The King Of Pop Lives On Through A Middle Aged Man In Brazil

If you live in Brazil, you may think that The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is still alive. Sergio Cortes is one of the premier Michael Jackson impersonators and is recognized worldwide for his astounding ability to replicate the dance moves, voice, walk and striking appearance of the late, great entertainer, Michael Jackson.

It all began when, at an early age, Sergio Cortes was provided an opportunity to dress as Michael Jackson and photographs were taken of him dressed in this manner. Upon seeing the photographs, and the uncanny resemblance and response to his look and demeanor in imitating The King of Pop, things began to really come together for Cortes.

Since that time, Sergio Cortes has had opportunities worldwide to entertain people with his spot on impersonation of Michael Jackson. He has appeared on television numerous times, including the Wendy Williams talk show when she did a segment on celebrity look-a-likes, and has performed live on American Idol in various countries.

Often, Mr. Cortes is performing Michael Jackson Tribute shows which celebrate the life and talent of Michael Jackson. These shows, sometimes going longer than two hours, highlight the popular musical hits of the famous Jackson, and also, recreate some of Jacksons stage aesthetic preferences. Choreography, stage effects, voice and artist resemblance all come together in those hours and give the audience the illusion that they are really witnessing a performance by Michael Jackson himself.

Mr. Cortes has captured the hearts of his fans as evident by his staggering number of followers on his social media accounts. His Facebook page has over 17,000 fans, many of which send him public messages daily professing their love for him and the work he is doing. It is easy to see why his fan base is so large, since the death of Michael Jackson, there has been a large void in the hearts of those fans. Mr. Cortes not only emulates the physical appearance, voice and dance abilities of Michael, but also continues the social message as well. Just recently on his official Facebook page, Mr. Cortes wrote an emotional response regarding the human injustices that are happening around the world. In this way, he is the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator, reflecting both the physical appearance and social sensibilities of the departed King of Pop.

An Impersonator’s Mystique Is Gaining His Own Celebrity

How can a person’s mystique permit you to know him better? Well, that’s about the only thing Sergio Cortes fans have available to become better acquainted with the famed Michael Jackson impersonator.

Michael preferred a certain mystique, and so does Sergio. However, Sergio’s is all his own. This means they had something in common that was, nonetheless, separate and apart! Ironically, Sergio is using it as well as his uncanny ability to bring MJ to life which is expanding on Sergio’s own fame. Most probably, this was not a planned road to success for Sergio, but it is taking shape.

There are many commentaries and blogs about Sergio, but because of his mystique, some commentaries are stabs in the dark. I think Sergio enjoys watching the curious minded try to solve his coveted private life, which also is, in effect, a fabulous strategy for Sergio’s publicist. This creates frenzy, and fans love frenzy. It also creates gossip and rumors. Fans love celebrity gossip (and so do gossip magazines and tabloids). There is not another impersonator who has attempted celebrity through mystique for fear of being forgotten or labeled ‘dark.’ This could become a new technique for impersonators, thanks to Sergio Cortes.

On the gossip and rumor scene, while not recent, there is some indication that Sergio has had some constructive facial surgery performed by Michael’s plastic surgeon. (I’d love to see Wendy Williams take this one on!) It is now reported that Sergio Cortes was born in Antofagasta, Chile, and not Barcelona, Spain, or somewhere in Brazil. Will we ever know? Sergio Cortes also is skilled in graphic arts and design. What is Sergio’s net worth? Well, that hasn’t even reached the gossip coffers yet! Someone also is mixing Sergio up with a professional tennis player born in Antofagasta, Chile. My gawd, Sergio, you actually must have been born in Barcelona!

I have wondered about the reactions of The Jacksons when they are asked about Sergio Cortes. There is no public information available on this subject that I have been able to locate. This either means Sergio Cortes has a private agreement with them to perform as Michael, or they are so thrilled with his ability to rekindle the flame of such a beloved son, father and brother in their lives, they are speechless.

