Interesting Facts About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO at American Institute of Architects. If you want to learn interesting information about him, such as info about his career, awards he’s won and his educational background, then continue to read on.

Career & Awards
Robert Ivy worked as the editor in chief of Architectural Record back in 1996 and he helped the journal go on to become the most read architectural journal in the world. Eventually the businessman became the vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. He was also the editorial director of the media company, which had a number of publications such as HQ Magazine, SNAP and Architectural Record.

Between the years of 1981 and 1996, Robert was a principal at Dean/Dale, as well as at Dean & Ivy. He was also brought on as a critic for various publications across the nation.

Robert has helped the Architectural Record earn many awards and honors, which includes the premier magazine journalism award. Other awards include a number of Ozzies awards and Jesse H Neal awards. Robert Ivy received the Crain Award back in 2009 and he received a management excellence award in 1998, which McGraw-Hill gave him.

Robert attended Tulane University, which is where he earned a Masters in architecture. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in English, which he earned from Sewanee.

Social Media
Robert Ivy is active on social media. He has a Twitter account and his company does have a YouTube channel. On his Twitter account, he shares business related information. His company also shares business related content on YouTube.

Robert Ivy is a CEO that has vision and who knows what it takes to make a company successful. This is why it’s expected that American Institute of Architects will continue to enjoy success for many more years to come.

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Litigation Attorney-Karl Heideck

In January 2017 the Mayor of Philadelphia; Jimmy Kenny put his signature to the new law which will mean a whole new life to the workers in Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia entered into history of becoming the first City in the United States to prevent private employers from inquiring previous salary statements from job applicants. The process was not without legal challenges, as the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce department challenged the process as unconstitutional. Below is how the court process was carried out and why it was carried out in that manner.

The Law’s explanation
According to the Human resource experts, it was clear that the law legislators made the law in order to bring employment equality between the male and the female in Pennsylvania. To come out with the required effect the law makers came up with various rules which bury employers from including;
• Punishing individuals who refused to disclose their salaries.
• Asking job applicants to share their previous salaries.
• Employers acquiring job applicants’ salaries without the candidate’s knowledge.


Who is affected?
According to the observers; the new employment rules will not only affected those residing in Philadelphia but also those conducting business with Philadelphians including the third party.

He is a successful litigator and attorney located in Philadelphia. Karl Heideck is known to be a top researcher, representative, interrogator, as well as the ability to interpret law terms. Mr. Karl Heideck is a litigation lawyer who has gone through the law school as well for three years the four years of college. After the law school and the college, the candidate will go through a test as well as a bar examination.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College and he graduated with a bachelor’s of Arts in 2003. After his graduation; in 2006 he went to further his education at Temple university-James E. Beasley School of Law and he graduated with Juris Doctor in 2009. Karl Heideck has been practicing law as a litigator for more than seven years after receiving his license to practice law. Throughout his career he has been able to gain more skills and experience dealing with cases ranging from commercial and civil litigation, employment law, mediation, legal writing, corporate law, trials as well as appeals.

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How to Implement Igor Cornelsen Methods On Stock Investment

Stock market investment is not a walk in the park. It entails making the right decision and at the right time. You miss on one of this and you just might find your investment going down the drain. Good investments require patience. It is a long term goal thing. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

You don’t invest in the stock market today and expect to reap big the following day. Not unless a major event happens that favors you. There is no gambling with stocks. You must plan, execute and wait for your investment to realize profits.

Igor Cornelsen of Brazil is one such investor. He is not only an investor but also an adviser on stocks as well as foreign exchange market investments. Long term investors aim to make profits that run into years. Sometimes if you want to earn good returns you have to stick with a particular stock for decades.

Long term investment as Igor tell has the possibility of high returns as compared to short term investment. Many shrewd investors in long term investment are able to see their investments grow by over 500%.

