Graham Edwards Transition from CEO to the Executive Chairman of Telereal Trillium

When it comes to investment, the success of a company is dependent on the workforce it has deployed. With that said, Telereal Trillium has decided to shuffle their workforce. Specific importance will be geared towards the appointment of Graham Edwards as the executive chairman. Before being appointed as the executive chairman, Graham Edwards previously held the position of chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium (Propertyweek).


Background Data

While serving as the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards excelled at the post he held. During this period, he initiated various deals. Among the exceptional deals that Graham Edwards initiated were such as; acquisition of 6,700 properties from BT to Telereal. The properties were worth £2.4 billion.

Graham Edwards is also well known for participating fully in the merger between Telereal and Trillium. Telereal was founded in 2001. After the company was founded, Graham Edwards was appointed as the chief executive officer. Later on, Graham Edwards initiated the merger between Telereal and Trillium. The merger later gave birth to Telereal Trillium. To date, Graham Edwards has served as the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium. Due to the recent reshuffling, Graham Edwards is now the executive chairman of Telereal Trillium. Moreover, under the leadership of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium’s portfolio has been branded as superb in relation to the United Kingdom property market.


Additional Information

Before his executive position at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards served as a chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management. Graham Edwards also worked as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment manager as well as the head of the finance department at the BT Group Plc’s property department.

Graham Edwards’s profound knowledge when it comes to the world of investment is because he studied economics at the Cambridge University. Apart from studying at the Cambridge University, he is also a member of organizations such as the Association of Corporate Treasures (AMCT), and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England as Wales (ACA).



Graham Edwards is a renowned leader who is well known for delivering nothing short of excellence. He is confident that the reshuffling process will be a way of ensuring that Telereal Trillium delivers the very best to their various clients. Moreover, over the years, Graham Edwards has showcased exemplary leadership skills. After his appointment as the executive chairman, Telereal Trillium is in safe hands, and they will tread greater heights.

Ryan Seacrest Making A Difference In People’s Life

Ryan John Seacrest life started on December 24, 1974. In his career path, there is a lot that he has been able to achieve like being the radio personality and producer. He gained the reputation he has because he hosted the American top 40 countdowns. Things took a turn when he hosted the American Idol, and that is on 2002. Soon after that Seacrest took over international events in giving his services as the news anchor of E television network. He signed a deal with Today show and other programs so that he would appear in the shows and that took place in 2012. That did not take long because in 2013, he became the host of Million Second Quiz show that was concerned with gaming and he became the co-host of the live show with Kelly and Ryan show that is in 2017.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is an organization that is nonprofit. The mission that Ryan Seacrest Foundation has is they will be able to inspire the youths by use of entertainment and initiatives that focus on education. The first initiative that the TV producer‘s foundation have is that they will build media centers, which will be named Seacrest Studios, around the pediatric hospitals so that the patients will be able to explore the realms that will be there in television, media, and radio. The goal that they have is that they will positively contribute to the healing process of the children and families during their stay at the hospital in bring an uplifting spirit to the hospital.

We believe that the multimedia experience will be able to excite and stimulate other adventures that will give courage to the patients in the cause of treatment. It’s vital that to us to reach out to the community and get the students involved in the journalism school by giving them the chance of gaining the experience that they need in the broadcasting and how to operate the media center. Over the last eight years, Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been in service, they have been able to open ten media centers.

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Chainsmokers, Dynamic Duo

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart go against the expectations of both their fans for media support and the music industry to stay ahead of the curve as far as trending music is concerned. They have always loved to create musical masterpieces but all that took a whole new level when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met eachother inside of an art exhibit where not only did their appreciation for music grow but their ideas and concepts as well. Alex Pall did a number of street gigs that later helped them to gain venues to play shows at, and therefore gain a more public awareness out of them. Andrew Taggart went to school for music business so he did most of the chit chat when it came to talking business with potential mangers, clients, and network connections. They gave fans the joy ride of their lives with the musical creations of such honorable mentions as Roses, Closer, Everybody Hates Me, and Selfie, but nothing compared to the one of the darker tracks created by the fantastic two which is called Sick Boy. Sick Boy is a carefully crafted piece by them that took about nine whole solid months to even make and they were able to actually pull it off thanks to their music managers. They have called their song name Sick Boy because of the real life implications it takes on when considering the effects of too much social media and culture that says that one has to be liked by thousands of people to be a somebody. The Chainsmokers have emphasised this on their album because they not only go through the challenges and difficulties one endures through the heat of social media but also because they see it in other people as well and it is preferably because of that very reason that the Chainsmokers released their song Sick Boy. It came from the anger and stress inside the hearts of them that they became inspired to create this piece of music and as a result, the anger and the frustration got creatively converted into the masterpiece seen before the eyes of the multitudes.