Sergio Cortes has said it is a privilege to impersonate the King of Pop. So, there are no pressures associated with impersonating a celebrity of great magnitude for two hours at a time before throngs. He must lose himself in the moment as he mesmerizes fans. That’s mighty, as Sergio Cortes rises to a fame of his very own.


Well, would you mind someone impersonate you when you are far gone to the land of no return. For a good cause, yes I would let the best do that. Without a doubt, if the Michael Jackson were alive today, he would be very impressed at one man who has not shied away from keeping his legacy on. This man has won the support of many Michael Jackson’s fans and is now seen as the best impersonator in the world. Sure he is because man! This guy looks every inch, the late music icon. Impersonation can be totally impossible, but with this guy, he had perfected the art so well that he is internationally recognized even when Michael Jackson died nine years ago.
Spanish speaking Sergio Cortes is this extraordinary figure. He has totally impersonated the late pop legend and still entertains his major fans in Brazil and South America as a whole. He always loved and was inspired by the late pop star from a very young age. As a teenager, he would watch the Jackson 5 perform and always wanted to be like Michael Jackson. Not only did he realize that he could talk and sing like him, but he almost looked like him. Sergio has been going for dance routine classes and is slowly perfecting his impersonation career with very high hopes of a great future in his line of work. He has created two videos of the late Michael, smooth criminal and thriller, with him being in the videos. In fact, he has done almost all Michael’s songs but the videos being the ones mentioned earlier. He can moonwalk and has trained himself to pitch his voice to be like that of the late Michael while singing and performing. He even wears flashy attires like those of the late Michael, and his point of fame occurred when he performed a tribute to Michael in Madrid in the year 2012.
He is forty-four years old and apart from his impersonation acts; he works for an artist management company in Brazil where he has inspired lots of people to his work. Sergio Cortes is very passionate about his work to a point where his fans now value his legitimacy. He has brought people closer to him by artistically doing his thing. His immense research on how to be like Michael is one that cannot be ignored together with his hard work to bring Michael alive.
With more expectations of seeing this great impersonator perform, we have to give him much credit and respect!

Simple Tips for Locating the Bets Vacation Rentals In London

Planning a vacation can prove challenging for different people and this is something that has been highlighted in different cases. When planning for a travel, one needs to make preparations in advance to ensure there are no losses on the way and the information received is useful. Getting the best vacation rental includes some of the things that help one to make a decision for a vacation. It determines the quality of the vacation and this is something that one cannot afford to overlook. However, due to misleading adverts, people often end up making the wring decisions. This can be countered by having the right information as shown here.

One of the things that should be available for a vacation is perfect communication and a seamless network for transportation. No one wants to get stuck on poor roads for hours before arriving at their destination. It is advisable to seek for details that help to reveal about the estate of the infrastructure available within a certain region and the kind of challenges one will have to endure. This offers an opportunity for early preparation and helps to prevent lateness in the way things are done. Also make inquiries about the feature sand amenities that are available within the area. There could be nearby places that one can visit for enjoyment and to explore. This is the kind of information one should be searching for as it helps to make a vacation more enjoyable.

Use verified sources for booking and selection of vacation rentals. This is the only way one can get satisfaction as there will be truth in the information that will be offered about different destinations. WorldEscape is a prime website that has been offering information and guidelines about London vacation rentals. Their services have been proven reliable and trustworthy due to the kind of information they have made available for users. The website offers honest details about different vacation rentals and they have been reliable on ensuring all the facts that are needed to make it easy to locate different rentals are supplied. Their search process is also easy and ideal for all groups of people. They allow users to view different rentals and corresponding details that are furnished with photos and descriptions. WorldEscape has been verified for the kind of security they have been able to offer on all the services they have been able to offer their clients.