We can, therefore, deduce that stock investment requires intelligent decision making on part of the investor or the investment advisor. You never hit a jackpot with stock easily as with some other schemes. Igor Cornelsen advises investors in the stock market to split their investment across a number of companies. It is better to invest in 3 different companies than to make on huge invest on a particular stock.

This gives you leverage in case the worst happens to one of the stocks. You limit the losses you could possibly make. It is most unlikely that all stock will fall at the same time. With one massive investment in one stock, the risk is too big. In case of losses, it is possible to lose all you money.

To do long term investments as Igor Cornelsen explains, one must look at companies that have a potential of growing going into the future. It is also clever to look at damaged stocks that have potential to pick as time goes by. It is a mistake to plunge in the stock market without a clear goal and plan. It is a must for investors to conduct due diligence in the stock market, period.

EOS Created The Lip Balm For The Future With Style And A Spherical Shape

For the last 100 years Chapstick has been synonymous with lip balms. Despite the clinical feel to the product when your lips were chapped you simply grabbed a tube. The only means of expression were to choose mint or cherry flavors. Everything changed seven years previously when people began to notice cute little orbs of lip balms appearing on the shelves. The sweet pastel packages were a product of EOS and were soon getting rave reviews. Celebrities were pulling unique grapefruit and honeydew flavors out of their bags and lip balms were forever changed.

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The strategy used by EOS resulted in a company with a value of $250 million when their lip balm became the second-best seller throughout the nation. Although they have been around an incredibly long period of time EOS began outperforming Chapstick and Blistex. People are purchasing in excess of one million lip care products every week, see more products here. The current demand is for products that are natural and organic which just happens to be EOS’s specialty. EOS strives to bring value and quality to their customers and their strategy is working.

Instead of packaging their lip balm in the plain tube that has been around for decades, EOS decided to do something different. They did away with the unisex feel and outdated appearance of the tubes and devised a packaging that was brilliant. Since women are the predominant users they devised something unique and appealing. EOS lip balm comes in a pastel sphere correlating the available colors and tastes. When the sphere is closed it makes a catchy clicking sound and at $3 each the pricing was competitive. Once EOS decided to make their product organic they possessed all the components for success. Their tagline only added to the popularity when they proclaimed their lip balm will make you smile. Buy now this trending lip balm here on

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The Career, Life and Success story of Dr. Jennifer Walden a Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas. She is a member of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Her studies were from different schools. At the University of Texas she attained her undergraduate degree. Walden later graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She afterward went to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she graduated as the Salutatorian of her class. She also acted as the President of Alpha Omega Medical Society.

After her education, she began working. Dr. Walden started her work of aesthetic surgeries at Manhattan throat, eye and ear hospital. In New York, she built prosperous foundation for her career. Jennifer later returned to her hometown in 2011 to be with her sons. She decided to continue with her career in Austin, though she was not sure of what to expect from the individuals in her country.

She has been in the cosmetic surgery for the past eight years. Cosmetic Surgery includes of nose jobs, eyelid lifts, face lifts, breast augmentation and rhinoplasties. She also specifies in the field of liposuctions which involves giving shape to body parts. Liposuction is done on the thighs, arms, abdomen, soft tissue fillers and injecting the Botox.

Dr. Jennifer says she enjoys her career. Most of her colleagues are men, and her patients are female. She enjoys helping and attending to women and assists them in getting back their shape. Dr. Jennifer Walden understands why women do the surgery since she is one of them. Unlike the way most people judge women for doing the surgery, she helps them willingly without being judgmental.

Dr. Walden has received several awards. The awards are Scholarship by Kelsey-Seybold Foundation in Houston, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by Candidate Vancouver, Janet M. Memorial award and Achievement Citation by American Medical Women Association. Dr. Walden is also a board member of various associations.

