IC Systems Continues To Make an Impact

IC Systems was founded in 1938 by the joint effort of Ruth and Jack Erickson. IC Systems has seen three generations of the Erickson family and their ownership. For several decades, IC System has been the lead of innovation in the accounts receivable recovery industry. In 1968, IC systems were the first collection agency in the U.S. to introduce computers in the work field. The company provides collections for consumer and general accounts from novice to seasoned stages of the revenue management cycle. Today, they remain on top by following the latest regulatory and compliance standards. IC Systems utilize state-of-the-art collections to maintain their status as the most secure collection agency around the globe (https://www.nhms.org/content/ic-system).

There are many agencies who are not licensed everywhere and should not be able to collect on consumers who leave the state where service was provided; several companies may put your business at risk by attempting to collect accounts knowing they are not licensed. To enhance the compliance effort, IC Systems maintain a Director of Internal Audit to assist in necessary audits. Every quarter, IC Systems is honored with a Core Values Award that recognizes individuals who best showcase one or more of the companies’ values.

IC System’s collection auditing details their process by starting with an assessment and then validating all required policies that exist for the company, the policies are clearly described, and the staff has been trained to professional and efficiently address audits. The Audit Committee for the company consists of a Chairman, President & CEO, CFO, Chief Compliance Officer, and Director of Audit. The compliance process for IC Systems maintains a robust Compliance Risk Management that includes extensive auditing.

IC Systems has gained over millions of clients which include beyond several hundreds of small entrepreneurial businesses who are a part of the professional associations endorsing the company and its services today. Many of these companies associated with IC Systems are a part of the Fortune 500 companies’ start-up. The company has made its legacy with advanced technology, emphasized encrypted data, and the ability to have Intelligent Collections that manages to upgrade client performance.

Media Mogul Ryan Seacrest

You’ve likely seen or heard Ryan Seacrest on tv or on the radio in passing without knowing just how interesting his story is. He makes holding multiple jobs all over various media outlets effortless and there’s a reason why he is considered one of the hardest working men in showbusiness. Other than TV hosting, he is also responsible for producing so many tv shows that it is likely you’ve viewed his work without even knowing it.

Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1974 on Christmas Eve. He showed a proclivity for media from childhood, playing with a microphone and putting on shows around the house. At just 16, Seacrest began his career in radio after securing an internship at an Atlanta radio station. By chance, he was put on the air after the regularly scheduled DJ called out sick; he earned the overnight shift after his performance. While majoring in Journalism at the University of Georgia, Seacrest continued to work at the radio station.

Before graduating, Seacrest left the university to move to Hollywood and pursue a career in broadcasting. Upon arriving, he secured a variety of hosting gigs on such shows as Radical Outdoor Challenge, Gladiators 2000, Wild Animal Games, Click, NBC Saturday Night Movie, and many others. It was his being an American Idol host that made him a household name, a position he began in 2002 and holds to this day.

While Seacrest built a media empire, he was also creating the nonprofit organization Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is dedicated to improving children’s healthcare. It currently has nine children’s healthcare centers located in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Dallas, Boston, and Colorado. To raise awareness, Selena Gomez was named Ambassador to the Foundation and was promoted at the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park. Connect with @ryanseacrest on Facebook and Instagram today.

Jason Hope’s, Fight Against Aging

Scottsdale, AZ Philanthropist Jason Hope, believes in Preventive Medicine in the treatment of diseases. He brings awareness to stopping a disease before it occurs. Today, much of mainstream medicine deals with treating the disease after it occurs. Jason Hope believes so strongly in Preventive Treatments that he generously gifted $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, which stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence” Foundation. Jason Hope’s gift has helped the SEN Foundation build its ground breaking laboratory at Cambridge. A non-profit organization building awareness in finding cures for degenerative diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer’s Disease, and numerous Cardiovascular diseases that are precursors to these types of ailments.

