Duda Melzer Wants The Media To Be More Focused In The Internet Era

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, Chairman, and President of the Brazilian media conglomerate Grupo RBS know where the media is heading to in the internet era. Fondly called as Duda Melzer by friends and colleagues, he has strategies to address the challenges of the new world. He carefully watches the changes in technology and adopts such changes at the earliest in the firm to ensure that it is getting the best possibilities and options.

As a young entrepreneur of 1990s, Duda Melzer initiated good governance in the organization to bring the discipline and professionalism. He believes that focused and disciplined sustainability provides the growth of business and at the same time helping the country to evolve. Duda Melzer is highly passionate about people management and believes in achieving the best results by effectively utilizing the talents within the organization. As a person who has experience in various industries and abroad, he understands the importance of diversity and try to invest in diverse businesses. He is also the Chairman of e.Bricks Digital, a private equity and venture capital company that has operations in Brazil and U.S.

Duda Melzer started his career in the 1990s as Master Franchisor of Sweet Sweet Way – Brazil. Later, he joined as a Consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton in U.S. Then; he worked with Delphi Corporation as Senior Financial Analyst. He also worked with BoxTop Media (New York) as Director General. In 2004, he joined Grupo RBS as Director General. Later, he elevated as Vice President with responsibilities for market and development. In 2012, he became the President of the firm, and in 2016, he got further elevation and became the Chairman of the group as well.

He completed his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2002 and also did Executive Courses on Effective Strategies for Media Companies, and Building and Leading Customer Centric Organization. Duda Melzer has received many awards including Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst and Young) in 2015, Merit in Administration in the Private Sector in 2015, Communication Entrepreneur of the Year of the Week ARP de Comunicação in 2013, etc.

Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law has emerged as one of the most vital parts of the legal field. It focuses on the study of various legal systems among nations. When studying this type of law, individuals will learn about the legal system of multiple countries and then compare them. Knowing this part of the legal field benefits a number of individuals and institutions such as the government, businesses, legal professionals and educators. By learning this part of the law, many people will be in position to learn about how the legal system of other nations affects them. Whether it’s the government or a corporation, comparative law will enable them to gain a better understanding of things such as economic policies and regulations pertaining to business activities.

According to wikipedia.com, one of the leading experts of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. For many years he has studied comparative law and has therefore accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge about the subject. When he first began his career, he worked for the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. This provided Sujit Choudhry with a lot of valuable experience and insight on how nations are legally organized. After working for the Canadian Supreme Court, Sujit decided to pursue his legal career as an educator. He would begin working as a professor as the University of Toronto. At this position, Sujit would teach law to a number of students who were looking to become future lawyers. As well as being a professor, Sujit would also become the assistant dean as well.  Hit this link.

While having a successful career as a legal educator in Canada, Sujit Choudhry decided to move to the United States. His first opportunity in America came when he held a position as a professor at the University of California. He would teach law at Berkeley’s School of Law and educate students on various parts of the legal system such as constitutional law. After teaching at the law school, Sujit Choudhry would then be named the Dean of the school. This would set a precedent at the school as he would become the first Indian American dean in the law school’s history.

See https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sujit-choudhry#/entity

AIG Refusing to Pay Claim For Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, who used to own the NBA franchise, recently filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. This lawsuit involved a breach of contract with Danny Ferry’s settlement claims. Bruce Levenson was also a part of the former Hawks ownership group.

The lawsuit, filed against AIG, is a civil suit for breach of contract. AHBE gave notice of claims that were promised to be covered to AIG on April 2, 2015. Ferry and Hawks ownership eventually reached a buyout agreement, which ended the relationship that started with a six-year, $18 million contract. The franchise was then sold to the Ressler-led group.

Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, which is a group of businessmen who own the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. Levenson is currently the managing partner of the team.

In 2012, Bruce Levenson hired Ferry as the general manager of the Hawks, and president of basketball operations. In 2014, Levenson announced that he planned to sell his share of the ownership group. Levenson is using the help of an investment banking firm to coordinate the sale of the team. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

The recent lawsuit says that AIG refuses to acknowledge that AHBE made a claim, and that the policy was triggered. AIG also refuses to participate in the defense of the claims or accept coverage.

