DoorDash – Innovating Food Delivery

DoorDash is an innovative food delivery service that has expanded to most of the major cities in the United States of America. Specializing in restaurant food delivery, DoorDash is able to quickly serve their customers with fresh food from a variety of merchants that support the company.

DoorDash partners with many restaurants which allows them to offer delivery services for a wide range of food. In the United States, there are over 10,000 partner restaurants that DoorDash handles the delivery for! This means that customers will not have any difficulty finding enjoyable food that can be delivered to them quickly.

Customers can order through the DoorDash smart phone app, which allows them to browse the menu, choose what food they would like and input delivery details. This order is processed and then delivered rapidly by DoorDash employees. The customer is able to track their order through the phone application.

The DoorDash service has become popular in many major cities due to its convenience and reliability. It is perfect for college students, working class people, busy executives and anyone who wants quick food delivered on the go! Traditional delivery services are quite limited in their selection. When considering ordering food, most turn to pizza delivery or Chinese takeout. DoorDash, however, has a myriad of possibilities, including sushi, pasta, pastries and even products from convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

DoorDash also offers great job opportunities to its workers, also known as Dashers. These Dashers are able to select hours through their smart phone and are assigned tasks through the application. Hours are flexible and many Dashers are able to make a full-time income through their work. After being assigned to a delivery, Dashers head towards the restaurant, pick up the food order and promptly head towards the customer. Each step of the process is highlighted in the application and there is full transparency between the end-customer and the Dasher.

DoorDash specializes in the restaurant industry, but recently plans have been revealed for the company to move into the alcohol delivery industry. Due to state alcohol laws, this transition may take some time but there have been changes made to make this transition smoother. DoorDash will require its alcohol delivery workers to be older than 21 years old and will only sell alcohol to customers who can prove that they are over 21 as well. This will help the company lower its liability and safely distribute alcohol without breaking any laws.

In 2016, DoorDash has plans to expand on an international scale. This will be a huge jump for the company as it will have access to countless cities and markets world wide. There is a large demand world wide for reliable delivery services and DoorDash can definitely provide for this demand.

DoorDash is a great service that helps people all around America get their food delivered quickly, easily and reliably. As the company continues to grow, it will help more people get the food and services that they want at a great price.

The unique flavors of EOS

EOS, or evolution of smooth, is a lip balm company. The company is known for its egg shaped lip balm containers. The company has many unique flavors, products, and even container styles. There are classic EOS, (egg shaped) EOS shimmer smooth spheres, (also egg shaped) Smooth sticks (the classic lip balm container) and lotions (which come in flat, egg shaped containers, or bottles.)

The original flavors are; sweet mint (also comes in smooth stick), passion fruit, medicated tangerine, honeysuckle honeydew, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry (also comes in smooth stick), and summer fruit. Visibly soft smooth spheres and active protection smooth spheres are also EOS products. The newest addition to the EOS lip balm family are the shimmer smooth spheres, which are lip balms that give the lips a slight shimmer.

The company also releases limited edition products for fall, winter, breast cancer awareness, etc. The 2016 limited edition flavors are Vanilla bean, winterberry (new) and soft honey apple. In addition to these different kinds, customers can also buy multi-packs, which many of the limited addition flavors come in.

The most popular flavors include; Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, and Blueberry Acai. You can find these flavors, and others at or at and many more websites.

**In addition to lip balms, EOS also sells lotions and shaving creams.

The company is donating all of its profits from the blossom berry lotion to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.**

Visit the company’s Facebook page and website to learn more.

How To Choose The Right LED Lights For Your Home

You have finally make the decision to switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. It is a great decision for saving both energy and money, but it is not something you should dive into without a little research. The following tips can help you choose the right LED lights for your home.


Use The Right Light Fixtures: LED bulbs release their heat into the air to stay cool. Placing an LED bulb inside an enclosed fixture may cause it to blow because the heat is sent right back to the bulb. The best thing you can do is use an open fixture or look for LED bulbs designed for enclosed fixtures.


Consider Your Dimmer: There is a good chance your dimming switch is only compatible incandescent bulbs. It is best to find out what type of dimming switch you have before purchasing your LED bulbs. You may need to update your dimmer or invest in an LED bulb that is compatible with your current dimming switch.


Choose Your Glow: LED bulbs come in a variety of colors to give off different glows. The bright white LED bulb allows you to create a glow similar to daylight, and the warm white and soft white bulbs create the traditional incandescent glow. You can also find LED bulbs in fun colors such as blue, purple and red.


Gooee produces LED, IoT and smart lighting systems that give you control of your energy bills. You can use the gateway to figure out how much lighting you need for a room, or you can use the motion sensor to turn off the lights when a room is empty.


It is important to take your time and make sure you are choosing the right LED lights for your home.

Words Of Wisdom In Business From Serial Entrepreneur Josh Verne

Businessman Josh Verne made an appearance on the Knowledge for Men podcast show. This show hosts successful businessman who have launched their own businesses. During the interview, Josh Verne was asked about what made him successful and what tips he could give to other men looking to break through in business.


