A Mackie Research Capital Analyst Says Nobilis Health Is a Company to Watch in Healthcare Management and Development

Russell Stanley, Mackie Research Capital analyst, has said that he has found a healthcare development company that is likely to buck the healthcare trend. The global markets are slowing down, and as the economy heads to the last quarter of 2015, it would see companies in the healthcare development and management reposition themselves to take on the challenge.

And, one company, the Nobilis Health Corp, is seen to have made greater strides to succeed. In a report that was comprehensively prepared and presented by Mackie Research Capital, it identified to top picks of the fourth quarter for 2015. Nobilis Health is a company that owns and operates surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers across different parts of the United States.

The company has a long-standing organic growth and is a strong player when it comes to things like merger and acquisitions. It can identify and seek opportunities within the healthcare market and be able to invest wisely.

Russell Stanley pointed out that growth of Nobilis Health is demonstrated by its September 2014 acquiring of its first hospital for about $7.5 million paid in cash. On September 23, Nobilis said that it had taken over about 60 percent the stake and management control involving the former Freedom Pain Hospital, which is situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In this deal, Nobilis paid about $3.2 million. There have been micro-trends that have supported the Nobilis growth story, for example, this company is likely to meet demand in its service delivery to the aging population in the nation increases, and the prevalence of obesity continues to show an upward trend.

While Nobilis may be an undervalued player, soon it may be the healthcare development and management entity to watch. Nobilis Health operates in the market as a publicly traded company. It has been listed on two stock exchanges, which are NYSE and TSX. It is an acclaimed full-service entity that contributes to the healthcare service provision mainly dealing with issues of developing and managing different kinds of businesses in this sector.

It is a company that boasts of a collective leadership and an immense experience in the market. It now manages and develops over 100 surgery centers in its business portfolio. It works relentlessly to provide excellent medical care while also striving hard to meet patient satisfaction.

In today’s healthcare market, patients are very keen and observant. They are seeking to have the best healthcare services that match with the cost they have to pay. It means that for healthcare facilities to meet these demands, they need to reposition themselves in the market properly.

Nobilis has the expertise and experience to help the healthcare facilities to meet to the needs of their customers. It not only does management of the institutions and businesses but also helps in marketing and pulling in patients to join the network. It has also been involved in issues regarding finances where it helps in mergers as well as acquisitions. It has taken part in acquiring healthcare services like hospitals and surgery centers.

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