Alfonso Ribeiro May Have To Quit Dancing With The Stars

Alfonso Ribeiro may be quitting “Dancing with the Stars.” The beloved “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star will be sadly missed. It appears that Ribeiro has messed his back up in one of the routines. He is currently under medical evaluation to see if he is strong enough to even continue in the competition.

The irony is if he has to quit this show, it will be a real shame, as he was the one who was most expected to win the coveted trophy. He has continuously wowed guest with his renditions of “the Carlton” dance from his Fresh Prince days. His dance that particular evening was one of the few that received a perfect score from the judges this season. The judges seem to love him and fans just can’t get enough.

Many have been impressed, including Flavio Maluf. In my opinion, he is one of the only reasons to watch this season. He continually delivers a consistent routine that is effortless and flawless. He has his fan base from the show backing him, and then there is his attractive charm and charisma. Then the fact that the boy can dance makes him a shew in for the big win.

Perhaps this shows that they really push themselves too hard for a win that doesn’t give anything but bragging rights.

One thought on “Alfonso Ribeiro May Have To Quit Dancing With The Stars

  1. He is expecting his second child at the age of 43. He is not the first to have to quit the competition due to an injury. Even though Ribeiro isn’t a slim man, he sure can move around the dance floor. This is due to the fact that can get all they ever wanted if they insist on getting things done properly for them too.

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