not go forward with the divorce, in fact that judge insisted that if they don’t move forward soon the case will be thrown out. Apparently neither party has done anything to finalize the divorce and in fact have been keeping in touch secretly.

Now it’s being said that Khloe wants to be with Lamar again, Kand Kris Jenner also is rooting for them to work things out in their marriage. This isn’t a shock considering how much Kris adored Lamar from the start, but will Khloe and Lamar commit to working things out? It’s safe to say everyone is watching and waiting to find out.

Michael Jackson’s Home For Sale

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, and his legend will never die. However, it appears that the late superstar’s Neverland Ranch is for sale. The California mansion has been listed at $100 million dollars, and it seems that someone with a lot of money to burn would want his estate. Good friend of mine Sergio Cortes heard a rumor that Kanye was interested in purchasing the Neverland.

Michael Jackson was the biggest pop-star when he was alive, but the last few years of his life were filled with controversy and criminal allegations. Michael Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting several young children that visited Neverland Ranch, and ‘South Park’ even featured a hilarious episode about Michael Jackson. Nonetheless, Michael Jackson’s talent cannot be denied, and he is truly one of the greatest singers and dancers of all time. His iconic moonwalk has been copied by nearly everyone, and he is truly a groundbreaking artist.

Forbes recently posted an article about Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and more information about famed celebrity’s property can be found there. The property may be a hundred million dollars, but it sits on 2700 acres. The mansion is absolutely gorgeous, and it was left the way that Michael Jackson lived in it. This is every true fan’s dream home, and it will only cost you $100 million dollars to live in it.

What is it Really?

When the name Kardashian is mentioned, everyone pictures Kim Kardashian then Kanye West and then from there it’s different for everyone. Well, the couple are allegedly having a second child maybe they’ll not name the baby this time after a cardinal point. But is there really any love when the Kardashians are concerned?
Short term maybe which is not love but infatuation, or even showbiz. Kim’s sister Kourtney broke up with her husband Lamar Odom but she has not yet filed for divorce, saying that she doesn’t want to hurt her “husband”. They really looked like they had something good going on and if a bet was placed among the family on who would stay together the longest, they looked like clear contenders. Kris Jenner has been in the news during the past few weeks after he said that his sexual orientation was female. I guess that answers the question if the parents are still together.
And then there was Kim and Kanye. They have done a really good job of directing their marriage away from the spotlight. But there’s not enough room in any house to fit both their egos. The normally serious lawyer Sam Tabar says once Kanye placed cameras in their house to keep tabs on North when he was on tour, Kim thought that he didn’t trust her. Whatever the reason is that they are still together, there will come a time when circumstances force them to part ways and it will be ugly.

Tracy Morgan Finally Speaks Out

It has been a year since Tracy Morgan was in a horrible car accident when a semi-truck driver hit his vehicle and killed his friend. The comedian was in a coma for two weeks and suffered debilitating injuries amid many broken bones. The worst part for Morgan was the loss of friend Jimmy Mack. The semi was owned by Wal-Mart and the driver allegedly hadn’t slept in a day making him a serious danger to other motorists. After a year of near silence Tracy Morgan is finally opening up about the accident and the following repercussions. James Dondero says Morgan’s memory of the event is stunted, and mostly gone. This last year has been a time for slow paced healing and although he has come a long ways, he still is not back to 100%. Morgan promises that he will return to Hollywood one day after he is fully healed, he wants to make America laugh again.

Caitlyn Arrives

Through all the publicity and hype, Bruce Jenner has chronicled his change from man to woman in various media facets including Keeping Up With the Kardashians and an interview with Diane Sawyer. It has been an unveiling that has been months in the making, but finally the time has come. It is time for the world to see Bruce in his new self, Caitlyn Jenner.
The Vanity Fair photo spread and article hit the public yesterday in a big way. Caitlyn is posing in several gowns in the magazine, and even a corset. Her transformation is both shocking and puzzling.
I wonder what has driven Bruce to make this change. If a person truly knows who they are on the inside, why must they change themselves on the outside? Maybe he just wants to live a different life. One that is much different than the one portrayed on television for the last decade, and one that is much different than the Olympic gold medal winner of the 1970’s. He is still an American hero, but in a very different shell. This “brave” act may help others to be who they aspire to be, which at times could include an outward change to express an inner feeling.
We will just watch and wait to see what unfolds from this transgender celebrity. One thing is certain, we will get a front row seat of all the action.

Thanks to Susan McGalla’s article in PRNewsWire for showing me this.