Born in Tempe, Arizona and graduating from Arizona State University, Jason Hope decided to start his career off by majoring in Business and Finance. Gaining world-wide celebrity status as a successful Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Investor. Jason Hope is a man with a bigger vision for the future of Medicine. Incorporating his innovative ideas, scientific research, and Rejuvenation technology in his fight against aging.

Jason Hope, well-known entrepreneur has also stayed true to his roots in his hometown state of Arizona; where he spends considerable amounts of time on business ventures, projects, and his own scientific research efforts.

With new and different innovative ideas such as Jason Hope’s has, someday man can expect to live well over a hundred years old without any disease or ailments. And Foundations like SENS is just the place to start. Diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer’s will be a thing of the past. Jason Hope is creating a world of Hope in the New World. By supporting regenerative medicine and scientific research we are equipping the world with a better quality of life and a new outlook on health and healthy lifestyles. How wonderful life would be, living to be a century old without disease.

For further information about Jason Hope you can check out his social media connections.



Nick Vertucci Teaches the Path to Success

Nick Vertucci founded the Nick Vertucci Academy, or NV Real Estate, and is now very successful but it wasn’t always great for him. He has had his fair share of struggles and obstacles to overcome, but he is all the more stronger because of his challenges and has found great success in what he does these days.

Vertucci lost his father early on in life, and his business career ended with the dot com crash in 2000. He acquired a substantial amount of debt in order to stay afloat, and he lost his home, but he persevered and went on to form the NV Real Estate Academy that is helping others to reach their financial goals to gain success in their lives.

NV Real Estate came to be when he was a student of Real Estate training. He attended a three day RE class and gained some newfound knowledge that propelled him into a new direction. He ended up creating a system of investing and was buying foreclosures, and managing them in the system that he developed. He ended up with his own radio show on investing and gained true financial freedom when he launched NVREA in 2014.

Nick Vertucci has become known for being creative and for the mantra of, ” See it, believe it, map it, and execute it.” He believes that you have to envision your goals and then to believe that you can achieve your goals. You also have to have a plan and then just do it. You can’t be afraid of failure, and you need to take a few risks in order to get what you want.

Nick Vertucci does not let anything or anyone stand in the way of success and he teaches his students to do the same. He also believes in self-talk and that becoming financially set does not come without its challenges. NVREA is all about change and success through getting out of your comfort zone. Great things will happen if you are willing to let go of your complacent areas and put yourself out there on the path of success.

Upwork: To-Do List Tips

Upwork is a website that allows freelancers to come into contact with businesses that need their services. They were first formed in 2015 after the reorganization of their parent company Elance. Today they serve 12 million individuals who operate as freelancers on their platform and service around $1 billion worth of business transactions annually. As a result, they are one of the largest freelance platforms in the industry and are considered an industry leader. They also maintain a blog where they regularly post tips on how to maintain your productivity.

One of the most important items that any individual can take advantage of to enhance their levels of productivity is a to-do list. Almost anyone could tell you that using a to-do list will aenhance your productivity, but very few individuals can tell you specifically how to use one. If you create a to-do list we cannot, it is providing you with no clear benefit.

Upwork has provided several tips that will help you to make use of your to-do list better. Whenever you are creating a to-do list, it is important for you to organize the tasks on the list in order of the level of focus they will require. Some tasks are relatively simple and do not require a significant amount of energy to complete. Other tasks may require an immense amount of concentration and should be done whenever you are at your peak energy levels of the day. By organizing your tasks in this manner, you will be able to delegate better the order in which they should be completed.

You can also take advantage of a method of delegation referred to as batch processing. Batch processing is where similar tasks are grouped together. If you do this with your to-do list, you will be able to complete tasks that are similar in nature sequentially and better use your time.

Whatever you have a large task on your to-do list it can help if you break the large task down into smaller tasks. In this way, you will be able to motivate yourself better as you can mark off each subtask as you go.


Businessman Vijay Eswaran Humbly Reflects on his Phenomenal Success

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia in 1960. He is the owner of the Qi Group of Companies, a multinational company located in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries in several other countries. Vijay is the Chairman of the entire operation. The company began as a small startup, and is the creation of entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran. His group of companies span over 30 countries. The Qi Group maintains offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and more. His successful business is inspiring to other entrepreneurs.