How Elysium Health Can Help The Cells in Your Body

Most of us work at a desk, in front of a computer, which makes us strive to be healthier outside the office. To achieve that, we think about exercising more and eating less junk food. Getting yourself into a healthier routine by eating more non-processed foods and exercising on a regular basis is, in fact, a great way to improve your well-being. Taking supplements can improve it even further.

Elysium Health is a consumer health company that was founded in 2014. Dr. Leonard Guarente, one of the  company’s founders, serves as its chief scientist, as well as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. The mission of the company is to help people live healthier, longer by translating advances in science and technology to create clinically-validated health products that work.

Basis is the first Elysium Health product. A first-of-its-kind cellular health supplement, backed by over a quarter century of aging research, Basis helps increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells.

NAD+ is essential to hundreds of our cellular functions, including circadian rhythm, energy creation, and DNA health. NAD+ declines in levels as we age, and those processes can break down.

Chief scientist and Elysium Health co-founder, Dr. Leonard Guarente, is also the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. For decades, Dr. Guarente has conducted significant research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging. His leadership has helped Elysium Health bring Basis to the masses.


To buy Basis, visit Elysium Health’s website. The company offers Basis in a variety of subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions start at $40 per month. A monthly plans is $50 per month, and prepaying for a longer subscription decreases the cost per month to $45 ($270 for six months) or $40 dollars ($480 for twelve months) per month. You can also purchase an individual jar for $60.

Adam Milstein, on the frontline of the war against antisemitism

As far as the human history dates back, the Jewish community has always been faced with vicious anti-Semitic attacks from all over. However, it has always been able to overcome these situations thanks to its exemplary leaders. For instance in his regular Jewish Post articles, Adam Milstein gives an account of how this community achieved great victory due to leaders such as Mordechai Anielewicz who led Israel in the war against the Nazis during the second world war, Colonel Mickey who left his country just to go help the Israelites in the same war and a few others who successfully led Israel out of murky waters thanks to their top-notch leadership abilities.

It is thanks to this that the renowned Israeli-American Philanthropist and real estate investor is optimistic that Israel has a bright future in America. Even though the anti-Semitic attitude towards the Jews seems to be on the rise again after years of successfully combating it, Adam Milstein still maintains his stand and believes that things will be better. He goes on to add that as he carries out his philanthropic responsibilities, he comes across myriads of young people with the potential of becoming tomorrow’s Jewish leaders who will help the community face what lies ahead.

According to him, the new generation of leaders is equipped with skills to handle whichever challenges come their way such as the recent campaigns known as boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) which aim at driving a wedge between Israel and the Jewish community in diaspora. However, he does not fail to acknowledge that this will come with a lot of hurdles such as becoming subject to ridicule, hatred and other vices due to the decisions they will have to make as leaders but is still certain that they will help change the negative perception by igniting the positive light for the Jewish community in America.

Who is Adam Milstein?

Milstein is an Israeli-American businessman known for championing the rights of the Jewish community in America. He is a strong and influential voice for this community and was even among the world’s 50 most influential Jews. He sits on the board of various pro-Israel bodies such as the Hasbara Fellowship, Jewish Funders Network, and many others.

in a bid to help young Jewish students and professionals connect with their ancestry home, Adam Milstein and his wife Gina established the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation which organizes various activities and programs to achieve its objectives. For instance, the foundation once held a Jewish meme challenge which attracted thousands of Jews and brought together creative minds from all parts of the world. Besides being an activist, Adam has a successful real estate career and works at Hager Pacific as the managing partner. During his free time, Adam writes on various matters affecting this community and posts his articles on the Jewish post.