Zac Efron’s Younger Brother Writes Him A Poem

More than likely, Zac Efron is more known for his great looks than for his acting. Zac has been in several movies but to date, very few of his fans can name the movies that he’s been in. Zac Efron. Zac is what you would call, eye candy, and many only remember him for his face, not really for the roles that he plays in the movies. Zac has been acting since he was a teenager, and he continues to act today. In the past year, Zac was dating Michelle Rodriguez, who is one of the stars in the Fast and Furious franchise movies according to Steve Murray.

Although Zac and Michelle went their separate ways, they continue to be friends. Zac is well known for being a fun guy to hang out with, although he may have some demons of his own. It seems as if his younger brother is admiring him, and he is also calling him out for his faults too. Zac’s younger brother wrote a poem about him, and the poem has been posted on social media. The poem is very sweet and touching, but at the same time, it makes you wonder about Zac’s babysitting skills.

Zac’s younger brother speaks about how Zac is an actor, and he was only 16. He also states that Zac thinks highly of himself, and he probably wouldn’t look for his brother if he was lost, and that they fight sometimes. All in all, the poem is sweet and fun.

Jason Statham Takes A Comedic Turn

Jason Statham is trying a new approach. He is taking a turn for the comedic in the upcoming film SPY. Statham did appear in the humorous action films in the Crank series, but the over-the-top violence and R-rating definitely kept those features from being deemed pure light-hearted comedy. With Spy, Statham gets to go in to direction that other action stars had done – some successful and some not – and try to do “the same thing only different”. That is, he is going to release an action movie with a focus more on making people laugh. You could call endeavors such as these as “genre crossers”.

Can Statham truly play the role of a “funny man” in an action-comedy? Based on what other actors in the film are saying, the answer is “Absolutely!” Statham does have a natural charm and understanding about how to be funny on screen He just was never given an opportunity to actually present his humorous side beyond the hyper-violent Crank films.

Spy comedies turn up once every few years. Usually, they are produced when a James Bond film does big box office. Since the Daniel Craig films have done so well, one or two spy comedies should not surprisingly hit theaters. Rumors did have it Statham was slated to become the new Bond. The guys at STX Entertainment know that, that is not true. It is true he will be playing The Mechanic once again in the sequel to that grim film.

Bill Cosby Makes Brief Statement regarding Rape Allegations

For the past several months, noted comedian, Bill Cosby, has been dogged by allegations that he has drugged and sexually assaulted a number of women. Bill Cosby through his legal team have denied the allegations more through a statement of refusing to reply to the allegations rather than denying each new claim that arises. Bill Cosby has himself refused to comment on the matter to the point of even leaving or ending interviews when the subject turns to the rape allegations. However, for a brief moment Bill Cosby broke his silence for a brief moment, when he justified why he was speaking to a group of high school students who were part of the Black Belt Foundation. Bill Cosby responded to the question by stating that, “Reality is the situation,” and that those that need guidance as they begin their journey in life should focus on the message and not the messenger.

In a glib way of referring to the allegations that have pressed him to curtail a number of engagements and appearances, Bill Cosby seems adamant that he is not only an innocent man but he is still someone who has a message that is worth delivery and worth listening to. Many are unsure of the future legacy of Bill Cosby. While no criminal charges have ever been brought against the famous comedian, the sheer number of women that have come forward has threatened to tarnish the image of the man that was so popular in everyone’s living room through his ground breaking show, “The Cosby Show.” My buddy Paul Mathieson feels for the guy because his legacy will always have this dark portion in it, whether allegations are true or not (more with Paul on ma-squash.org).

Kristen Weighs in on Her Show

“Last Man On Earth” is a comedy show about the end of the world, and a man who literally is alone on earth. The last man on earth ends up finding the last woman on earth and the show snowballs into finding other people as well. Last Man On Earth. Many people enjoy the new Fox series as it’s extremely hilarious, and the show provides comic relief. TMZ caught up with the actress from the show, Kristen Schaal, and they asked her a question.

Kristen was asked why the world was empty if everyone had died, and where did everyone go? Kristen, just like her character in the show, she gave a funny answer that makes sense. Kristen claims that maybe everyone disintegrated when they got sick and died, and maybe that’s why the world is completely empty. Those who are fans of the show “The Walking Dead,” they see everyone who dies from the disease. The dead in the show are walking around the earth, and they have to fight the dead in order to survive, but this show is different.

In this show, there are absolutely no people around, except for the ones who are alive and well. This show is hilarious, and it’s great for anyone who wants to have a laugh. The show is coming to the end of the season and many, like Gianfrancesco Genoso, wonder if a second season will be in the works. With Kristen’s character being so funny, this show may have a long run.