Vijay is also a motivational speaker. He has appeared at numerous business forums, and his words are a source of inspiration to his listeners. With his inner strength and knowledge, he enables people to allow themselves to expand and grow to their full potential. The company is constantly exploring new opportunities in order to expand its products and services. Its business interests include hospitality, real estate, financial services, and a host of others. In addition to his skills as a speaker, Vijay has also written a series of books. His writings disclose his philosophy of success, not only in his business ventures, but also within his life. He writes of what drives him, and what moves him to greater things in his own life. His first work was published in 2005, and it is entitled”In the Sphere of Silence.”

In this book, Vijay Eswaran relays his private, innermost thought processes from which he gathers strength. Vijay has trained himself to reflect inwardly. It is a practice he does every day. He enjoys an hour of silence each day to keep himself focused and at his best to face the day. He motivates himself with his own personal inner strength. His second book was published three years later, in 2008.”In the Thinking Zone”is a thoughtfully written book of inspiration. In it, Vijay writes of inspirational thoughts and mindsets that help bring happiness and contentment into daily life. His books tell of his own philosophy of life, and how he has trained himself for success. All of his books are written to help and inspire and teach others.

Why O2pur’s E-Cigs Will Continue To Be In Demand

E-cigs is becoming more popular due to its numerous benefits. Vaping enthusiasts will forever be grateful to O2Pur that has made it more accessible. O2Pur did not only make e-cigs more accessible, the company also made it even more affordable. Here are some of the reasons more people are shifts to e-cigs.

  •  It saves money
  •  It offers variety of flavors
  •  It offers convenience (it requires no ashtray and lighter)
  •  People and organizations are more open to it
  •  It lacks smoky odor that lingers in clothes
  •  It doesn’t pose fire risks
  •  It saves money

One of the reasons O2Pur will continue to make e-cigs available is its cost saving benefit. It saves cost in two ways. First off, it is generally cheaper than traditional cigarettes and while the price of cigarettes keeps going up gradually, the prices of e-cigs are generally becoming friendlier. Secondly, e-cigs can be used multiple times. Another thumbs-up to O2Pur, the company that manufactures it and sells it at reasonable prices.

It offers a wide variety of flavors

Even though there are several types of cigarettes, they all have tobacco flavor but e-cigs offer a wide variety of flavor. There are several e-juice flavors. You can keep changing the flavors each time you vape. Variety is said to be the spice of life and the rule is applicable to vaping too. Variety adds to its fun.

E-cigs offer convenience

With a traditional cigarette, you will always need a lighter and cigarettes don’t come with lighters. You also need an ashtray anytime you want to smoke. Vaping does not require a lighter and neither does it require any ashtray. It comes in a kit and all you need are in the kit. So, vaping offers convenience.

It is free from smoky odor

Smoking gives off certain smoky odor that sticks to your clothes and lingers in it for long. Vaping does not have that since it does not give off real smoke.

E-cigs don’t pose any fire risk


You can’t smoke anywhere that there is fuel because smoking involves real fire. The lighter brings out naked fire and even cigarettes also glow with embers. If the ash accidentally drops on your clothes, it can burn it. Vaping does not pose such danger. This is why many organizations prohibit smoking but allow vaping.

Stream Energy Sets the Pace in Supporting Communities

The world of business has become so intense that few companies ever stop to think about the welfare of people from whom they derive their existence. The situation is made worse when there is a disaster and then the high flying multinationals look on as communities suffer under the wrath of Mother Nature, even when there is something they can do. It looks like someone has been studying the trend and decided to do something about it. That someone is Stream Energy.