Apart from being a cosmetic surgeon, she is also an Author. Dr. Walden is the Co-author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Honey Birdette’s Amazing Path to Success

Honey Birdette is an amazing brand that is getting the recognition it deserves. Eloise Monaghan holds the position of the managing director of the business. Since 2006 Eloise has worked Honey Birdette to the successful retail business, it holds now. For ten years she has worked with patience and persistence waiting on the day, Honey Birdette will go beyond to retail. The whole idea is to create women empowerment by giving them the chance to embrace their sexuality. The brand’s sales have been growing, and recently Eloise launched a US e-commerce site. Eloise also announced that the lingerie brand Honey Birdette’s next plans would be to move from three stores to an even higher number. Honey Birdette would have 40 stores in the UK by the time 2018 ends.

Honey Birdette which was started in Brisbane decided to launch the site when their sales went up in the US. The online sales they got from the US were estimated to a 374% increase over the past year. The US site is a podium where customers can get to know more about the brand itself. The customers can also feel the experience from Honey Birdette and where they can order the products.

Eloise stated that the site would enhance the delivery for the people in the US. Eloise saw this as an opportunity to expand her brand and also to serve her customers. Eloise is bringing a wider range of the Honey Birdette product to the customers in the US as she works on improving her UK sales. Honey Birdette has great lingerie, and this is why it is gaining popularity in the US. Eloise made it clear that the brand already has plans with the UK. New openings in places like Leeds, Liverpool, Westfield Stratford and others in the UK will expand Honey Birdette. Eloise wants a larger market particularly in Europe because she has already created a huge market in Australia with 55 stores in place.

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Lime Crime allows you to strut your unicorn stuff

If you have ever wanted to give your own spin to your hair color, then the product for you appears to be a new line of temporary hair dyes that will allow you to strut your unicorn stuff. Lime Crime recently announced they were rolling out this new line of hair dyes that will let anyone who has grown tired of just being a blonde or a brunette or a redhead a new direction to go.

In all, there are eight different colors you can try out and see what fits you. The best news of all is that because the dyes are all temporary, you can change it on a daily basis, or decide you want to go back to old reliable for a few days if the mood hits you.

Lime Crime was even nice enough to release some descriptors for these new dyes so you know exactly what you are getting should you decide to try one of thier unicorn dyes.

  • Moonchild: If you’ve ever wanted to see your hair with pastel tones aand just a hint of lavender, this is the color for you.
  • Cloud: People will think they’re looking up at the sky when they see this light blue tinted hair
  • Kawaii: This is a pastel purple look that will be loved if you’re hitting a crazy party.
  • Mint Ice: A more subtle greenish blue, this is something you’ll look great wearing at the office or on a night on the town.
  • Tweet: Think canary, rather than social media. If you’ve ever wondered just how blonde you can go, this will get lots of people telling you you’re a pretty hot chick.
  • Valentine: Live life as a special kind of redhead with this dark hue that makes our hearts go pitter-pat
  • Bubblegum Rose: Maybe redhead isn’t your thing, but you want to be in that family. This look is the one for you


  • Aesthetic: This is a full-coverage mauve dye is classy enough to wear to work and then hit the club for drinks after the day is over.


The Business of Fabletics

A lot of companies don’t like talking publically about their strategies; mostly due to people not understanding all the terms and end results. Often, companies have to combine business success with simple language to get people to understand what’s happening. For massive companies like Fabletics, things can get incredibly complex.

For starters, Fabletics is an athleisure retail brand co-founded by award-winning actress Kate Hudson. Fabeltic’s success was achieved despite the fashion market already being flooded by numerous activewear brands. Some of Fabletic’s success is due to its parent company, TechStyle Group. The other part of its success is due to Kate Hudson’s dedication and creative fashion.

Thanks to Kate Hudson’s popular presence, Fabletic’s growth has been exponential. The company’s experienced success on many levels, including social media and retail. What started as a small e-commerce business now has 18 physical stores and over 20 million social media followers.