Celebrity Doctor David B. Samadi

Perseverance is one of the most respected traits that anyone can have. Described as steady persistence in a course of action or purpose, having persevered something is definitely an attractive quality to have. Worth mentioning, what makes this quality special is the fact that it involves having steady persistence but, in spite of challenges or obstacles put in the way of disrupting that course of action.

Why is this important to understand? This is an important quality to understand because we see it in one of the most important individuals around, Doctor David B. Samadi. Even above his many career accomplishments, surely David B. Samadi would put his level of perseverance at the top of his list of accolades. As a young man, David B. Samadi had to flee his home country because of the Iranian revolution. Now, this is obviously a persevering action but, the fact that he has become as recognized and as successful as he is despite challenges speaks volumes about his personality. Because of this trait, it really is no surprise to see how much he has accomplished as a professional. In many ways, his thriving success is almost a given result of his actions. Nonetheless, David B. Samadi has shown time after time why he is a significant part of not just his field but, this word. With that said, here is more on the ways he has managed to become successful as a urologist.

David B. Samadi & Urology

With everything that has been mentioned already, David B. Samadi still found a way to become a successful urologist. The fact that he has made a name for himself in one of the most challenging fields in the world, this must seem like children play in terms of the level of difficulty for him. Considering what he has overcome, being a prominent urologist is not that high on his list of accomplishments. Regardless, David B. Samadi took pride in his skills as a brilliant urologist. As a matter of fact, he was once the highest paid doctor in the country with an estimated salary of over $7 million for the year 2012. Of course, this shoes that many people respected and trusted his abilities as a professional. Apart from his achievements as a medical professional, his skills also landed him more prestigious roles in the health industry. Furthermore, one thing is for sure, David B. Samadi is great at what he does.

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Glen Wakeman Mentors CEO’s with LaunchPad Toolkit

Glen Wakeman is CEO and Co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, but he began at the University of Scranton where he earned his undergraduate degree in economics and finance. Several years later Mr. Wakeman went to the University of Chicago for his MBA. Then spent 20 years working for GE capital, eventually leading up to CEO of GE Money Latin America. During his work with GE and the travels that job entailed Glen Wakeman started to wonder why so many businesses failed in the early stages.

During his research in early-stage business practices Mr. Wakeman discovered that the majority of these businesses had no structure to support their ideas, and thus no viable plan for success (Entrepreneur).

In 2015 Glen Wakeman Co-founded Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad Holdings is a software Service Company that offers tools needed for early growth and capital development. This software helps with risk management, leadership development, human capital, implantation and governance. With the help of Launchpad Holdings many businesses in the early stages have a better understanding and chance at making their Vision a success.

As well as being Co-founder of LaunchPad Glen Wakeman is also a big mentor to up-and-coming CEOs and start-up businesses. He posts three-step tips and advice on blog sites educating on running a successful company. One piece of advice he gives most often is to stay in contact with everyone. Acquaintances and friends can mean the difference between a successful business and a failed business. He suggest using social media such as Facebook or Twitter to help maintain these contacts.

Mr. Wakeman has also expressed an interest in using machines to solve business problems. He has stated that machine learning may be able to facilitate decision-making and increase quality, but he does have concerns about privacy and hopes that philosophy and politics can work together to preserve Humanity while at the same time keeping up with technological advances.


David McDonald Impeccable leadership At OSI Group

David McDonald enrolled in Lowa State University where he pursued a degree course leading to Bachelors of Science in Animal Science. After graduating in 1987, he joined OSI group a global food processing company which he has now served for over 30 years. His hard work, determination and will to succeed has enabled David to earn himself a high rank, making him the president of OSI Group.

David McDonald is also privileged to be among the company’s board of directors as well as the director of OSI international foods. The exemplary leadership of McDonald has enabled the company gain a lot of successes. This is because he maintains a very good relationship with his employees hence providing the best service in food industry. During his incumbency, McDonald OSI group was able to partner with OSI China and supplied over 100 tons of assorted food products during the Beijing 2008 Olympics games. Some of the food products they supplied include chicken, beef, eggs, pork, and onions dehydrated. These services that were provided by the partnership of the OSI groups were exemplary, being highly appreciated by members across the board and no complaints were received by the company.

