The Launch of WebRTC Recorder by Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion which is one of the global leaders in video marketing finally launched its Web RTC on Friday, May 2016. Talk Fusion has always been dedicated to aiding the growth of businesses through video tech and also changing lives since its establishment in 2007. Its products are marketed in a face to face manner by its associates in over 140 nations. Among its greatest innovation is the instant pay compensation plan among others.

The new WebRTC, which is the newest of their innovation, offers businesses a faster way for them to impress and reach their customers more easily. This browser based real time communication technology enables the users to record videos in the highest quality for emails and videos newsletters through Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Among the many benefits of the technology is the instant recording capability, seamless synchronization, and faster playback. This leads to effective crystal clear communication from one device to another. This device is a testament to Talk Fusion commitment to utilizing the power offered by WebRTC technology to better how businesses and individuals interact. This effort has been recognized as earlier in the year; Talk Fusion got an award on WebRTC Product of the Year 2016 for its Video Chat.

For Talk Fusion customers who use Chrome or Firefox browsers have already accessed many of the benefits that come with the WebRTC but can still use the new features. To do this, they only need to choose Video Email or Video Newsletter, which are on Talk Fusion dashboard and then click webcam recording option.

The company has offered a 30-day trial to businesses and individuals who are interested in experiencing this new technology. This will only require them to sign up on Talk Fusion website for free. The launch of this recorder is a step towards the right direction and in furtherance of Talk, Fusion dedication to stand out from their competition, boost sales and profits and establish a loyal customer base.

Anyone Can Dream Big And Achieve Like Jennifer Walden

What does a young girl do when she makes up her mind to become a surgeon. She studies really hard, gets good grades, and attends college. After college, she takes a job that will teach her the fundamentals of her chosen profession. Meanwhile, she is also learning what it takes to be a good mother of two boys. Jennifer Walden is not only a top notch surgeon but she is also a single mother of two boys. She is finding time to raise these boys, do her job, attending speaking engagements and playing soccer. Jennifer is one of the best examples of young women today. She can help young women understand how it is to raise a family and have a career as a surgeon.

Jennifer Walden has been taking on some touchy topics lately. The latest topic is vaginal rejuvenation. The surgery itself is not the biggest part of the issue. People have misunderstandings and myths about vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Men have some unrealistic beliefs about women and their private parts. Men believe women should be tight and that woman does not care about orgasms. This is a very untrue statement. Women do experience changes in their vaginal area after childbirth. Sometimes they have vaginal dryness and bladder leaking. These two things are great reasons why surgery is important and should be considered. In a recent article on MD medical, Jennifer spoke about the importance of this issue.

Jennifer is responsible for helping people understand issues and surgery by holding mommy makeover talks and speaking engagements online. She has articles in airplane magazines and her blogs online. Jennifer has been a writer for years. She loves to talk about her life as a surgeon and a mother. She has been on ABC and numerous talk shows. She is now speaking out about her new satellite office. The new office should help her to reach many other people. Jennifer started planning her life in the eighth grade. She hopes the many other young men and women will consider taking the time to plan their life and will reach for the stars. All it takes is some encouragement and perseverance to become who you wish to become. Check out her recent article from Dailymail.


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Beauty Writer Puts WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the Test

Emily McClure is a self-described fashion addict who writes about beauty and fashion for publications such as, and So you can be pretty sure she knows exactly how to perfect her own personal look.
Recently, Emily stepped a little outside her comfort zone when she experimented with Wen Hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner on her hair. As she describes it in an essay on, “I decided to put the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the test to see if it could transform my thin hair into luscious, TV-worthy strands.”

Emily used WEN hair by Chaz over the course of a week, showering with it both at night before bed and early in the morning before work.

Here’s what she learned: She got the best results when using WEN by Chaz in the mornings. Using it before leaving for the day, she found, gave her hair that extra bounce and shine – enough to make her friends sit up and take notice.

On the other hand, when Emily showered in the evenings, she found that the magic of WEN by Chaz would wear off – the day after, she felt her hair was uncomfortably oily. prefer.

She writes in her essay: “I can see myself reaching for the conditioner again on days when I crave a little extra shine… if I get myself out of bed on time.”

WEN® by Chaz Dean is line of conditioning hair cleansers that offer a healthy alternative to traditional shampoos, conditioners and other hair products.

Made with natural botanicals, herbs and extracts, WEN cleansers leave your hair clean, shiny and bouncy. The WEN hair line was developed by celebrity Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean of Los Angeles. It is available online via eBay and most salon and stores that sell hair care products.

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InnovaCare Health: Superior Provider of Medical Advantage Plans & Other Healthcare Services

Medicare Advantage Plans
Medical Advantage Plans are also known as Medicare private health plans. These plans are contracted with the federal government in which a fixed amount is paid per person in providing Medicare benefits. Majority of people who have Medicare get their healthcare coverage from the original Medicare plan, but about a third of the beneficiaries choose a Medicare Advantage Plan’s benefits.

