Ara Chackerian Is A Very Successful Businessman, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is a very successful businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is well known for the work he that has done in the medical industry. Chackerian also had an influence in other areas such as environmental issues and youth development. Ara is adamant that people are largely a result of the circumstances they are given in life. He believes that he was raised in a fortunate situation with parents who supported his dreams and aspirations. Therefore, Ara takes full advantage of the opportunities that are in front of him. He believes that action creates the ideas that fuels his goals from day today. You can visit his page.



Ara Chackerian has used his fortune to create opportunities for others. His recent project in Nicaragua is a perfect example of opening doors for people so that they can change their circumstances. He is currently running a teak farm in Nicaragua. The farm is a display on how to conduct business operations without damaging the environment. Chackerian is most proud of the fact that his operation is providing hundreds of good paying jobs in the country of Nicaragua.


Ara Chackerian has been a pioneer in the healthcare area for years. Ara specializes in discovering new technology and making it available to physicians and patients alike. Chackerian was advised to take a look into the psychiatric care field. He discovered the process called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It was a productive way to deal with people dealing with depression who were not responding to traditional medications. Chackerian also discovered that this process, known as TMS, was not widely available to many people who needed it. Check out



Further research lead Ara to learn that there were many complications in between the patients who needed TMS care and the physicians who were qualified to perform the procedures. The main obstacle was limited Healthcare coverage policies that restricted doctors from performing at a certain level. Clinics also struggled to staff their facilities with qualified technicians to run the equipment necessary to perform certain procedures.


Ara Chackerian was inspired to form TMS Health Solutions. The organization has gone on to build several clinics in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. These facilities are uniquely designed to provide patients with a serene feeling on the inside. Chackerian prides himself on the fact that the design does not make people feel like they are in a doctor’s office. Ara and his team felt that this was important because they were dealing with patients who have psychological issues. Each facility is 3000 square feet and has consult and TMS treatment rooms.



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