The Popularity of EOS Lip Balms Continues to Rise with Their Latest Addition

Evolution of Smooth has become known for the way their lip balms appeal to all of the senses. This is seen once again with the introduction of the company’s new clear line of balms known as Crystal balms. Not only are these little orbs completely transparent, but they are also one hundred percent vegan. This new line is quickly becoming popular among fans who already use other products in the EOS family as well as with people who had previous ingredient limitations. In fact, these new Crystal lip balms are so popular that they sold out the same day they were released.

The popularity of the new balms from EOS comes as no surprise to those who have been using them from the beginning. Since their launch a little over seven years ago, these palm-sized balms have been seen in the hands and on the lips of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The team behind the development of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms took a chance on creating something different from what was currently on the market, which has definitely paid off for them. In addition to changing the shape of the balm and its container from the traditional tube to a sphere, they also added features that would stimulate the senses.

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The new vegan Crystal line of balms from EOS are not the first products from this company to contain natural ingredients. The company’s line of Organic lip balms features more than eight lip smacking flavors made with ingredients that have been certified by the USDA to be one hundred percent organic, buy here at Many of these ingredients are also sustainably sourced, which makes them Eco-friendly as well. Containing ingredients such as natural jojoba oil, Shea butter, melon and honeysuckle extracts, it is easy to see why these hydrating balms are so popular.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Is Equally Adept at Starting Medical and Real Estate Businesses

Dr. Mark McKenna wears an impressive array of hats. He is a licensed surgeon, medical doctor, and holds a masters degree in business. He is a committed and passionate doctor who advocates for his patients. Dr. Mark McKenna originates from New Orleans, where he also attended Tulane University Medical School. His father is also a doctor. After graduating medical school McKenna practiced medicine with his father. At the same time, he started McKenna Venture Investments as a company that develops real estate. No doubt, he is a man of many talents.

Dr. Mark McKenna later went on to acquire Uptown Title Inc., along with launching Universal Lending. His real estate companies now employ over 50 people who oversee turnkey services for closing real estate and financing. However, hurricane Katrina cut his business success short, as it destroyed much of New Orleans. McKenna aided in rebuilding New Orleans by helping develop low to moderate income housing projects.

In 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna took on the role of CEO/Founder of OVME. The company’s mission is to reinvent how elective healthcare works. Their products include medical aesthetics, and technology that is consumer-facing.

McKenna is the perfect example of what happens when education merges with talent and vision. He is married to Gianine McKenna, and they have two children. McKenna is the type of person who loves starting businesses, and has a complete track record of successes. He is constantly on the lookout for ideas that will disrupt an industry. In his case, it happens to be both real estate and medical.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie pioneering regenerative medicing

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a oral surgeon, professor, CEO, and leader in bone regeneration technology.

Dr. Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to his practice, Dr. Clokie is a professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto and the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc.

Dr. Clokie completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1985, diploma in oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1990, post graduate fellowship training in 1991, and PhD in 1992 from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

The CEO of Inducec Biologics, Dr. Clokie has taken on a bold new frontier of medicine: regenerative biotech. Regenerative medicine is a medical concept that dates back to 1938, but doctors like Cameron Clokie are today making the idea a reality.

The bone regeneration procedures pioneered by Dr. Clokie and performed at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital have successfully utilized the body’s ability for regrowing healthy bone cells.

Dr. Clokie’s technique “resets” the biological clock of damaged bone to trigger growth, similar to the type of rapid bone growth that happens in newborn babies. This innovation has successfully regrown bone in adult patients requiring reconstructive surgery after illnesses like cancer. Typically these patients require physical reconstruction with grafts of bone and tissue from other areas of the body to replace the lost bone.

Dr. Clokie’s new method allows the bone to regrow itself, eliminating the need for painful and invasive grafting techniques. While it still requires surgery, the procedure and recovery time are much shorter than traditional reconstructive methods.