There are various types of Medicare Advantage Plans, but the most common ones are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). HMOs are private companies that the federal government pays to provide Medicare covered healthcare benefits. Some of this coverage offer additional benefits, such as hearing and vision care. Additionally, HMOs cover all services covered by Medicare.

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With Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), fixed copays are required if the patient uses in-network providers. Otherwise, the costs will be higher out of network. Also, some additional benefits may be offered through PPOs, such as dental and vision care.

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With Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS), patients can enroll in this as an alternative way of obtaining Medicare benefits. These plans cover all services that would be covered under the original Medicare, including outpatient (Part B) and inpatient (Part A) services. Medicare prescription drug services (Part D) may also be offered. However, if the prescription drugs are not covered, the patient can enroll in an individual Medicare prescription drug plan.

Other than that, there are other Medicare Advantage Plans, such as Medicare Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs), and Special Needs Plans (SNPs). And patients are still required to have Medicare if they are planning to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leader in providing managed healthcare services within North America. Their primary areas of care come through Medicare Advantage Plans and Provider Networks, and they always strive to offer quality healthcare with advanced technologies that are cost effective and sustainable. InnovaCare works with various employers, patients, payers, hospitals, and physicians in building physician networks that are in the best interests of all involved parties; thus, achieving great result for each practice.

Their proven and tested system has yielded a 99% satisfaction rate, a significantly increased rate in health management and preventive screening among beneficiaries, and 40% reduction than the previous year in disenrollment. The success of InnovaCare is largely due to their reputable and experienced leaders, such as Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, and Penelope Kokkinides. Dr. Shinto is the CEO and president of InnovaCare, and he served as the CEO and president of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. Ms. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer who rejoined InnovaCare in June 2015. Before that, she was the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

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Brad Reifler Sees Truth in “Money Monster”

The investment world can be an amazing thing. It unfortunately often focuses on the wealthy only. In the fictional film Money Monster, many of these truths about Wall St. are uncovered. The film demonstrates how Wall St focuses on wealthy investors, and provides them with the tools to succeed. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler sees a lot of truth behind the film. After years of helping the wealthy get wealthier he too has refocused his efforts to the large group of Middle America.

Reifler understands what the small middle class investor must deal with. He has identified three major problems they face. First, they must deal with the large fees that most firms charge. Brokers should not continue to get richer. Second small investors have limited access to what investments they are allowed to participate in. They are not seen to be as intelligent as accredited investors. Finally these non-accredited investors must deal with more stock market risk.

With years of experience Brad Reifler is considered by most a highly respected entrepreneur and investor. Along with his duties at Forefront Capital he is chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial services firm. During his time at Pali the company made more that a billion dollars. Furthemore they had a staff of over 300 people and had offices across the world. With so much experience and so much already accomplished, Brad Reifler’s work will have a major impact on the investing and entrepreneurial world for some time to come.

Fabletics Stays With the Trends

There are always changing trends in the world of fashion. It’s hard for different companies to embody that trend when they have so much other things to do. Fabletics can and has stayed trending when it comes to exercise fashion.

How They Stay Trendy

Fabletics watches the fashion world and changes their styles according to what is doing well. This way they can stay on top of things and still keep their customers happy. They may change part of their line so customers have access to the different styles, but keeps some of the old ones to keep customers who may not like the new trends in fashion on

Getting Started

The best way to see all of the new trends they are doing is to start a subscription with them. This is fairly easy to do and includes only going online and filling out a survey. This survey of Fabletics will help them see what lines are good for what customers and keep them happy with the style they like. Then they are set up with a low fee subscription that keeps going every month. Once it’s all set up, there is no reason to be in the account until they decide they want to stop their subscription. This can be done easily and will allow them to not have to worry about getting billed beyond what they want.

Keeping Up to Date on Style

The company will do all the work with keeping the latest trends within the reach of its customers and will help everyone to look and feel good while they are exercising. They only need to keep their surveys up to date so they are getting the best styles on

There are a lot of options when it comes to exercising wear, but Fabletics does the job of keeping the trends going well. They know what looks good and what customers want so they keep them happy and looking good.

Patients Dying in Venezuela as Health System Crumbles

With the current dire economic situation that Venezuela has been suffering through, it was only a matter of time before the crisis affected health care and it’s availability to citizens.
Venezuela is a major supplier of oil around the world, but nose diving prices have sent the economy into a tailspin. Each day the supplies of medicine, food and equipment are becoming more scarce. As a result, patients are often purchasing items for treatment privately rather than through hospitals that are out of stock.

Families such as the Osio family have had to postpone a necessary surgery because the operating rooms are unusable due to lack of air conditioning. Doctors are also unable to sterilize the room or the equipment. A spokesperson for Changing Venezuela by Taking Power stated that if the government could lift it’s price control system and stop the exchange rate control things could improve for Venezuelan citizens.

China recently as reported by Slide Share has sent a shipment weighing 96 tons of medicine that is expected to ease some of the needs of Venezuelan doctors and patients.