Being the president, McDonald has taken the responsibility of helping OSI group improve their sustainability. He does this by quickly adapting to the profoundly changing world an action that has assisted in developing the company’s sustainability. Adapting to these rapid changes assures a better future for company. During his interview, McDonald mentioned that tracking the consumer trends is of importance when determining how animals are being raised, the origin of the products, simple labeling and local focusing just to mention a few.

McDonald also mentioned that to be able to satisfy the needs of the consumers, OSI Group has to tailor their services by creating solutions that meet their preferences. To fully satisfy consumers, Local management has been developed by McDonald and his team enabling interaction with the people around those areas, and so they know about the local cultures and what those people like thus being able to come up with local solutions. A year ago, OSI group acquired Baho foods which is a manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks. Baho foods being a Dutch manufacturer and so it being acquired by OSI Group was an advantage for the group as it would now gain a strong presence in Europe.

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Dr. Johanan Rand: specialist in anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Johanan Rand is the head and founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey. He specializes in integrated medicine and also anti-aging treatments that transcend the typical traditional approaches that are used by regular medics. Dr. Rand is a trained practitioner who studied at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Rand practices peer-review medicine which means that his treatment procedures are based on research work that has been published and approved. He is a kind person and is always sensitive and compassionate when it comes to his patient’s wellbeing. The 50-year-old doctor who also doubles as a fitness expert has become an outstanding role model to his patients.

Dr. Rand is an accomplished author of self-motivational books such as “it’s not too late to live past 100”. He runs an initiative that is all-inclusive combining attributes of supplements, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, and fitness. He compiles an involving plan that involves a complete physical examination. He has a dedicated group of physicians who provide health and wellness services to his vast clientele. He advises his patients on coping with age-related difficulties. He also provides education to the patients who have decided on becoming pro-active contributors to their program. Every single aspect of Dr. Johanan Rand’s rigorous program is custom tailored to suit each patient’s particular needs. The design embodies protocols that are considered of the highest standard in the field to maximize patients’ outcome and development.

The center ensures that the patient’s outcomes go through specified evaluations and the also make sure that caregivers stay on top of the latest development in medicine. Dr. Rand advocates for regenerative medicine which uses an integrated approach for his clients, therefore, optimizing the benefits of therapy which enhances the patient’s quality of life. The Healthy Aging Medical Center offers a vast array of services which include: regenerative tissue treatment, weight-loss programs, and anti-aging medicine. These treatments are aimed at improving the quality of life of the patient. The center used a combination of dieting, exercise and hormone therapy which according to research is very powerful and can be beneficial on its own.


The Growth And Expansion Of OSI Industries

Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany launched a family meat company based in Illinois in 1909. He named it Otto and Sons. Soon after, the company expanded its operations to trading wholesale meat and opened a branch in Chicago. When the McDonald’s launched their brand, Otto and Sons were their suppliers of meat. The business kept expanding year after year and by the year 1973, they opened a West Chicago meat plant and installed liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels for preservations as well as patty machines and branched out to selling to other clients other than its previous solo clients McDonalds’s.

The company began supplying to supermarkets and established restaurants. In 1975, Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries and signed a deal to become an exclusive supplier to the McDonald’s brand. As the brand grew, so did OSI Industries. By the year 2011, OSI was ranked 136 by Forbes on its list of largest private entity companies in America earning revenue of 3 billion every year.

Currently, the OSI Industries have expanded their operations beyond America to countries like China Shanghai and most recently Spain. The company has grown from simply supplying meat to general food processing, supplying value-added protein goods, branding and providing all other kinds of food services. Their products include vegetable products, beef and pork products, raw and processed poultry products and wheat products like bread and pizzas just to mention a few.

OSI Industries owns several manufacturing facilities in different parts of the globe and employs close to twenty thousand employees of different nationalities. Sheldon Living, the current Chief Executive Officer and owner of OSI is fully dedicated to expanding the brand more and has recently foreseen the acquisition of food companies like Flagship Europe, Baho and Tyson Food as part of their development project.

OSI recently received the British Award for safety and health management and an additional award for an environmental award. The 2016 Forbes recognized the growth of OSI and ranked it 58th on its list of largest private companies with annual revenue of 6.1 billion dollars.

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