All of this success is thanks to Kate Hudson’s original dream of Fabletics. Unlike too many other brands, Fabletics isn’t body-biased or expensive. It was very important to Kate that Fabletics offer products to all kinds of women, regardless of the size or age. She wants all Fabletics products to inspire every woman to look and feel her best.

Recently, Fabletics launched a line of fashion for plus-size women; completing Kate’s dream. She’d wanted to add plus-sized products since the beginning. She became dedicated to getting more affordable fashion for plus-size women and there is. The only fashion she originally found for big women cost around $200.

The added brilliance behind Fabletics is being a part of the athleisure apparel trend. More people are becoming health conscious, especially millennials. Athleisure wear combines the comfort of around-town clothing with the functionality of gym clothes. According to several research groups, the trend is currently a $40 billion trend.

Despite that success, Kate Hudson never forgets that the true goal of Fabletics is to inspire women. That’s why the opinions of individual members weight heavier on her mind. One member reviewed Fabletics from an objective viewpoint. What she found was that Fabletics is a pretty good company.

She had no trouble finding styles that she liked. She was surprised by the variety of styles. Usually, companies have thousands of products but few styles. Fabletics exceeded all her expectations.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Things you Need to Know About James Dondero

James Dondero has successfully ventured into entrepreneurship and launched some ventures that have currently own into prestigious investments. The highly skilled entrepreneur started his career in 1984, at Morgan Guaranty training program where he served as the program analyst. Before joining the American Express as a corporate Bond Analysis, James completed his studies at the University of Virginia McIntire where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He has worked In a significant number of firms through which he served various management roles that equipped him with excellent leadership skills.

James has vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has a broad knowledge of the credit and equity market. His current venture is profoundly based on the two genres and offers capital solutions to a wide range of customers in the market. Being the co-founder as well as the president of Highland Capital management, James has seen a significant number of individuals upgrade their living standards through the various financial solutions that firm offers. Highland capital has a vast number of affiliates including NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Residential trust, among others. The firm also has massive amounts of assets amounting to over fourteen billion and has acquired a vast number of customers over the past years.

In addition to that, James has a caring attitude and has been involved in a significant number of charitable events through which he contributed towards improving the welfare of the disadvantaged individuals in the society. Education is freedom, and George W Bush presidential library and institute are among the major charitable organizations that James has funded to ensure that they improvise as well as upgrade the education system. Due to the commitment of James towards education and improving the living standards of every individual, he has also contributed a significant amount of funds to nonprofit organizations and schools to ensure that every child acquires education. James generous nature has also seen him donate an enormous amount of cash to aid in the building of a large square foot area at the Dallas Zoo to enable people to have a clear view of hippos, which he also contributed to their come back at the zoo.


Sweet Luscious Lips

With bright eye-catching pastel colors and its egg like shape, EOS took the lip balm market by storm. Founded by Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky in 2009, its unique shape is designed to make locating it in the largest of bags a breeze. This lip balm was created to soothe and protect lips and skin. It contains the super vitamin E, an awesome sealant for moisture retention. It has jojoba oil and shea butter. All of these ingredients keep lips soft and luscious. It is created to be eco-friendly. It is 95% organic and 100% natural and is chemical-free. Discover more fascinating news here on

EOS has four Best Sellers: Passion Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai, and Coconut Milk, click to check them out.

Passion Fruit, has a tropical, sweet flavor. It is great for softening and keeping lips moisturized. The best part is this flavor is also available gluten-free! How amazing and progressive of EOS is that?

Pomegranate Raspberry is the perfect flavor. This flavor glides on smoothly and is also available in the EOS Organic Stick Lip Balm.

Blueberry Acai is also an organic flavor delivering an all-natural health boost to your lips. It is also rich in antioxidants, great review here.

Coconut Milk is known for its deep hydration power. It is also great for sealing in moisture.

EOS lip balms are available on the company’s website, major discount retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, and your local health, beauty and supermarket outlets across the country.

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