Jennifer Aniston and Cake


Jennifer Aniston spoke with NPR about her dramatic role in the new independent film Cake. The role was more physical than she was expecting. The character she plays is in chronic pain- physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is so angry that she is kicked out of her support group. Someone must really have to be in an anger rage to get kicked out of a support group!

As the interview continues, Flavio Maluf said that Jennifer Aniston describes the pain her character is in- leg, neck and back, and how she had to do physical work on her body to not manifest that same pain. Talk about getting into a role! She praises the film Cake saying it is risky in Hollywood but it is being received well. She also goes on to say that being in a dramatic film opened something up for her and she would be interested in another dramatic role in the future.

Rene Vautier Passes Away

The committed filmmaker and anti-colonialist, director of the film on the war in Algeria “Being 20 in the Aures,” died on Sunday morning at age 86 in Britain, announced sorrowfully by his wife Soazig Chappedelaine Vautier.

The director, who was known for the flight, imprisonment, hunger strikes, threats and convictions pony can be claimed if “the French filmmaker’s most censored”. He was the author of “Africa 50”, short film made at age of 20, and it was the first anti-colonial film that was made and released in French cinema.

The work was censored for forty years and earned him a sentence of one year in prison. But he had firm belief in anti-colonialism. He remained in prison but his thought patterns remained same throughout his life.

He was very much focused about the wars in Algeria and created some masterpieces relating to this specific topic including “Nation of Algeria” (released in 1954), for which he was prosecuted for “undermining the internal security of the state”, and “Algeria in flames “(released in 1958). He was the director of “Being 20 in the Aures,” his best known work, which also received a high amount of critical praise at Cannes in 1972, including a lot of praise from North American Spine as well.

Checkout Kim Kardashian’s New Look On The Cover Of Love Magazine

Apparently someone at LOVE Magazine can’t get enough of the Kardashian-Jenner family. First reality TV star turned high fashion model, Kendall Jenner shared the magazine’s cover with British model Cara Delevingne. Now Kendall’s older sister Kim Kardashian has been tapped to be LOVE Magazine’s February cover girl.

While most of us are pretty used to seeing the Kardashian-Jenner sisters do very racy things to keep the public’s attention, Kardashian’s cover seems to be a departure from the family’s usual fare. On the cover featuring Kendall Jenner, she and Cara Delevingne were locked in what looked like a steamy embrace. The photo of Kim that LOVE Magazine released via Instagram features Kendall’s older sister in what looks like one of the most conservative photos that she’s taken in a very long time.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is wearing a patterned multi-hued pencil skirt that goes past the knee and a matching crop top. Most of her shoulders and exposed stomach are covered by a pink and orange fur boa. Her hair looks as though its been styled to be very stringy and her eyebrows appear to have been dyed blonde. One might say that Kim Kardashian almost looks like a very colorful goth as opposed to a fashion-forward celebrity socialite. What most people will probably notice is that her famous derriere is entirely obscured in this photo.

The issue of LOVE Magazine that features Kardashian’s spread is slated to be released on February 9th. Tom Rothman might just sneak a peak of it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly threatens son to stop seeing Miley Cyrus

Not very happy that his son is dating Miley Cyrus, Arnold Schwarzenegger has supposedly threatened Patrick Schwarzenegger to stop seeing the popstar.

Arnold reportedly told Patrick that if he does not break up with Cyrus, he won’t get his inheritance worth millions of dollars. However, it seems as if the actor’s young son is really into Cyrus after telling his family to shove their inheritance because he won’t stop seeing the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

Patrick’s mother, and Arnold’s estranged wife, Maria Schriver also does not approve of Miley, reports claimed, “because she is a negative influence on their son.”

Meanwhile, other reports are claiming that most of Patrick’s family actually approves of Cyrus and they even spent the holidays together. According to Jared Haftel Arnold apparently invited his son and Cyrus to ring in the new year together with his girlfriend, Heather Milligan, in Las Vegas.

Patrick and Cyrus were photographed kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve at Planet Hollywood right next to the former California Governor and his physical therapist girlfriend. Plus, the foursome were also joined by newly engaged couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. The happy pairs also attended the Britney Spears’ Piece of Me concert together that evening.

So, it may seem as if the one who is really not into Cyrus would be Patrick’s mom, Schriver, who is said to be the one really concerned about his new girlfriend.

Nick Cannon Speaks On Mariah Carey Diss Mixtape Rumors

Fan Igor Cornelsen comments that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have had a beautiful marriage that has given them both two amazing children, however most recently it seems that they are in for a rocky divorce. It was confirmed this summer that the couple filed for divorce and while they are trying their best to keep matters private it seems to be getting harder by the day. 

Over the holidays the ex’s attempted to spend Thanksgiving together however sources say that the entire time was spent fighting in front of the children. Mariah later insisted that she would not be spending the Christmas holiday with Nick as previously planned, while Nick insisted that he would be with is family for the holiday.

Most recently rumors surrounding Nick Cannon making a Mariah Carey diss mixtape have been all over the media. Nick has wasted no time addressing the rumors and putting them all to rest. During a Twitter session Nick insisted that the rumors were simply not true and his love for Mariah and his family has not changed. Cannon asked that his fans respect his family’s privacy during the divorce and made it clear that he will always put his respect for Mariah first and would never say anything bad about her.