The regenerative procedure is still relatively uncommon, and because it is not covered by insurance the costs are still high. Dr. Clokie is collaborating with surgeons around the world to mainstream the procedure and reduce cost so that technology can be available to all eligible patients.

Dr.Cameron Clokie holds 25 US and international patents that are established or pending. Through building alliances in medicine and business, he is working to make bone healing technology commercially viable. As these new technologies become more common, Dr. Clokie is changing oral and maxillofacial surgery and beyond.

The Gifted George Soros

George Soros was born in Hungary at a place known as Budapest. George’s father was a renowned lawyer while his mother had a shop where she sold silk material. Soros studied at the London School of economics in 1947. George obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1951 and proceeded in 1954 to get his masters degree in the same field. This is after he moved to England. Soros was awarded forty dollars by the Quaker charity for good services. Soros had worked as a porter and a waiter for a railway organization.

George Soros was involved in the political affairs where he donated 23 million dollars to various groups that sought to defeat the then President Bush. The Democracy Alliance also benefited from George Soros donations. The funds enabled the organization to develop the infrastructure in the American region. George also donated 35 million dollars to the New York state. The money would benefit children between 3 and 17 years. Underprivileged children benefited where there was no discrimination and each child received 200 dollars as long as their parents had benefit cards.

The Center for American Progress is also a beneficiary of George Soros activities. This has been manifested through the Open Society initiative. George Soros has been philanthropic in many ways for instance; he aided black students in South Africa access University education during the apartheid period. The post- soviet states have benefited from his funding where he has ensured that there is democratization in the states that is none violent.

George Soros has donated 100 million dollars to the Universities in Russia. This was to enable easy access to the internet to the institutions. Africa has benefited from his philanthropic activities in that 100 million dollars have been donated to the planet. This is to reduce the level of poverty in the continent through enhancing of various economic projects.

The Universities and the scientists in the Eastern and central Europe have benefited from most of the projects initiated by Soros. The Transparency International and the civilians who had been under siege received their donations from George Soros. George Soros later transferred 18 billion dollars to Open Society. Soros also donated some of his funds to Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.

The Open Society is the second largest philanthropic group after the Bill and Melinda Gates organization. The solidarity movement in Poland was supported by the Open Society. Programs that involve democratic activities in Georgia have been supported by the Open Society Foundation. The Soros foundation that is based on Georgia controls 2.5 million dollars with fifty members of staff for the organization.

The Open Society has also established another group in Africa that is based in Zimbabwe. The organization has been vocal in enhancing changes in the regime. This has been achieved through the democratic activities that the group engages.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provides Top Treatment For Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides top quality of diagnosis, treatment, and care for individuals who have contracted cancer. Located at five major hospitals in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America believes that each cancer is different and is unique to the person who is fighting it. Personalized care given on an individual basis is the secret for success in this field. At the outset when a person is diagnosed with cancer, an individualized treatment plan is established. A team of doctors and clinicians become your personal team throughout your treatment.

By using this collaborative approach, your team of professionals can take the time to understand you and your family’s unique needs and address them. The person who has the cancer is only part of the picture, as the immediate family needs care and concern as well.

The approach that is used by CTCA is called an Integrated Approach. Traditional treatments are used such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and radiation, but there are other supportive therapies that are used as well. Naturopathic medicine, nutritional therapy, mind-body medicine, chiropractic care, pain management, and spiritual support are also very much needed therapies.

Cancer is the only disease that CTCA becomes involved with. Other hospitals who take on more of a general care aspect will do what they can, but they may not be equipped to follow through with the extensive treatments and therapies that are necessary to treat eradicate cancer.

There is no typical case at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America because cancer is such an individualized disease. By taking the time to study each person’s cancer the team of specialists can zero in on what it will take to treat defeat cancer. With the total support for the patient and the immediate family it is no wonder that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are the preferred destination for cancer patients.

