Why I Love Beneful Dog Food For My Dog

My dog is a part of my life, and I want to make sure that it only receives the best healthy food in the business. Beneful is a brand that I use every single day for my dog. With zero unnatural and unhealthy ingredients, I can be sure that this brand is giving my dog the nutrition on beneful.com that he needs to be strong and healthy. Some dogs struggle with their health because of a lack of good nutrition and not getting the right amount of foods into their system. Being wise with what you feed them should be your main goal.

Why I Love Beneful Dog Food For My Dog

First of all, the brand is known for being very professional with their options. They know how to create foods that you’re going to love and will ultimately enjoy in the future because of their taste and how they are made. Crafted by some of the best ingredients in the world, you can be sure that Beneful is a brand that will fulfill your every dream on achieving a healthier life. The brand has achieved nothing but amazing success over the years because of their impeccable approach to crafting only the best products in the industry.

I love Beneful on petco also because of how they handle business and what they offer their clients all the time. They just love crafting food that dogs are going to love. You can be sure that this brand is making good food for dogs because they use real food. They never use annoying additives or by products that will ultimately affect your dog’s overall health. It’s safe to say that some dogs must be given the right amount of Beneful foods that are safe and healthy.

Beneful is by far one of the best brands in the world today because of what they offer, how they provide great products, and the things they give their clients. They also do numerous charity work for dogs and those in need of a place to give their dogs a relaxing and fun atmosphere by improving and building dog parks around the nation.

Fascinating Story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, a fascinating figure, is also known by many other names including Xenis, Dodo, Prettypupy48, Xenu and Dough among others. She recently proclaimed herself the queen of unicorns. Deere was born in Russia but she was brought up in New York. She is currently residing in Los Angeles together with her husband. She is from a humble beginning and has come a long way before getting to where she currently stands. Deere has received great support from her mother and sister through her journey of implementing her ideas.

Before establishing her style, Doe Deere experimented with outfits, hairstyles and make up. The experiments did not always yield good results. At some point it would be so horrible that she would describe herself as a monster. All these are in the past as she has now established the outfit, makeup and hairstyles that suit her body type. Her style also helps to bring out her personality as well as her artistic capabilities. According to Deere beauty is what feels right at that particular moment. She also encourages others to use makeup to express their personality and live unapologetically. This has been the foundation of her brand.

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime, a makeup company that allows people to express themselves using colorful cosmetics. Doe Deere is its founder and chief executive officer. She started the company with only a few bucks and the motivation of a dream she had. Her company specializes in producing the best makeup products, which are cruelty free. Her goal is to encourage more people to use make for not only covering imperfections but also expressing their personality. Before establishing the company, Doe Deere was passionate about giving back to the society and she has created this same tradition in the company. The company has donated over $16,000 to various charities including helping children, women as well as women. The recipients of her charity include Girls Inc., Hola, and Sanctuary for Families, Red Cross and Bideawee, an animal shelter among many others.

She started out small with little support but has gone to great lengths to making sure she has achieved her dreams. Using the global power of the internet, she has increased awareness to the consumers about her brand and her company and this has contributed greatly to her success. She is passionate about her business and has worked effortlessly to build her brand. She attributes her success to the inspiration and support she has received from various female entrepreneurs. She encourages her fans to continue dreaming for these dreams could come true in the future. She was named one of the Top 50 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs and this indicates that she has potential to being a successful female entrepreneur and leader.

Benefits Of Staying In An Apartment Rather Than A Hotel During Your London Vacation

Taking a trip to London can be the vacation of a lifetime. London offers so many things to do that you would need to spend several days there in order to be able to get the most out of your trip. If you are traveling on a budget, you should consider staying in an apartment in London rather than staying in a hotel. There are several benefits in doing so.