One of the biggest takeaways from the interview is that Josh Verne said that he wished he would have paid greater attention to the advice of those around him much sooner. It is too easy to ignore or dismiss the advice of subordinates or colleagues. This is especially true when you are the boss and people work for you says Josh Verne.


Paying attention to what others say can teach you a lot on how you can improve your business or product. It can also give you new insight into how you run your business that you may have never noticed before. A quote that Josh Verne threw out during the interview is that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. It is so you can listen more than you talk. By following this “saying” you will learn a lot and realize a lot of new things.


Josh Verne also said to to be a truly successful leader instead of just a boss is that you must treat your employees with respect and earn their trust and respect. A boss commands and people listen to him because of their rank. A leader on the other hand is listened to because he or she values the opinion of those beneath them as well as their colleagues. By being a leader and team player you will be much more productive than if you were just a boss who sits in his office all day.


Josh Verne is a businessman who resides in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is married, has kids and says that spending time with his family is one of the most important things any father can do. His businesses include FlockU, a website that allows college students to share news, tips and help each other through the web.


Mr. Verne is also involved in the furniture business. He has warehouses that supply retailers in the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. Josh has also helped launch Work Pays Me, a financial payment company that helps employees receive pay directly.


Find out more about Josh Verne:


Talk Fusion Is Top in Video Communications with High-Quality Technology Worldwide

You’ll find most tech companies in California or Arizona, but Bob Reina, who founded Talk Fusion 10 years ago, is more than happy to stay in the Bradenton/Tampa area where he has lived for over 20 years.


Reina founded the video communication company, and as he said in a local news interview, he will keep Talk Fusion right here. Previously, he was working in law enforcement, but in 2004 all that changed.


While on vacation, he tried to email a video, but couldn’t find a company that could handle it. He knew right away that video email was the direction for communication and his tech-savvy friend could develop a way to send it. The two worked and experimented, and in 2007 Reina introduced Video Email to the public. It was an instant success, and within a year this high-quality tech video communication had been accepted around the world. Talk Fusion was born and became an instant international success.


Today, less than a decade later, Talk Fusion is at the top of the video communication industry. The complete video package is called the All-in-One Solutions, and it includes the Video Email, Video Chat. Live Messaging, an analytic system for your company and more. This year, Video Chat received its second International award as Talk Fusion has upgraded its already spectacular performance.


Reina often says, “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and he takes this to the limit both inside the company and in the community. Bob developed a plan to inspire t non-profit organizations and also to create a sense of ownership within his staff. Reina gives one complete All-in-One Solutions package for each employee to give to the non-profit of their choice. There are no strings attached, Reina simply wants to lead his team with the feeling of giving.


To the community, he reaches out in many ways. Some of those include a $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society to build a shelter, and he also donates to an orphanage in Indonesia regularly. These are only a few ways Bob Reina pays it forward.

Wengie draw my life.

Wengie is a famous youtuber with a lot of life experience. She was born early January 1986. As a kid growing up she used to enjoy sucking on food to get all the flavoring out. Wengi was a huge fan of ice cream. She got at least one scoop every week with her grandparents.


Her family went to Australia when she was four years old. It took some getting used to, but she enjoyed the long adventure. Living in a new area took some time to get used to as her parents had to settle down and find new jobs. Wengie spent a lot of time playing with handcrafted toys. She really loved robots, transformers, and anime productions. Wengie considered herself as a tomboy.


Her family was focusing on saving as much money as possible by using second-hand goods. The vacuum that they used was donated by someone else. Once Wengie’s parents got a new job, she was able to happily move to a more luxurious place in Sydney.


As she went on to high school she started to try really hard to make new friends. Wengie developed much better social skills, but the beginning phases of the internet were out. She chatted with other people around the world in chat rooms and even made her own website showing of her anime drawing skills and love for ninja turtles.


During her final years of high school her mom got pregnant with a little boy named Jim. Jim was a fan of Wengie. He would sing and cheer her on during finals. She wanted to work with graphic design and fashion when she was older, but decided to take an accounting scholarship to help pay some of the university fees.


Her university life consisted of frequent night classes, summer classes, and full-time work. She also grew a strong work ethic. Wengie got a job at a big accounting firm. She liked it, but went into a social media consultant. Wengie had to be available 24 hours a day and liked. Now she works on blogs and Youtube.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Provide Professional Results Without The High Price Tag

Chaz Dean created the WEN hair care line many years ago, and his products have had the time to make a big name in the industry for hair care, as many women have seen great results using the products. No matter what hair type a women is sporting, Wen cleansing conditioners have been designed to be effective on all types, through its unique and all natural formula. It is also effective at treating damaged hair, and comes in several different varieties for different specific purposes.

There are many testimonials and reviews out there of women trying out the product and showing off what kind of results they have seen, since WEN promises to work on all women’s hair and give them results without needing to go to a salon or use an exceptionally expensive product. Since WEN is all natural and has no filler ingredients or harsh chemicals, there are no adverse side effects in the long term or product buildup.

