Ant-Man is Big on Excitement

All has been a bit quiet on the Ant-Man front. Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, and San Andreas have all captured a lot of entertainment headlines. Terminator: Genisys is opening in two weeks so a lot of promotional buzz has been directed towards the reboot. To remind audiences that Ant-Man is still waiting in the wings, Marvel has released some new television spots. As with the other promotional videos, these spots really do make you feel hyped about the release of the film.

“That’s so cool, bro!”

Those are words spoken by one character to Ant-Man and those simple words really do sum up the film. Ant-Man is definitely one cool, humorous, and adventurous film. The two television spots for the film show off the hero, his antagonists, his friends, and a lot of action. Most importantly, the previews really do help establish Ant-Man as a unique and different hero. Never does the character come off as B-grade or third-rate.

One of the big fears about presenting a character like Ant-Man is audiences might see him and the film as being a “weak” in comparison to Iron Man or Captain America. That’s what a few at Amen Clinics are thinking. By taking the film into a different direction and focusing on humor and the uniqueness of the character, the feature stands out. Hopefully, audiences will turn out in large numbers. Considering how exciting and fun the trailers and TV spots are, the film is surely going to be a hit.

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