The cost of renting an apartment during your visit to London is greatly less than staying in a hotel. Chances are, you can find a hotel that is around the same cost, however, you should not expect it to be very nice. Most apartments for rent are in busy areas of the city and are very nice and large enough to suit your needs.

When you stay in a hotel, you need to stay in the room until you are dressed for the day. It is not proper to go down to the hotel restaurant in your pajamas. When you stay in an apartment during your trip, you can have your morning coffee and have breakfast in your pajamas. For anyone who wants to relax during their vacation, an apartment is an excellent idea.

More Room
When staying in a hotel, you usually have a sleeping area and a very small sitting area. If you plan to spend a great deal of time in your room, a hotel may not be the best idea. When you rent a hotel, you will have a kitchen area and living area. This will give you room to spread out, and you won’t feel claustrophobic.

When traveling, one of the largest expenses is food. Eating out these days is very expensive, especially if you plan to dine in one of London’s fine restaurants for each meal. When you stay in an apartment during your trip, you will have full access to a kitchen. This will allow you to purchase groceries and make your own meals. This can result in a savings of hundreds of dollars before your trip is over.

Splitting the Cost
If you are traveling with a group of friends or another couple, chances are you would each need to get your own hotel room. This is especially true if the hotel you are staying in is small. If you stay in an apartment, you can find one with more than one bedroom. This will allow you to split the cost with the other people you are vacationing with, saving you a great deal of money.

If you are traveling to London, and want to stay in an apartment, you can visit http://www.worldescape.com/united-kingdom/london/ or http://www.londonescape.com for current listings.

Contributions of Beneful to the Lives of Dogs and their Owners

The Purina Beneful dog food team launched the Dream Dog Park project and this year they are celebrating five years since the program was started. The program allows them to support the dog park programs across America. The campaign kicks off in June and will continue until the end of 2015 and it supports crowd-funding movements. These campaigns allow the team to work with the fundraising groups and community leaders to help finance these projects. Together the new team not only provides financial support but also boosts the volunteerism spirit and they shared the dog park expertise. Beneful understands the strong bond between the dogs and their owners. The program has also helped them prove that there is a special bond between the dogs and owners. This year the Dream Dog Park Project has made it possible for the team to reach more people who love dogs across the country. Since 2010, this project has improved the lives of both the dogs and owners by introducing incredible spaces for these communities that love dogs. From 2011, this team announced its four Dream Dog Parks winner in the country they include those in Alabaster, Ala., Lancaster, Pa., Johns Creek, Ga., and Prescott, Ariz. This year Beneful will scour the nation for opportunities to assist the project organizers in starting a new program and improving the existing project. All parks that were selected will receive funds to finance its activities. The Beneful team will guide the parks on the safety measures to observe and methods to use in handling the community member. They also talked about the volunteering time and pooling all resources together to bring the dreams of the dog park to life. The objective of the program is educating the dog-lovers on strategies to use for them to enjoy life with their four-legged friends. Still under the project, the team will lead to the renovation of the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Mo. The new park will have a dog-friendly turf and a Doxie Tunnel from Beneful. The improvements allow owners to come together and enjoy. The Dream Dog Park project was reported on PR Newswire, and information is available online http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7551751-beneful-dream-dog-park-project/

An Overview of Jaime Garcia Dias Literature Career Development

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil as CrunchBase shows. He hails from the family of a famous writer Arnaldo Dias and the architect Garcia Dulce Dias. His father was a renowned writer and journalist and was his greatest mentor. His mother was an experienced architect who changed the face of Rio de Janeiro to the current Capital. Jaime grew interest in literature since he was 15years old. He inherited much inspiration from his father’s works to write his first work when he was only 18years old. The book is titled the devil to pay in the backlands of gracility Ramos.

LinkedIn says that Jaime joined the University of Rio de Janeiro where he greatly advanced his passion for literature. James started his career as a teacher in the Carioca literature academy in 1993 and taught teenagers who had the passion for studying literature. Jaime became the vice president of the organization that managed and sponsored largest literature arts in Brazil. He was the founder of the efficient methods of study that designed and created the gym and dedicated the gym to promoting literature.