According to the lawsuit, AIG failed and refused to pay the covered loss without having any justification, therefore leading it to be in bad faith. AIG had no basis to argue that a claim was not made and the claim was not covered.

Due to this trouble, the lawsuit is seeking an extra 50 percent penalty of the loss that remains unpaid and attorney’s fees and costs.

An email sent to AIG for their side of the story and was not returned.

For more information on Mr. Levenson, check out his Wikipedia bio and personal website: brucelevenson.com.


George Soros wants People to be Mindful of President Donald Trump

It is no secret that George Soros is no fan of Donald Trump. In case you did not know, George Soros is a billionaire magnet and political activist. He has been around for well over 60 years generating his vast income and developing his keen political insights. Soros is 84-years-old and has experienced the horrors of life under Adolph Hitler.

Soros was alive as a young lad when Hitler came to power and then started to take over various parts of Europe. His father was wise enough to get his family and other Jewish people out of Hungary before the Nazis implemented the Holocaust.

George Soros realized then how important political leaders truly are. Honestly, if America did not have its constitutional protections in place; Soros believes that the environment is ripe for a dictator to rise up and rule the U.S. with an iron fist.

This is a very disturbing conclusion for any person to draw. However, Soros does not lightly or foolishly make these claims. He believes that Donald Trump is a representation of a mob or dictator type of state on Snopes. Soros sees Trump as a failure because he does not believe that Trump really understand what his power as president is all about.

Instead, Trump is supposedly a con-man and an imposter. Soros does not agree with Trump’s assertion about making America a closed society. George Soros champions the open variety. What is an open society? An open society is simply a nation or place that has a flexible structure, the freedom of belief and wide dissemination of information. This does sound like modern America.

A closed society does not allow people to move beyond where they are stationed at economically or have been born into socially. American society on opensocietyfoundations.org is not closed by a long shot. However, Soros believes that Trump is going to do everything he can to make it that way.

George Soros is also skeptical of the people that surround President Trump. He believes that these advisors are not looking out for the best interest of the nation but are trying to push their own agenda. He claims that their decision-making process will negatively impact President Trump.

Soros does not want President Trump around. He spent over a billion dollars of his money to keep Trump out of office. Unfortunately for him, his efforts failed on nytimes.com. Still, Soros is not upset about the loss of money as he is about the direction that America is headed under President Trump.

Soros knows that the American people must be mindful about the things that the newly elected president will be doing in the near future. If not, many American’s will find themselves being extremely unhappy with the government and their country.

Eric Lefkofsky Changes the World Through Businesses and Volunteer Ventures

Eric Lefkofsky is probably most well-known for being one of the co-founders of Groupon. You know that awesome site where a bunch of people get good deals on places to go and things to do. What most people do not realize is that Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping technology companies, such as Groupon, get on their feet as stated in Crunchbase.com. He started out with a law degree but chose to start a business instead. He bought an apparel company which had success but the real beginning started with Starbelly, one of the first online shopping sites to hit the World Wide Web. After only a year, Starbelly was bought out by another company. Then he started Echo Global Logistics, which was helped out by one of the largest technology companies in the World. One of his more recent projects, Tempus, is proving to be a huge success for the medical world.

Originally just a financial supporter of cancer research, Lefkofsky decided to get more hands on when he heard of Tempus. He found out about Tempus when they came to Lighthouse, a venture capitalist firm that Lefkofsky founded with his college friend and business partner. The goal of Tempus.com is to create customized health care plans for cancer patients in real time. According to the website, Tempus “collects and analyzes large amounts of genomic data using statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms to uncover opportunities to assist a patient’s physician in providing more precise and personalized medicine”. At current moment, Tempus is working with breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer patients but they expect to expand soon.

In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer of a company that is driven to help people find some comfort knowing they will be accurately taken care of, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife created a foundation with the goal of giving back half of their income to valuable businesses in the Chicago area. Seeing all that Lefkofsky it is not a wonder that people all over Chicago and across the world are better because of his efforts.

Check Out This Site: https://www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky/


Thor Halvorssen Takes On Nicki Minaj

Thor Halvorssen os not afraid to call out bad behavior. And if you are one of the biggest celebrities in the world performing for a brutal dictator, you can expect to be called out.