Wengie’s Exercise Routine

Perhaps, you are one of those people struggling with a way to stay in shape. The fact is that most people are struggling with weight issues and ways to stay in shape. Of course, most people resort to exercising to stay in shape. Designing a good exercise routine is beyond some people. However, Wengie has designed an exercise routine that just might work for you. Wengie is a famous Australian YouTuber that is followed by millions daily. She shares plenty of exercise, dieting, and weight loss tips with her fans. Would you like to learn to exercise the Wengie way? Well here is the perfect opportunity. Check out her exercise routine on this page.
The Lazy Person’s Guide to Exercise
Wengie admits that she is not one of those exercise fanatics that likes to workout for several hours a day to build muscles. She is simply a beginner that likes to stay in shape with minimal effort. In the video, Wengie reveals her personal take on exercise routines. She candidly admits that she does not have a traditional or a regular exercise routine. She finds it difficult to exercise on a regular basis. Well, this proves that Wengie is actually a lot like millions of other people. However, she does share her spin on the topic, which people will find delightful.

Wengie admits that she is not a big exercise fan. We discover that Wengie formally loved to dance to stay in shape. Today, she believes that eating a healthy diet is the key to really stay in shape. She’s trained with bodybuilders that informed her that this is the ultimate way to really get in shape. Basically, Wengie seems to stay in shape in a purely unorthodox way. For example, just getting up and moving or jogging around for a few minutes on the way to the bathroom or doing sock squats and coffee curls. The video is quite cute and hilarious. Keep moving and exercising the Wengie way.


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Shulte Roth & Zabel LLP’s New Golden Boy

Sam Tabar has joined Shulte Roth & Zabel as their newest attorney. Sam will now be catering to the law firm’s ever-growing hedge funds. Shulte Roth & Zabel, a law firm that houses more than 100 lawyers, focuses on representing managers and their alternative investment funds. The firm has, however, in the recent years focused its attention in Asia due to the emerging issues such as the United States regulatory development. According to a Chicago-based researcher, Hedge Fund Research Inc., the capital that has been invested in Asian Hedge Funds has skyrocketed within the past five years. Sam Tabar noted this development in an interview with Bloomberg News saying, “The Asia industry is undoubtedly maturing and growing. Regulatory scrutiny is increasing. Investors are more sophisticated and therefore more demanding. This leads hedge funds to want the highest quality legal advice.” By the end of October this year Asia hedge funds, excluding the Japan hedge funds, have outmatched the base markets by five percent. This is according to a Singapore-based data provider, Eurekahedge Pte. According to the data provider, Japan-focused funds and China-focused funds have led the gains returning an average of 23 percent and 14 percent respectively. When Sam was asked if the company plans to open an office in Asia, he said that the firm currently has no such plans.

Shulte Roth & Zabel was established in 1969. Today the company has offices in Washington D.C., London and New York. The law firm represents more than half of the 100 largest hedge fund companies and over 3,000 investment funds.

The firm’s new attorney, Sam Tabar, is a renowned capital strategist magnate. He attended Columbia University School of Law. His impeccable career began while he was working as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. His job while working at the firm was to offer advice to the firm’s clients on matters to do with hedge fund formation, hedge fund structuring, investment management agreements, private placement memorandums, employment issues, investment management agreements and regulatory and compliant issues.

In 2004, Sam Tabar moved to PMA Investment Advisors, previously SPARX Group Co., where he served as the company’s Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. He, however, didn’t hold the position for long as he was given a lucrative offer by Bank of America, Merrill Lynch to be the organization’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. He later decided to go back into the legal world and hence joined Shulte Roth & Zabel.  Read more about him on, and be sure to follow Sam on Twitter.

Bernardo Chua’s Path To Success

Bernardo Chua has really been a big success in the corporate world. There are several different ways that he has been successful in the business world. Ultimately, he was able to create his own extremely successful corporation that sells coffee. The name of this business is Organo Gold, and they sell coffee that has a very unique twist. In addition to selling great coffee, his products also contain a mushroom with powerful medicinal properties. This mushroom is ganoderma lucidum, which has had a great reputation in Chinese medicine for many years. People have experienced incredible health benefits from drinking the coffees and teas that are infused with it.

Bernardo Chua began his career in the Philippines as a multi level marketing professional. This career really took off, and it was quite successful. However, this was only the beginning of his distinguished career in business that ultimately took him to the United States.

Chua became employed with a company called Gano Excel, while he was still located in the Philippines. This company sold various types of coffee that contain ganoderma lucidum. At first, this was a Philippines company that had no ties to the US. Bernardo Chua helped this company to grow and expand. Ultimately, the company made it’s way into the US to sell it’s coffee products there. When the company made this expansion into the United States, people began buying Gano Excel’s products quite frequently. This helped to make the company quite successful.

Then, as some time passed, Chua decided to go into business for himself. When he did, he founded Organo Gold, which also infused their products with ganoderma lucidum. In addition to containing the mushroom, Organo Gold is well known for it’s high quality coffees. The superior taste and nutritional qualities of the product have made it become popular in multiple different countries. He has expanded his company well beyond the United States, and his company has made it’s way into 34 countries in total. As time goes on, the company can be expected to continue to expand further.