Jaime released over ten books in the world of literature when he still 30 years old, he also became a prolific online blogger. He won the prestigious white crane prize that is awarded to new contributors to the Brazilian literature. During this period, he published his famous novel called fell from heaven. The novel received high sales thought the South America and great writers from Argentine Joshua Gomez honored it in the Latinos encountered book in 2003

He became the president of the academy after contributing significantly to the growth of the institution. At the 100 anniversary of the college, or Jaime received the honor of being the academy’s president. He introduced the journalistic literature to the academic curriculum within the first three years of his presidency. The literature Academy has grown to become the world’s largest space for the Brazilian writers.

Jaime has over 20 books of published and more than five awards making him among the top Brazilian authors. Among the collection of his great literature arts are two ways, fell from heaven, clouds and tiny among others. He honored his father in 2013 through his literature works through the chronic scholarly publication. This publication is a Brazilian journal which invited Jaime to write for weekly literature notebook. He has therefore joined the great writers for the paper through his published article named chronicles that made me a man. By following his great father’s footsteps, Jaime has stood as an active writer and contributor to the Brazilian literature. He is among the few and elite writers to publish their articles in the journal. Jaime works is an enormous tribute to his father who mentored him to shine in the world of writers and journalists.

Good Looking

Get Sexy
Today looking good seems to be one of the more important things on our minds.Looking good is nice but do not let it control your life but if you want to fix yourself up from time to time lets talk about a brand that will help you do just that.So my friends sit back and relax because today you will learn about a brand of make up that gets you looking your best with the best price to match so shall we begin my good sirs.

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Your body is a temple and temple need art to make them stand out to their finest.Well this what lime does with the best formulas in the market to get you the best make up you need to meet your goals.But that is not all they do they also do full body work from head to toe so when you put on your fresh coat of paint you know it is what you want.So if you want to have your fingers an toes looking good for your day out why wait give them a call to get yourself all pretty up.

Around The World
Lets say you live no where near by but you still want the service that they provide?Well do not worry because they will ship you at home to do kits with the product you deserve without question just head to their site to check them out if you can not make the quick walk in stop.

Well nothing starts over night or by magic but it does start with some young kid with her head in the clouds.This kid i am talking about is no other then Lime Crime founder and CEO, Doe Deere.With only a few hundred bucks this women went from day dreaming to making her bones in full in the industry of home beauty.So with that said what is stopping you from giving her a sign of your respect by shopping online at her site to get your self ready for your big what ever you are going to.

At the end of the day we all want to look like we have pride in the way we appear.So with all this info out there take the time to read the fine details and make the choice that will bring out your inner beauty or grow you desire to express yourself through art of the body.Good Luck

Tips on Keeping Dogs Healthy

Keeping pets healthy should be everyone’s top priority. There are a lot of different things individuals can do to ensure that their pet stays healthy. Following some simple tips can lengthen a dog’s life by a lot of years. Here are some ways to keep dog’s healthy so they live a long and healthy life.

One way to keep a dog healthy is to take them to the vet for their immunizations. Dog’s should be given all the necessary shots to ensure that they stay healthy. These vaccines help dogs avoid certain diseases and ailments such as Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and many others. By taking dogs to the vet regularly their vet can check and make sure that they are completely healthy.

Another way to keep a dog healthy for a long time is to feed them nutritional dog food. One great food that keeps dogs healthy is Beneful. This dog food is packed with 23 vitamins and minerals that are great for any dog. It has Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin B-12, and a ton of other great nutrients. It has a lot of protein it from the real chicken or beef that is added. It has antioxidants in the food that help dogs build a strong immune system. It has a ton of different grains such as wheat that help give dogs energy throughout the day. It’s very important that individuals feed their dog a great food like Beneful on multivu because dogs need the nutrients found in this type of meal.

