All about Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, and American businessman was born in 1949 by Jewish parents in American Capital City and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland where he took his alimentary education. Later, Bruce joined St. Louis College in Washington University where he was awarded with a Degree in Law at America University Law School. While attending Law classes at night, he acquired work at Washington star where he developed his journalism career. Among his duties at Wishington star, he was a news reporter for observer publishing’s energy information newsletter.
Bruce along his friend Ed Peskowitz in 1977 started their communication company known as United Communication Group (UCG). Their main focus under UCG was energy publication based on research and advice on developing the oil industry. They launched another newsletter inside UCG called Traded Tech Target and initiated a database hub for oil information containing Oil Price Information Service. The specialization area of UCG is energy, technology, news analysis for healthcare data manning and mortgage.
The dynamic participant of many philanthropic organizations partaken by Levenson includes a leader of I have a dream Foundation, Community Foundation of Washing, D.C and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He co-established and funded U.S Holocaust Museum where teachers and students interact and brainstorm, train them in tour guides within Museum. He never forgot his backyard by “giving back to community” inventiveness where he made a substantial donation to the Seed Foundation and seed of peace to support abundant Jewish causes.
Levenson and Ed Peskowitz partner Atlanta Hawks LLC, a collection of several businessmen owning the Atlanta Hawks, proficient basketball crew and Phillips Arena. He managed the team and member of the NBA Board of Governors. Due to powers of hire and fire vested in him by the team, Levenson appointed Danny Ferry as Hawks overall manager and president of basketball operation.

Bruce is happily married to Karen and blessed with three boys namely, Scott Daniel Levenson, Brain Keith Levenson, Michael Leverson. He and his family love basketball and he is holds zero tolerance to racism. This depicts when he said “I have said repeatedly that the NBA should have zero tolerance to racism and I believe that to be true”. His worth is an approximately $5000 million.
Bruce hobbies are; playing basketball and golf, venture traveling, cracking hard Maryland shell scabs, camping, and spending times with his wife Karen and grandchildren. He has no doubt made an impact in the sport through his tireless efforts to bring in new ideas.

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