Recently, Halvorssen discovered that rapper Nicki Minaj was set to perform for Angolan tyrant, Jose Eduardo dos Santos and he was not too happy. In an open letter to Minaj be pleaded with her to reject a reported $2 million payday and cancel the concert.

Unfortunately, those pleas fell on deaf ears and Minaj went through with the show. Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), which he founded, has a long history of shining a spotlight on entertainers who receive multi-million dollar salaries to perform for some of the worst dictators in the world.

From Kanye West to Jennifer Lopez to Beyonce, they have all fallen in the crosshairs of Halvorssen and the HRF. When Beyonce decided it would be a good idea to perform for then-Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. After being exposed by Halvorssen, Beyonce made a public apology and donated her fee to charities in Haiti.

Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his life to fighting for human rights for all citizens around the world and he has no problem calling out celebrities who claim to stand for equality at home. but take money from repressive regimes abroad.

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce both claim to support the Black Live Matter movement and it was Halvorssen who questioned how they could ignore the plight of those black lives who are being punished by the very dictators for whom the women were performing.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in 2005 and its sole purpose is to protect and promote human rights all over the globe. They have a focus on closed societies like North Korea.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen for more.

Securus Technologies pushing for better security in prisons

In the past there has always been limited communication between an inmate and their loved ones. Now that technology is growing at a rapid rate and becoming more accessible prisons can use it to allow more supervised and safe communications outside the prison walls.


Securus Technologies is a leading provider in criminal justice technology accessories for all public safety offices, prisons, and correctional facilities. The company offers a lot of technology to help prevent inmate on inmate crime. A number of inmates and employees at these secured facilities have only had positive things to say about what Securus Technologies has created.


The company is working so hard so that they can keep producing and updating products once every week. There have been over a thousand positive comments from families explaining how much the new technology has helped improve communication with loved ones and keep everyone safe. Securus Technologies is built off of the principles of safety.


Here are some letter examples:


I was able to track down a corrupt security guard by recovering information from his cell phone. After getting the warrant the man was arrested and relieved of his duties. A big shout out to Securus Technologies and all their hard work.


Several calls between inmates about alcohol use, drug selling and drugs were recorded. All of the inmates involved were approached and handled with discipline.


Our company has relied on Securus Technologies for ten years now and have never had a problem. It is great having a partnership with a company that is continuously adding innovative products to revolutionize the market.


I am really liking the vision of Securus Technologies. The development and increased capabilities of their products continues to make security stronger.


All the tools have helped our facility easily conduct investigations when there are complaints of fights, abuse, drugs, etc.

Here are the Reasons You Should Join the Kabbalah Centre for a Happier Life

For decades, the Kabbalah Centre has been providing people of all ages and backgrounds with the tools they need to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Kabbalah is the ancient mystical interpretation of Judaism and it offers deep insight into the spiritual secrets of the universe. Above all else, teachers at the Kabbalah Centre are there to educate pupils with this wisdom that has been guiding people for thousands of years.

Students who attend the Kabbalah Centre experience a transformative journey into a more spiritual existence as they slowly shed their anxieties and insecurities. Here are just some of the benefits of joining the Kabbalah Centre.

  1. Reconnect With Your Source

According to Kabbalah, we are all merely bodies occupying a soul that has been created by the spiritual source thousands of years ago. Over time, as society becomes more and more chaotic, we are losing our connection with this spiritual source. This leaves us feeling empty inside. Kabbalah can help us reconnect with our spiritual beginnings and gain a higher sense of spiritual consciousness.

  1. Learn Your Divine Purpose

Kabbalah teaches that all of our souls were created with a specific purpose. Unfortunately, as the result of a society that is more interested in instant gratification and accomplishments that feed the ego, it’s easy to lose touch with our true divine purpose. By studying Kabbalah, you can learn to shed your ego of materialistic and superficial desires and discover why you were put on this planet.

  1. Find Your Soulmate

By studying Kabbalah, you can finally meet the soulmate that God has created just for you. Kabbalah teaches that we all were created with a specific soulmate in mind. Because of our superficial society, it’s easy to be attracted to the wrong people. However, by studying Kabbalah, we can figure out who complements us on a spiritual level as God has intended.