For women who many want more direction or are new to trying out similar products, WEN comes with a proper usage guide, showing the recommended dosages for different hair lengths as well. In most cases, this is very simple, as WEN is applied just like any other shampoo or conditioner, and can be tweaked based on a women’s hair type. Most women will start to see the results from WEN within a week’s time, though using other hair products at the same time can make it take a little longer. An excellent review and guide to look at about WEN was published on by Emily McClure, which details her experiences and shows off pictures of the before and after from using WEN.

Every bottle of WEN only costs a fraction of the price one would expect at a salon, with some bottles costing over $100 dollars ( WEN cleansing conditioners top out at $40 dollars for a bottle, and they can also take the place of most other conditioners and shampoos women are already using. Visit the Wen channel on YouTube and the official Facebook page to learn more.


The Midas Legacy For Inner Peace

People go to The Midas Legacy in order to improve their lives in many different ways. While it is established that The Midas Legacy can help with money management when it comes to starting a business, investing, and retirement planning, there are other things that people can go to The Midas Legacy for. For one thing, people go to The Midas Legacy for inner peace among other things. The people at The Midas Legacy understand that one aspect of life could affect other aspects of life. For this reason, people need to make sure that they take care of as many aspects of their lives as possible.

The Midas Legacy is one of the companies that can help people find inner peace. For one thing, they have a lot of resources that people could use in order to bring about peace in their lives. The experts of The Midas Legacy could also bring about counseling sessions in which the individual can talk about what is blocking them from achieving inner peace. For one thing, the journey for inner peace is an individual journey that one should be able to take. The Midas Legacy makes sure that the person is able to let them know what is holding them back. After that, the expert can offer something that is tailored to the individual.

This is one of the reasons that The Midas Legacy is so successful. It takes on the issue as its own individual issue. It is also adapting to the new era where everyone is seen as an individual. Therefore, The Midas Legacy avoids using a broad brush and a one size fits all approach to solving the problems of the individual. This is one of the reasons that The Midas Legacy is one of the more trusted firms for life improvement.

People will not only experience a greater sense of inner peace, but also find the new strength they need in order to move forward and build the type of life they want. The fulfillment and sense of peace that they experience is so deep that they will recommend The Midas Legacy to others.

Get to know the Midas Legacy by heading over to their Facebook page for more about the company.

Choosing A Renowned Investment Advisor

Are you in need of expert advice or proper guidance on matters related to investment banking? Do you need the professional assistance of someone who is already successful in the investment field? If you are serious about attaining success in the investment banking arena, then consider getting in touch with Martin Lustgarten – a highly regarded investment banking professional.

Every day people go online searching for lucrative investment opportunities and ways to raise money. One of the most reliable and profitable ways to get into the popular investment industry is through investment banking. As a lucrative field, investment banking has gained increased popularity over the years and has helped thousands of people to generate wealth and achieve financial independence. The decision to start investing is a wise one, however, you need to consult with an expert before you begin.

There are many investment banking firms and advisors out there but it is imperative to do your home work before deciding on who to choose. Not all investment advisors are created equal, so take the time to find someone who has a proven track record in the industry. When it comes to selecting a reliable professional to guide you on investment matters, look no further than Martin Lustgarten – a highly reputable professional.With the popularity of investment banking and the ease of getting started in the industry, many investors are considering it as a viable investment opportunity.

Martin Lustgarten is founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm. Martin has been working in the investment industry for years and is one of the most respected professionals in the field. Due to his caring attitude and outstanding performance, Martin comes highly recommended in the field. His clients come from all walks of life and they rave about the high quality services they receive from him.

Martin has a great team that handles a vast range of investment services and ensures that his clients receive the best quality advice and guidance regarding their needs. His clients include both institutions, corporations and large companies, as well as individual clients who are interested in learning about lucrative industry.

Keith Mann: Fighting For Education

Jobs are tough to come by these days and that is why it is important to have that degree and have that education. Without it, it can be hard for people to even get in the room for an interview. A lot of times, people are judged only on that degree. They don’t take other factors into account like what they have to go through to get to where they are or all of the hard work they have put into their life. They have had to overcome many obstacles and they have become better men and women because of it. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners knows all about this and that is why he is fighting for Uncommon Schools.


Come to think of it, I like that word: uncommon. Things that are common and like everything else are pretty boring. The most interesting things are the things that are uncommon. I like uncommon things and I like things that are a little bit different. I have a feeling that Keith Mann feels the same way and believes the same way. That is why he held a fundraiser to raise over $22K for Uncommon Schools. He knows that in a lot of these situations, money talks and it goes a long way. It makes a big difference.


He talked about leveling the playing field. Once the playing field is even, things become very, very interesting. The young adults that want to go to college and have big dreams, goals, and aspirations can make them happen. There is nothing standing in their way and there are no excuses. The ball is in their court and when they get that ball, trust me when I tell you, they are going to run with it. Nothing is going to stand in their way now. They also have Keith Mann looking out for them, which just gives them even more confidence that they can do anything in their lives. He is a walking success story and they can look up to see that they can have the type of life they have always wanted and dreamed of as a little boy or girl.