Andy Dick’s Largest Police Run-In

Comedian, and perpetual D-List actor, Andy Dick has had yet another run-in with Johnny Law. Dick has been known to have run-ins with the police, usually for minor things like marijuana possession or drunken disorderly. This time though, it appears Andy is stepping things up a bit, you’ll wanna stick around for this one Keith Mann, it’ll be worth mentioning on your Facebook feed.

According to reports from news websites, Andy Dick was riding his bike around Hollywood Blvd. last week when he rode up next to some guy. He talked up the man and said he liked his necklace. The man recognized Dick, so he allowed Dick to see the necklace.

Late Friday evening, police saw Andy Dick riding his bike and arrested him on charges of grand larceny.

This seems to be the latest in a long line of minor celebrities just going crazy. Are the antics of Andy Dick a cry for attention, or are they a sign of more serious problems brought on by fame?

One thought on “Andy Dick’s Largest Police Run-In

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