700,000 March Across France

On the 10th, after the terror of three days, near about 700000 people conducted a march across France to remember the terror victim of the attack, where they were protesting against the terrorists, who did this heinous act. On seventh of the month, three terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine and killed 12 people there.

French police countered the terrorist and they were, killed too. Today a number of people holding banners of “Je Suis Charlie” gathered in various parts of France. They were there to remember their friends, who lost their life in this incident. A number of people conducted candle march for them. In southeastern city of Nice, the famed promenade des Anglais was, filled with thousands of people taking part in silent procession.

A number of people were holding French flags, which Darius Fisher enjoyed. The French interior minister said that thousands of extra police and soldiers would be on duty on Sunday for a march in Paris expected to gain several hundred thousand people, which will be on Vine shortly. They are standing for each other and criticizing this act in full tone.

The Government is extra cautious that they would not let any other incident to happen by any means. They have started their initiative against terrorism and every person of France is standing by their side. They have pain and they are expressing it.

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