If you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and empty, visit the Kabbalah Centre to discover these ancient teachings that have given millions of people a new spiritual purpose in life.

You Can Fight Cancer by Staying Younger Says Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is considered one of the greatest additions in the field of Cancer research. Besides authoring several research essays that have been quoted severally in journals and by fellow scientists Mikhail is also the brains behind new waves or cancer treatments that protect normal body cells.

Mikhail Blagosklonny attained his MD in Internal Medicine at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He later pursued his PhD in the same university, specializing in the fields of experimental medicine as well as cardiology. Through his written works, Mikhail Blagosklonny has earned a lot of recognition among his fellow scholars and scientists, who popularly know him as Misha.

After completing his studies, Mikhail Blagosklonny took a job as an associate professor or medicine at the New York Medical College. He spent a few years there before finding a new opportunity for scientific research at the Ordway Research Institute. It is here that Mr Blagosklonny discovered his passion in research, specifically on the fields of cancer biology and oncology.

Mikhail’s inquisitive nature saw him diversify his research work in a quest to answer the many cell biology puzzles that boggle many oncologist minds. Misha has written extensively on many topics among them, molecular and cellular biology, cell cycle, clinical investigations, cellular senescence and signal transductions. Under the topic of transduction, Mikhail went deeper into studying the aging process on nature.com. His discoveries were profound, and for the first time oncologists believed that slowing down the aging process gradually slows down cancer growth and any age related diseases.

It is in 2009 that Blagosklonny joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor or oncology. He joined the research center at an opportune time when his ideologies were in line with those of fellow oncologists at the center. At the core of cancer therapy on impactjournals.com, Mikhail believes in the importance of cell protections against the adverse effects of radiology and chemotherapy. Blagosklonny is also instrumental in unearthing newer combinations of cancer treatment drugs that not only protect the body’s normal cell biology but also lower the side effects of common cancer drug cocktails.

Mikhail believes the human body can fight cancer without over reliance of medication at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Blagosklonny. This is why he has dedicated his career into discovering fresh concepts in cancer biology and cancer therapy. Mikhail strongly believes the answer is in slowing down the aging process which ultimately lowers the onset of cell tumors.

Martin Lustgarten’s Incredible Investment Tips

An investment bank is a banking segment that provides financial-related services ranging from capital creation, underwriting new debts, and serving as an intermediary in the issuance of securities. Investment banks also assist companies involved in the reorganization, acquisitions, and mergers. They also provide ancillary services such as equity securities, market making, and trading derivatives.

Unlike the retail banking sector, investment banking does not accept cash deposits. The two entities were separated upon the approval of Glass-Steagall Act of 1993. Since 1993, the United States maintains a separation between retail and investment banking. Nevertheless, some industrialized countries such as G7 have not maintained such separation. As part of Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, the United States asserts institutional separation between retail and investment banking.

Structures of Investment Banking

Investment banking may be split into the sell side and the buy side. The sell side involves the promotion of securities and exchange of stock with cash or other securities. Conversely, the buy side provides investment advice to institutions and high-net-worth individuals. Some of the entities on the buy side include hedge funds, life insurance, equity funds, and unit trusts.

Furthermore, investment banking may be subdivided into the public and private segments. The public section deals with publicly disclosed information such as stock analysis while the private sector deals with insider information. The United States requires all investment advisers to be licensed as broker-dealers. They must also subject to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and comply with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority regulations.

Martin Lustgarten

As the economy recovers from the Great Recession, most Americans now focus on their retirement plans. During the recession, pension scheme seemed like a dream, but incredible investment bankers such as Martin Lustgarten make it a reality. While most people consider retirement plan as an important aspect of life, they require support to achieve it. Martin Lustgarten is among the world’s most intelligent investment bankers with a significant impact on the success of his clients.

As a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, Martin leverages his dual citizenship to extend his addressable market. Over the years, Martin has spread his wealth across countries to reduce the expected risk while maximizing profits. Additionally, he leverages his ability to navigate market shifts to act before the market makes a downturn.