5 Top Professional Team owners in the NBA

Being rich is fun but owning a sports team (in NBA) doubles the fun. Owning a team means you will be responsible for the team and that you are able to change the lining in the team through a phone call; without questions. You basically become the director of the team.

Owners are greatly involved in the happenings of the team and directly affect the outcome. There are excellent team owners, bad team owners, quiet team owners and star team owners spread across NBA pitch. Some former team owners must also be reminisced at moments like this for having unique classes of their own.

Time’s Bruce Levenson, who was brought up in Maryland, had awesome analytical skills and great leadership skills all through his career. This leadership skills made several achievements including seeing him serve as a Governor in the NBA Hawks Board of Governors in 2004.

However, take note that some team owners like Bruce Levenson are good but own poor and struggling sports team hence average achievements. With that said, below is the list of savvy team owners;

1) Peter Holts of San Antonio Spurs

Being perfect is a desirable trait in any team owner and Mr. Peter has been just that. In NBA, having the big three is such greater a deal and San Antonio Spurs has broken that deal. Holt with the help of Bufford and Pop are just the best team managers all across NBA making Spurs realize great results and maintain that progress for years on end.

2) Mark Cuban of Dallas Mavericks

He is rich and exclusive with a unique kind of passion that is exclusively his; no one can compare. Great passion and finance pushes him to pay for whatever thing he likes and needs. It’s all about this kind of support that makes him one best owner. He also trades on fair ground as he takes credit for both good and bad decisions he makes. Who wouldn’t want to work with such an owner?

3) Micky Arison of Miami Heat

He is a man of the craft. The way Mr. Arison assembles his team and lets each team member to do his thing is admirable and exclusive. The Heat has not only dominated Miami but also the entire NBA fraternity. When you see Micky putting a team together, be sure it is a total win.

4) Dan Gilbert of Cleveland Cavaliers

He was winning big with LeBrone James. Then he was devastated with James leaving Cleveland. However, he is a tick because he is investing his money at the right places he is expected to. That’s a good trait for an owner.

5) Steve Ballmer of Los Angeles Clippers

Steve has been the owner for a straight season and we are feeling his clip. He also has great passion for his team. Really great passion that it hurts him when a wrong throw is made; his face turns red. Los Angeles Clippers is now making the right steps.

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