Dogs need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and live longer. It’s important that dogs get a walk everyday so that they can stay at a healthy weight. Dogs that are overweight tend to get sick with diseases such as Diabetes and these can be fatal. By allowing dogs to get exercise everyday individuals can ensure their dogs are around for a long time.

It’s important to administer flea and tick products to dogs every month. Without this preventative medicine dogs can be exposed to deadly diseases. If dogs are not protected from ticks they can come down with Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and even paralysis. This paralysis is caused by a toxin that is secreted by ticks. When it comes in contact with a dog it affects the nervous system. This causes weakness and eventually paralysis in the legs. Flea and tick medication is relatively inexpensive and can be found at pretty much any pet specialty store or mass merchandise store.

Lastly, to keep dogs healthy they should be spayed or neutered. This helps them live a healthier life. This helps prevent infections and even breast cancer. This cancer and infections of the uterus are often fatal so its very important to get this operation done.

Individuals want their pet to live a long and healthy life. After all pets are often a part of the family. By following these tips individuals can ensure their dog will live a long life.

A Mackie Research Capital Analyst Says Nobilis Health Is a Company to Watch in Healthcare Management and Development

Russell Stanley, Mackie Research Capital analyst, has said that he has found a healthcare development company that is likely to buck the healthcare trend. The global markets are slowing down, and as the economy heads to the last quarter of 2015, it would see companies in the healthcare development and management reposition themselves to take on the challenge.

And, one company, the Nobilis Health Corp, is seen to have made greater strides to succeed. In a report that was comprehensively prepared and presented by Mackie Research Capital, it identified to top picks of the fourth quarter for 2015. Nobilis Health is a company that owns and operates surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers across different parts of the United States.

The company has a long-standing organic growth and is a strong player when it comes to things like merger and acquisitions. It can identify and seek opportunities within the healthcare market and be able to invest wisely.

Russell Stanley pointed out that growth of Nobilis Health is demonstrated by its September 2014 acquiring of its first hospital for about $7.5 million paid in cash. On September 23, Nobilis said that it had taken over about 60 percent the stake and management control involving the former Freedom Pain Hospital, which is situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In this deal, Nobilis paid about $3.2 million. There have been micro-trends that have supported the Nobilis growth story, for example, this company is likely to meet demand in its service delivery to the aging population in the nation increases, and the prevalence of obesity continues to show an upward trend.

While Nobilis may be an undervalued player, soon it may be the healthcare development and management entity to watch. Nobilis Health operates in the market as a publicly traded company. It has been listed on two stock exchanges, which are NYSE and TSX. It is an acclaimed full-service entity that contributes to the healthcare service provision mainly dealing with issues of developing and managing different kinds of businesses in this sector.

It is a company that boasts of a collective leadership and an immense experience in the market. It now manages and develops over 100 surgery centers in its business portfolio. It works relentlessly to provide excellent medical care while also striving hard to meet patient satisfaction.

In today’s healthcare market, patients are very keen and observant. They are seeking to have the best healthcare services that match with the cost they have to pay. It means that for healthcare facilities to meet these demands, they need to reposition themselves in the market properly.

Nobilis has the expertise and experience to help the healthcare facilities to meet to the needs of their customers. It not only does management of the institutions and businesses but also helps in marketing and pulling in patients to join the network. It has also been involved in issues regarding finances where it helps in mergers as well as acquisitions. It has taken part in acquiring healthcare services like hospitals and surgery centers.

The King Of Pop Lives On Through A Middle Aged Man In Brazil

If you live in Brazil, you may think that The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is still alive. Sergio Cortes is one of the premier Michael Jackson impersonators and is recognized worldwide for his astounding ability to replicate the dance moves, voice, walk and striking appearance of the late, great entertainer, Michael Jackson.