All about Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, and American businessman was born in 1949 by Jewish parents in American Capital City and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland where he took his alimentary education. Later, Bruce joined St. Louis College in Washington University where he was awarded with a Degree in Law at America University Law School. While attending Law classes at night, he acquired work at Washington star where he developed his journalism career. Among his duties at Wishington star, he was a news reporter for observer publishing’s energy information newsletter.
Bruce along his friend Ed Peskowitz in 1977 started their communication company known as United Communication Group (UCG). Their main focus under UCG was energy publication based on research and advice on developing the oil industry. They launched another newsletter inside UCG called Traded Tech Target and initiated a database hub for oil information containing Oil Price Information Service. The specialization area of UCG is energy, technology, news analysis for healthcare data manning and mortgage.
The dynamic participant of many philanthropic organizations partaken by Levenson includes a leader of I have a dream Foundation, Community Foundation of Washing, D.C and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He co-established and funded U.S Holocaust Museum where teachers and students interact and brainstorm, train them in tour guides within Museum. He never forgot his backyard by “giving back to community” inventiveness where he made a substantial donation to the Seed Foundation and seed of peace to support abundant Jewish causes.
Levenson and Ed Peskowitz partner Atlanta Hawks LLC, a collection of several businessmen owning the Atlanta Hawks, proficient basketball crew and Phillips Arena. He managed the team and member of the NBA Board of Governors. Due to powers of hire and fire vested in him by the team, Levenson appointed Danny Ferry as Hawks overall manager and president of basketball operation.

Bruce is happily married to Karen and blessed with three boys namely, Scott Daniel Levenson, Brain Keith Levenson, Michael Leverson. He and his family love basketball and he is holds zero tolerance to racism. This depicts when he said “I have said repeatedly that the NBA should have zero tolerance to racism and I believe that to be true”. His worth is an approximately $5000 million.
Bruce hobbies are; playing basketball and golf, venture traveling, cracking hard Maryland shell scabs, camping, and spending times with his wife Karen and grandchildren. He has no doubt made an impact in the sport through his tireless efforts to bring in new ideas.


Coriant Chief Executive Officer, Shaygan Kheradpir, is a technology and business executive known for his contributions to various initiatives including the development of FiOS at Verizon.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on December 1964 in London. His father was an otorhinolaryngologist. His family moved to Iran where he grew up. He attended high school in Switzerland at Aiglon College. He was accepted to Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a focus on control systems. He went on to earn a Master’s and Doctoral degree in the same field. Currently, Kheradpir is a member of Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

He started out at GTE Laboratories soon after graduating. Here, he worked on the management and control of network within the company. He was promoted at GTE Corporation on to become the Chief Information Officer. Reports by the Wall Street Journal say, he was well respected for “delivering new products on schedule”.

In 2000, GTE Corporation and Bell Atlantic merged to form Verizon Communications. Kheradpir was appointed President of the e-business division at VerIzion. Later, he was promoted to the company’s first Chief Technology/Information Officer. He is credited with the automation of Verizon’s operations as well as the diversification of Verizon into a wider range of telecommunication services. He, along with his staff of about 7,000 people, developed Verizon’s FiOs as well as iobi, a product that manages address book, caller ID, among other features in devices.

Among his achievements at Verizon, Kheradpir helped reduce the company’s budget for information technology. Between 2000 and 2003, he reduced purchases made from technology vendors by 30% and reduced the company’s IT staff by 20%. He fought against Verizon’s policy against purchasing IT equipment auctioned by businesses on eBay.

Kheradpir joined Barclays bank in January 2011 as COO of the Global Retail Bank in London. He made a significant contribution to the development of products such as Pingit, a software for mobile payments. For this reason, he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer, becoming the first technology executive to sit on Barclays’ executive team. Kheradpir has been the catalyst for the change in Barclays’ culture that proved necessary for the bank’s transformation along the lines of the industrialization of the 21st century and innovation of products that actually make a difference in people’s lives.

Between January and November 2014, Kheradpir worked as CEO of Juniper Networks, a company pioneering within the networking industry in Silicon Valley. He was able to launch an Integrated Operating Plan that was in line with recommendations he received from activist investors to help decrease expenses while increasing dividends. Early this year, Kheradpir joined the management team at Coriant and was appointed CEO on September 28th. He took over from Pat DiPietro, the current Vice Chairman at Coriant.