Stream Cares Foundation

The company has recently drawn the attention of many well-wishers and humans of good intention and mercy from across the globe. The recent disaster that struck several parts of the US but affected Texas the most was a turning point for many people. People lost their lives, property and more. There was hardly a helping hand nearby; as residents of Houston looked on in desperation as the floods and the wind wreaked havoc. Stream energy is one of the few organizations that intervened in the lives of the survivors of Hurricane Harvey and gave back some hope to communities. While Stream Energy specializes in the sale of direct energy as a private company business, it has set up a robust philanthropic wing that has been in operation for a significant period now. Stream Energy has pursued philanthropic activities for over a dozen years. Through its efforts to put up shelters for the residents of Houston Texas, Stream Energy has earned lots of respect from its clients and the residents of the area in general. The company has provided a lot of support to government efforts to mitigate the effects of the disaster.

The Strategy

Stream Energy has devised a plan to give back to the community even more than it has done in the past. While corporate social responsibility is a common fashion to many organizations, Stream engages philanthropic pursuits for strategic business reasons and what it says is a way to grow trust among its clients. The management says that charity work is important, that it provides the much-needed buffer during hard economic times in the company.



Jordan Lindsey’s Success in Algo Trading

Jordan Lindsey was raised in New York. During his childhood years he enthusiastically got involved with sports, and tennis and hockey were his favorites. And as he was growing up he became business minded where he was often on the lookout to start a new venture as well as the chance to improve things around him. Jordan revealed that he always knew he was going to invent something that would innovate the world even at a young age.

San Francisco captivated him on his first visit, and he was really enthralled with what went on the said city such as how individuals there encouraged and shared ideas with each other in order to develop something. And after a few months of returning to New York, he moved to San Francisco.

Currently, Jordan Lindsey is an experienced algo trader and founder of services that are involved in the financial and technology industries. He is by profession, a designer of systems architecture and a self-taught programmer. He had his education from the Mount |Angel Seminary and the St. Joseph College.

Jordan Lindsey likewise lived overseas in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina. He got to know his wife while he was engaged in voluntary work in the Medjugorje Village of Bosnia where she was also a volunteer. And to make a long story short, they fell in love with each other and got married that produced three gorgeous daughters.

In his interview, Jordan disclosed that making his algo trading system a tangible reality began when he had to complete the coding of an algorithm in 2Q17 by utilizing the MQL4 language through the platform of the Metatrader 4.

His programs effect trades within the Forex markets, one of the biggest markets around the globe. More than five trillion dollars daily is exchanged between banks, corporations, central banks, and countries. His algorithm has performed excellently; however, he had another good thing in his mind that he could develop into something great. And this is where he realized that by developing his own cryptocurrency and utilizing the algorithm to make a demand for this specific token, the effect would cause the token to have a valuation increase.



Great Suggestions on Retirement Plans from David Giertz

David Giertz is a renowned business person in Dublin, Ohio. He has served in the finance sector for over 30 years. He serves at the Nationwide Financials Sales and Distribution Organization as the president. He found the organization with revenue of about $11 billion, but he has grown it to about $17.8 billion today. This kind of tremendous growth shows the kind of a leader David is. He holds a bachelor degree in science from Millikin University. David later went for his master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Miami University. He started his career when he was quite young working at Citicorp Investment as the adviser of financial services for about 10 years.

David Giertz is a man who doesn’t settle for anything less than what he has in mind. His level of dedication and hard work is admired by many people, and it has earned him several promotions throughout his career. It is hard work that saw him rise to the position of a Vice President and Area Director of sales. Through his commitment and zeal for business, he enabled the company he was working for to realize a 48 percent revenue growth in seven states. He has been a broker for the National Investment Services Corporation upon registering with FINRA. David is also the man behind the strategic distribution of the retirement plans in the private sector. Other strategic schemes he leads involve IMOs, life insurance, warehouses, and annuities.

On retirement plans, David is a great financial planner. He says that people need to save when they are still young to ensure quality life and healthcare after retirement. Despite the huge living expenses one has, they should also have a backup for funds. He says that people don’t save because they have had enough, but because they have a future plan they want to accomplish. He notes that the best way to avoid a financial crisis is coming up with a savings plan. He has been the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the Finance and Budget committee chairman at the Millikin University. He is a great book reader especially the books on entrepreneurship such as The First 99 Days by Michael Watkins.