Alastair Borthwick Was An Accomplished Writer And Military Veteran From Scotland

Alastair made quite the name for himself throughout his life for his accomplishments in writing as well as his service to his country. At the age of 90, Alastair Borthwick passed on in 2003, but his contributions will always be remembered, especially throughout the Scottish Community. Alastair was born in Rutherglen and as a child he moved around quite a bit throughout Rutherglen, Troon, and Glasgow, attending different schools and moving into new houses. Although Alastair was still in school at the time, he took up a position at the local newspaper company while he was still a teenager. He stayed at stayed at Glasgow Herald for years and worked his way up to an editor for the company.

Over the years, Alastair became a traveler not just in his journey for a career, but to admire the beauty of his homeland. Alastair has become perhaps one of the greatest writers for Scotland when it comes to highlighting the countries geography and natural beauty. Although he had left the Glasgow Herald, Alastair was able to be apart of there book, Always A Little Further. Many of the contributions that Alastair had made through his writing and his time at the company was put into this book, boosting his popularity around the country by quite a bit.

By this time, Alastair had taken to the radio and was working as a correspondent. He had traveled a couple of times for different positions, though he ended up returning home due to the location being intolerable to him. Alastair’s work and writing were put on hold for a while when the second world war broke out.

Alastair Borthwick became an Intelligence Officer for the 5th Battalion, a position that he maintained for the duration of the war. Following the events of the second world war, Alastair had a lot more material to write about, especially given his hiatus. One of his best sellers of all time was his book the Seaforth Highlanders, which was the name of his battalion during the war.