Kheradpir has had other achievements outside his workplace. He served on a number of boards such as the Advisory Board of the YMCA between 2007 and 2010, and the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology, a board of the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Skout and My Friend

Life is full of new experiences and staying apart of the present has some serious benefits. I have been reflective lately because I recently lost my best friend to alcoholism. However, I felt he died from being lonely and being unable to let go of the past. We were pretty popular in high school, but imagine being stuck there. I did not give much credence to the popularity because I knew it was fleeting from my years playing football. My concern was attending college and moving on in my life, but he stayed focused on this period in our lives. He managed to keep working at his father’s business and contributing to his family almost until the end, but the oncoming digital revolution spelled his demise. He became more depressed as the innovations became less accessible to him.

I continued to keep up with Skout technology and became proficient in all the relevant advances. The effects of the digital revolution cannot be overstated and especially for those who lived most of their lives before it. It changed everything from postal mail to the way our nation goes to war and pursues peace. Anyone in my generation that did not keep up with these advances is lost. Because everything has changed, even people’s occupation can be at risk if they are not able to learn all of the new technologies and become proficient in their real world application. This is where my friend found himself after all of those years of drinking and vainly reminiscing about our heydays, and he died somewhat bitter about the changes that had occurred in the world.

Instead of being depressed after his death, I wanted to enjoy the world even more. I am happy that I was not captured in the doldrums of life at any point, so when the digital revolution happened, I was ready. When my wife wanted to chase childish dreams, I was ready also. I was ready for a divorce. I got one, and we went our separate ways. The fighting and the angst was over, but she left with all of the friends. Initially, this was not a problem because most of them were just like her, but eventually, I became lonely. Many of my friends were using digital dating apps, but they are horn dogs since their divorces, and I am too old for skirt chasing.

I am looking more for compatibility because secretly, I want people to talk to much more than I am interested in dating. I miss long conversations with my friend of which only he and I had context. Our conversations were about things we had done in our childhood and girls who we had dated. Ironically, I found conversations and friends with a dating app. However, this app is nothing like the hookup fest dating sites that my friends use. It is called Skout on zendesk, and it is based on a social media model with designations per peer groups. It is awesome and has become a social circle in itself for me.

From Superstar Michael Jackson to Visual Effects Company Digital Domain, John Textor’s Reanimation Abilities Run Deep

On May 18, 2014, thousands of screaming fans packed the MGM Grand Garden Arena to see a performance by a man no one ever thought would be seen performing ever again. Thanks to hardworking animation genius John Textor, king of pop music Michael Jackson was brought back to life in hologram form and gave an incredibly believable performance of “Slave to the Rhythym”. This is only one of John’s many animation accomplishments, including creating a holographic form of late rapper Tupac and leading the company Digital Domain to animate an entire human being for use in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a landmark achievement in the field of animation. The company’s work on Benjamin Button even went on to earn the company an Academy Award in 2009 for Achievement in Visual Effects.

A gifted leader and businessman, John graduated from Wesleyan University in 1987 with a Bachelors in Arts in economics. Since that time, he found success in leadership and foundation of many companies such as Sims Snowboards, BabyUniverse, and Wyndcrest Holdings, a Florida-based holding company that focuses on technology-related opportunities in telecommunications, entertainment and the Internet.. Despite his success in these varied and demanding positions, John did not find his home in animation until he assumed leadership of hugely successful visual effects and digital production company Digital Domain. After his resignation from Digital Domain in 2012, John moved on to do some hugely impressive work for Pulse Evolution Corporation, another digital production company.

John currently lives in West Palm Beach where he works as the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution. He contributes to the field of animation by helping to create life-size and photo realistic digital humans, similar to his work creating the hologram of Michael Jackson as well as Elvis Presley. He is also currently helping to produce Art Story, an animated film created by filmmaker Aaron Blaise. During his time as the Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain, he did extensive animation work for over 25 blockbuster films such as Tron, Transformers, and Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End. When he acquired Digital Domain in 2006 he had a vision of restructuring the company, and in 2012 the company had achieved an NYSE valuation of $450 million. John also served as a producer and executive producer for the movie Ender’s Game released in 2013, which went on to gross over $125 million.