It all began when, at an early age, Sergio Cortes was provided an opportunity to dress as Michael Jackson and photographs were taken of him dressed in this manner. Upon seeing the photographs, and the uncanny resemblance and response to his look and demeanor in imitating The King of Pop, things began to really come together for Cortes.

Since that time, Sergio Cortes has had opportunities worldwide to entertain people with his spot on impersonation of Michael Jackson. He has appeared on television numerous times, including the Wendy Williams talk show when she did a segment on celebrity look-a-likes, and has performed live on American Idol in various countries.

Often, Mr. Cortes is performing Michael Jackson Tribute shows which celebrate the life and talent of Michael Jackson. These shows, sometimes going longer than two hours, highlight the popular musical hits of the famous Jackson, and also, recreate some of Jacksons stage aesthetic preferences. Choreography, stage effects, voice and artist resemblance all come together in those hours and give the audience the illusion that they are really witnessing a performance by Michael Jackson himself.

Mr. Cortes has captured the hearts of his fans as evident by his staggering number of followers on his social media accounts. His Facebook page has over 17,000 fans, many of which send him public messages daily professing their love for him and the work he is doing. It is easy to see why his fan base is so large, since the death of Michael Jackson, there has been a large void in the hearts of those fans. Mr. Cortes not only emulates the physical appearance, voice and dance abilities of Michael, but also continues the social message as well. Just recently on his official Facebook page, Mr. Cortes wrote an emotional response regarding the human injustices that are happening around the world. In this way, he is the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator, reflecting both the physical appearance and social sensibilities of the departed King of Pop.

An Impersonator’s Mystique Is Gaining His Own Celebrity

How can a person’s mystique permit you to know him better? Well, that’s about the only thing Sergio Cortes fans have available to become better acquainted with the famed Michael Jackson impersonator.

Michael preferred a certain mystique, and so does Sergio. However, Sergio’s is all his own. This means they had something in common that was, nonetheless, separate and apart! Ironically, Sergio is using it as well as his uncanny ability to bring MJ to life which is expanding on Sergio’s own fame. Most probably, this was not a planned road to success for Sergio, but it is taking shape.

There are many commentaries and blogs about Sergio, but because of his mystique, some commentaries are stabs in the dark. I think Sergio enjoys watching the curious minded try to solve his coveted private life, which also is, in effect, a fabulous strategy for Sergio’s publicist. This creates frenzy, and fans love frenzy. It also creates gossip and rumors. Fans love celebrity gossip (and so do gossip magazines and tabloids). There is not another impersonator who has attempted celebrity through mystique for fear of being forgotten or labeled ‘dark.’ This could become a new technique for impersonators, thanks to Sergio Cortes.

On the gossip and rumor scene, while not recent, there is some indication that Sergio has had some constructive facial surgery performed by Michael’s plastic surgeon. (I’d love to see Wendy Williams take this one on!) It is now reported that Sergio Cortes was born in Antofagasta, Chile, and not Barcelona, Spain, or somewhere in Brazil. Will we ever know? Sergio Cortes also is skilled in graphic arts and design. What is Sergio’s net worth? Well, that hasn’t even reached the gossip coffers yet! Someone also is mixing Sergio up with a professional tennis player born in Antofagasta, Chile. My gawd, Sergio, you actually must have been born in Barcelona!

I have wondered about the reactions of The Jacksons when they are asked about Sergio Cortes. There is no public information available on this subject that I have been able to locate. This either means Sergio Cortes has a private agreement with them to perform as Michael, or they are so thrilled with his ability to rekindle the flame of such a beloved son, father and brother in their lives, they are speechless.

Sergio Cortes has said it is a privilege to impersonate the King of Pop. So, there are no pressures associated with impersonating a celebrity of great magnitude for two hours at a time before throngs. He must lose himself in the moment as he mesmerizes fans. That’s mighty, as Sergio Cortes rises to a fame of his very own.