Architect And Award Winner- Robert Ivy

It is the first time that an architect has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement.Ivy was recently recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, the Polk Awards are giving to any Mississippi native who is connected arts and arts patrons who have a unique work by being creative, having good performance, and have extraordinary services. Robert enters the category of other individuals who have been earlier recognized including Walter Anderson who is an artist, actor Morgan Freeman, and writer Eudora Welty. Mr. Ivy is recognized for his work in making architecture available to the general public a statement that was echoed by Nancy LaForge who is the President of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

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Nancy LaForge continued to say that Ivy has now taken his rightful place by receiving the Noel Polk Awards. Since 2011 Robert Ivy has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of AIA. Mr. Robert is not a leader, a Noel Polk honoree but he is also a publisher and an editor. The President of AIA Carl Elefante also recognized Robert Ivy as a worthy ambassador of their professionalism. Carl further said that the honor came as a personal and professional crowning achievement for Robert as a native from Mississippi. Elefante went ahead to congratulate Ivy for the award and achievements. Robert Ivy has accomplished a lot for AIA since he joined in 2011. He is responsible for their expansion and their high membership level since their establishment. Robert Ivy was recognized during the event which was held on June 2nd.

After High school, Robert joined Tulane University and graduated with a Masters of Architects, and he also holds a Bachelors of Arts in English from Sewanee; the University of the South. Ever since the beginning of his career Ivy has held different top positions including being the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the Vice President and the Editor Director. The Noel Polk Awards is not the only honor that Ivy has received he has also been recognized by the architectural Records for his publishing. The CEO of AIA continues to make a positive impact in the construction and architectural industries.