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EOS’s New Vegan Crystal Lip Balm & What To expect From Using It

The year 2017 is marked with ups and downs just like any other year. Newer companies began to rise while older companies began to fall. Having the ability to evolve with the times is crucial, especially when it comes to the business world. For oral care, the all-new Vegan Crystal lip balm is the cat’s meow of this exclusive community, and it comes with numerous beneficial features. The features includes are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Wax-Free
  • Petrolatum-Free
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • And more

Providing moister for the lips is the name of the game and EOS definitely delivers on all promises. With just one swipe across the mouth, you’ll be giving your lips a rush of natural moisturizers like aloe vera, castor oil, she butter, antioxidants, vitamins and others. The new Vegan Crystal lip balm as well as EOS’s other lip balms are loaded with organic moisturizing precursors. This eclectic brand offers some of the most vividly-infused flavors such as passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, lemon drop, summer fruit, coconut milk, blueberry acai, raspberry pomegranate, sweet mint, vanilla mint and many more. This list could potentially go on for days and days, browse products here on

Evolution of Smooth does an extremely good job of marketing to its core audience. Though any and everyone is welcome to purchase the products at hand, this company specifically markets to the 25 to 35-year-olds based on This class of individuals is known as the Millennials, and they makeup a large percentage of all sales. EOS’s Instagram account has well-over 8 million followers, and it’s Facebook has an estimated 7 million followers. The numbers are simply astounding, but this only scratches the surface in an overall sense. In conclusion, Evolution of Smooth is the brand to beat, and it’s the brand that sits at the apex of the field.

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George Soros Philanthropic Giving: $18 Billion and Strong

The average person will never have a million dollars within their possession during their lifetime. Most people will not be blessed to possess that kind of money. Now, it stands to reason that if a person cannot obtain a million dollars, chances are they will never have a billion dollars. However, there are always exceptions to most rules. George Soros is one of those exceptions.

Soros is a former investment mogul who has amassed a huge fortune in the realm of investing. He has generated close to $40 billion during the course of lifetime and he has a net worth of $29 billion. This makes him one of the top 30th persons walking around on the planet today. His wealth is so immense that he could literally fund his owns small country without outside help.

The thing that people should understand about Soros is that he is not interested in money like he was in the past. Instead, he is more concerned about how to spend his substantive fortune. He is not spending his money on frivolous things such as buying his own island, having his own personal airport or building his own city. Soros is investing his money into changing the world. He wants to change things for the liberal cause. He wants to make life better for all people on the planet.

The billionaire magnate has helped various social, political and cultural groups throughout society. He not only helps American people – he also helps people in foreign countries as well. As a matter of fact, Soros is a citizen of Hungary as well as the United States. He was born and raised as a young child in Hungary. He was a teenager during the time that Nazi Germany occupied his homeland. He knows from first hand experience how dangerous a closed society can really be for people.

This is the reason why Soros helps minority groups, various cultural groups such as the LGBT community and refugees settling into a particular part of the world. Soros gives to well over 100 countries. He has provided an estimated total of $30 billion to his Open Society Foundation organization.

At the age of 87, Soros has given $18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundation. He wants this organization to be well funded for many years into the future. This amount of money will certainly help his foundation to become a powerful supporter in the world of politics and cultural change. You can discover more information about Soros and his amazing philanthropic work on the CNN Money website. and follow him

Nathaniel Ru’s story about Sweetgreeen

Most students usually have trouble finding decent places to eat. When they do, the food there is too expensive, and they have to make huge sacrifices to meet the cost. This makes their life very difficult and sees them go back to the low-quality food joints to have their meals since there are other important monetary needs that need to be met.

This was the case for Nathaniel Ru and his friends during their senior year. During that time at the Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Nathaniel Ru together with his friends thought of how they could get rid of the problem and these thoughts led to the opening of the eatery at M Street.

