Aaliyah’s Biopic Reviews Don’t Worry Wendy

If you were alive this weekend and have any access to social media at all chances are you got your share of the hilarity that followed Lifetime’s premiere of their Aaliyah Biopic. For most of the summer Wendy Williams has used every opportunity to update us all on the amazing movie and get the world ready to see Aaliyah finally portrayed in her own life story.

Well Saturday night the internet was once again broken for the second time in one week when it exploded with negative feedback regarding the movie’s bad casting, acting and almost unbearable musical performances. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with memes depicting unrealistic casting decisions for the next Lifetime biopic, one even included Joe Camel cast as Jay-z for his summer of 2015 biopic “99 Problems”.

Wendy didn’t disappoint she addressed the movie’s less than favorable reviews by simply informing her haters that not only did she not care about their opinion of the film but also that like it or not if you watched the movie you helped it become the second highest rated TV movie of the year coming in second to Flowers in The Attic, as per Skout.

One thought on “Aaliyah’s Biopic Reviews Don’t Worry Wendy

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