I’m Getting Married Thanks To Skout

Thank you Christian Wiklund for inventing the social media app Skout. I met the love of my life on this social networking site. After a horrible stunt at, I decided that I wasn’t cut out for the online dating world. Surfing the web one night I saw an advertisement for an app called Skout. It’s not been around all that long, just about 7 years, but it had millions of users. I am a big social media on buff as it is, but I wasn’t looking for love online. Rather, I would want someone to talk to and share the troubles and victories of my day with.

I signed up for my free account and met some cool people. Since I live in New York City, the sky is the limit when it comes to meeting people. I know there are many fish in this sea, but, however it seems that no one was nibbling on my pole. I do work a great deal and this puts a big clamp on how much free time I have for socializing. So, the first thing that I did when I signed up was creating my wall and put what I wanted and didn’t want from a relationship. I was brutally honest and put it out there. My pictures were not the most flattering. I figured someone should see the real me, curlers, no makeup and all. I was tired of all the fakery behind social media and online dating sites. I figure if they expect less they will be excited when they meet me in person.

Frank was tall, dark and handsome. He swept me off my feet online in an instant. He was from the same background and had similar interests. What was a small conversation at first turned into about 3 hours every night. This December, Frank and I are getting married. He lives in Connecticut and commutes to the city to work. I live in NYC and long to live outside the rat race. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and have my fairy tale come true. I have Skout to thank for this.

Skout is not just another app that you will download to your phone and never use. It’s one that actually is addicting. I find myself checking it numerous times through the day to see if I have any new friend connections. It’s not always about love, but there is plenty of that to go around on there too. I met Frank while using the “Feature Me” section. This allows you to put your profile and picture up front and center for all to see. You have a better chance of getting noticed this way. Sure enough, I hooked my fish by using the little extras that this service provides.

Like any online dating site, you have to weed through the guppies to get to the real catch of the day, but it’s so worth it. I have met a lot of nice people along the way and would do it all again.

White Shark Media Knows How To Stay Ahead Of Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Search engines have evolved over the years. It’s been a cat-and-mouse game between SEO’s and search engine algorithm writers. When a new algorithm goes into effect on one of the world’s biggest search engines, SEO’s must figure out how to adapt with the changing dynamic.

The internet is vast and you can still see the dinosaurs of search engines past. You may run into a meta description that is packed full of keywords, essentially repeating nonsense over and over again. This was the old “black hat” way of tricking a search engine into ranking your page higher on SERPS. It was easy and it worked, but the paradigm has shifted.

Instead, you should use your keywords carefully and target your content to attract the user, rather than impressing a search engine’s algorithm. By doing so, not only do you make the new organic search engine algorithms happy, you also attract a more niche audience that is interested in your site, blog or product. It’s a win-win situation.

There are a few hints that you can use that will not only make your website a lot easier to navigate, but will also shoot you up in the rankings. The first hint is to use your keyword in the title of your page. Then sprinkle your keyword two or three more times in your content. Place the keyword in the headline at the top of your page for ease of use and don’t forget to give your images alt descriptions, titles and captions that may include your keyword. Just don’t go overboard or the search engines will rank you lower for keyword stuffing.

White Shark Media recommends using keyword evaluation tools. You can see what the general public likes to search relating to your business so that you can better understand how to reach your audience. If you break down your keywords effectively and use them to create your content, then you should have no problem reaching your audience and your content will be evergreen; never needing to change with search engine algorithm updates.

White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America because they understand how these search engine trends work, and how to weather the changes. This boutique agency has flourished, helping small- and medium-sized businesses succeed. They increase conversion rates and decrease the cost per conversion through cutting-edge insights and analytical tools.

Source: White Shark Blog