Nathaniel founded Sweetgreen, which is a salad chain, for the sole purpose of providing a high-quality joint that offers healthy foods at friendly prices. Ru mentioned that the eatery had become a top-quality restaurant that provides customers with fresh products acquired straight from the farm at the Wharton Marketing Conference which was held recently. The conference which was titled, The New Era of Marketing, was about exploration of different markets through globalization.

When starting the business, Nathaniel Ru wore a suit to meet the landlady who owned the building that they planned on setting up the business in. This was the after making numerous calls to her without success.

She always hung up before Ru could finish explaining to her what he intended to do at the place. Coincidentally, the lady was also the landlady of the apartment that Nathaniel Ru and his friends lived in.

Ru made all the necessary preparations and went to meet the lady with the business plan held in his hands. As fate would have it, this was the last time that Ru wore a suit when going to discuss business with any person regardless of who they were. They were going to name the business Greens and thought they had it all figured out.

However, at the meeting, the lady told them to go back to the drawing board and come up with a real plan with the help of an architect and a backer. The lady had faith in the idea and contributed greatly to the creation of what Sweetgreen is today.

Nathaniel Ru has done so well in running the business ever since and from the way things are going, there is no turning back for him.

The trendy salad bar has become so famous through his ideas and hard work. People just keep coming back for more. The chain now has 40 sites in California and New York and shops in Chicago and Boston.


Dr. Mark McKenna Cares About The World Around Him

Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who is passionate about the patients he cares for, someone who gives of himself because he truly cares for those he serves. This man is someone who is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia, and he is someone who has affected lives in a positive way in the time that he has spent working as a doctor. Doctors are expected to care for their patients, but not all of them care for them in the same way. Dr. McKenna does a good job of caring for those who come to him for help.

There are some people who have a heart for the hurting and who feel called to action as soon as they hear about a disaster taking place. Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who stepped in as soon as he saw a city in need of help. He was a part of the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He gave of himself to help others during a difficult time.

There are doctors who give a lot of who they are to their job and then struggle with their personal relationships. Dr. Mark McKenna is a man who has given a lot of who he is to the work that he does, and yet, he has time for his wife and his daughter. He spends time with daughter every day, knowing that the time that he spends with her is important.

Dr. Mark McKenna was asked if there was a trend that excites him, and he shared that he is excited about the decline in smoking that he has been seeing. He seems to believe that the world will be a better place with fewer people choosing to smoke, and he wants to see the world improving all of the time.

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Efforts of Susan McGalla to the Higher Position

Susan McGalla is considered as a great American businesswoman. She is the executive consultant that has played a massive role in the field of business from the Pittsburgh Pennyslyvania. Aside from that, she has served as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Furthermore, she was also the chief executive officer at Wet Seal Inc. Her service in various companies has contributed to her skills and experience.

Susan McGalla is known to be a pragmatic leader who has pushed many companies to the required niche and help them achieve their set objectives. Susan McGalla has become a role model to many women who are struggling to rise to the high position in different organizations. Her massive contribution to the position of leadership that she has served in has leveled the workplace opportunities for both men and women. Susan McGalla rose to her position through her own efforts.

McGalla worked her way from being the executive to the rank of the president in the Company. Her commitment within the American Eagle Outfitters marked her great achievement as she helped the company navigate its way in achieving the objectives. McGalla is now the founder of the P3 Executive Consulting. Furthermore, she is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Her innovative nature in the world of business made her conceptualize the idea of “wear what we wear” that made a lot of people purchase the Steeler gear. The confidence that McGalla had in the workplace enabled her to handle arising challenges with ease.

Though the efforts that Susan McGalla has made is encouraging to women, most of the does not bear the resilience that matches the level of her. She has initiated the campaign that advocates for the support of the women. This acts as the real platform for the leadership position for women. Furthermore, the initiative of the network for women creates the women cohesion within the industry and allows them to share ideas.

Susan McGalla through her various initiatives and efforts has proved that women are capable of holding the position as men. She has provided many opportunities for women in the executive positions.

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