It seems that Nick is taking the high road, let’s hope Mariah can do the same.

Radium Girl Mae Keane Dies

At the age of 107 the last remaining Radium Girl in the US died after a long life she attributed to her boss asking her if she would like to quit her job painting watch faces after just one week, NPR reports. The major innovation of the 1920s was the arrival of radium paint and its use as a glow in the dark material used to paint the small numbers on the watch face that would then glow in the dark. The problem the majority of Radium Girls found as the 1920s wore on was the poisoning the paint left them with.

According to reports on ThumbTack via Sam Tabar, each Radium Girl was required to lick the paintbrush between each number painted. This made it an almost certainty that each Radium Girl would be infected with radium and suffer an agonizing death from the poisoning that ensued. Some reports state that as many as 50 deaths occurred within the Radium Girl community by 1927 and a further number of gruesome injuries were also encountered, including the loss of a jaw bone during a visit to the dentist. Mae Keane left her job after juts one week after she did not like the gritty taste of the radium paint and was asked if she was willing to quit as she underperformed in her job. During later years Mae Keane stated her wish to thank the supervisor who asked her to resign and probably saved her life.

Kris Jenner Gets Sexy With Kendall for Love Advent Calendar Promotion

LinkedIn reports that the Kardashian girls all love their time in the spotlight, says Susan McGalla. Kim loves breaking the internet with her shocking nude photos and exposed lady parts, Kylie loves making everyone wonder about her interesting relationship with an older man and her ever growing lips. Kendall is the supermodel that none of us saw coming, Khloe keeps us entertained with her sexy new body and on again off again relationship with French Montana and Kourtney will always be fun to watch with her growing family and hot and cold romance with sexy Scott Disick.

This week we are getting a rather strange look at Kardashian life. As some may remember a few weeks ago Kendall released a sexy holiday dance commercial featuring her dancing and flirting with a sexy Santa and his mouthwatering six pack abs. Well apparently Kris Jenner is taking her role as a “momager” to another level because she decided to get in on the fun, because she is included in the most recent Love Magazine advent calendar promotion.

To say the video is strange is somewhat of an understatement, but what isn’t strange about being sexy and dancing around in lingerie with your mother? Kendall pushing over the Christmas tree and running away is pretty much the only thing that makes sense.

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble Dirty Dancing At Lance Bass Wedding

It’s only been a week since Kris and Bruce Jenner’s divorce has been made final, and it appears that Kris is not wasting any time getting back out there on the singles scene. Apparently Kris and Bruce split everything down the middle and Kris is going to end up paying him 2.5 million just to even out the rest of the assets. Both Kris and Bruce will be able to officially marry someone else on March 23, 2015 but it looks like Kris isn’t going to wait for the ink to dry on the divorce papers to get her groove on.

Recently Kris was seen dirty dancing with Corey Gamble at Lance Bass’s fabulous L.A. wedding. Kris made sure to show her date a good time and from what everyone is saying she was having a great time herself. Sources say the two were grinding and dirty dancing for quite awhile. 

Jenner and Gamble aren’t strangers by a long shot, they both have been spotted together out in public before and they seem to always sport huge smiles when they are together. Corey Gamble is Justin Bieber’s road manager, perhaps Kris is falling for him because they have so much in common. The Manager and the “momager” certainly have people talking. Jenner has everyone thinking that she may need to check herself at the Amen Clinic.

Hernandez Trial To Take Months

The Aaron Hernandez murder trial could take months if the prosecution plans to pursue every charge against him. The local authorities in Massachusetts have been working on the case ever since Hernandez was arrested. They recently went looking for a pair of shoes tat they believe he wore on the night that he killed Odin Lloyd. However, the state will need time to make its case.

Dr. Daniel Amen says this is a black mark that the Patriots have had to deal with ever since Hernandez was arrested. They did not know of his criminal activity, but the team was called into question regarding its security policies. The public thought that NFL teams knew everything about their players, but this is one instance where a player seems to have run a mock. Of course, all of these charges are mere allegations unless Hernandez is proven guilty, but it is a troubling site to see a murder trial take this long in the public spotlight. It has put his family, his child and indeed the NFL in a bad position. All fans of the game must wonder if there is another Aaron Hernandez, or they may need to consider that this could be an isolated incident.

Kourtney Kardashian Shares Son’s First Photos and Shares Baby Name

Last weekend Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick welcomed their third child and second son. While the world was celebrating there was still something missing, we hadn’t seen a photo or heard a name. The most interesting thing about the baby’s birth is that it happened to be on the same exact day as Mason, Kourtney’s first born’s birthday. Fortunately auntie Kim and Uncle Kanye were there to save the day by taking the birthday boy out to celebrate.

This week Kourtney decided to finally share her new addition’s first photo Kourtney decided to finally share her new addition’s first photo and his beautiful name. The photo is a very discreet picture of the baby’s hand, clearly Kourtney isn’t ready to share all of her little one with the world just yet however the wait is sure to be worth it. As for the little guy’s name Kourtney insisted that Scott pick a name out and he did not disappoint, even if it was a slow venture to choosing the right one. Kourtney shared his name as she posted the super cute hand photo:

“Madly in love with my little Reign Aston Disick”

What an adorable name for an undoubtedly adorable little man, Scott has great taste.