Dr. Mark McKenna, the CEO of OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor who is licensed to practice surgery and medicine. The Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners has certified him to practice medicine and surgery. After pursuing his medical degree in the Tulane University Medical School, he began practicing. As he was working as a doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna founded a boutique real estate development and investment company. At the time, the company’s’ brand name was McKenna Venture Investments. He dedicated his time into the franchise until he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In this state, Dr. McKenna formed another company that was known as Health company.

However, in 2014, he sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc. While still in Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna became the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OVME Cosmetics. The firm deals with tech and patient facilities that are related to optional and aesthetic healthcare services. Dr. Mark McKenna is trying to deliver a service that is patient-oriented and that will equip surgery with the latest technology. The company offers a wide array of boutique services for both men and women. OVME optimizes technology by making it available to the patients. They get to schedule and check their appointments using online platforms.

The company aims at establishing a calm environment that any patient can feel comfortable. At the firm, treatments are done on an outpatient basis. At OVME, everything is of high quality and very luxurious. In the recent past, one has to book for treatment and has to go to Atlanta and check in as per the specifications of the appointment. However, in the future, the medical facility is opting for better ways of solving the issue. With the development of technology, OVME is brandishing a new application that is set to change the way elective healthcare will develop. It is the company’s hope that patients will soon be able to book an appointment as well as choose a treatment using the app.


Victoria Doramus: The Journey, The Mission, The Recovery Expert

Life can develop into a great journey, but throughout the day-to-day circumstances, it’s hard to say what a person will endure. With environments that heavily dominate certain cultures and age groups, it’s hard to avoid temptation. In some instances, the pressure of a reckless life comes directly from friends and family. During the process, there is usually nowhere to get help. With the influence of street drugs and a prescription drug, Adderall, it is a recovery mission that Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer, has conquered (2018). The voyage wasn’t easy for her to overcome. In fact, Doramus moved to several locations during this process. Later on, Victoria decided to move back to her hometown of New York City. Doramus had intentions to recover at some point, but in reality, the move brought her unfortunate luck.

Victoria began to battle homelessness along with a drug addiction that sent her into a psychotic state of mind. The only solution Victoria Doramus found was to “patch up” her addiction by visiting several doctors in the state of New York. Doramus felt that it was necessary to hide the pain of watching her dying mother battle cancer, and at the same time, the disease of addiction was getting worse in Victoria’s life.

The stress that Victoria went through caused her addiction to increase to several episodes of illicit drug use. Instead of walking in full sobriety, Victoria went back and forth with the addiction. To prove to others that she could become sober as well as proving this to herself, Victoria Doramus managed to get help with a flight ticket that was good for one-way traveling to Austin, Texas. Doramus entered a well-known facility there. Under the care of doctors in Texas, Victoria Doramus managed to learn responsibility again. After the program from the facility was complete, Victoria was allowed to get a job and stay in a sober living house. From there, Victoria noticed that her confidence level went up, especially during the times when there was no family and friends around to make the situation better.

In the year of 2017, Doramus (@victoriadoramus) felt the determination and drive reinforce the passion for life that once lived in her heart. As of today, Victoria Doramus is looking for funding to start a sober living house for other victims of this ill-omened disease. While the search is underway, Victoria has a memoir of the drug addiction stories that she beat. Currently, Victoria is an addiction and recovery expert waiting to help others overcome the odds of drug abuse.

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Hussain Sajwani – DAMAC Owner‘s Dubai Adventures

Additionally, the DAMAC proprietor has played a critical role in expanding the real estate sector from the Middle East.

His organization is seen as the biggest private property developer in the Middle East. Through time, Hussain Sajwani has affirmed distinct charitable initiatives The proprietor of DAMAC Properties thinks in enhancing the standards of living across the globe through charitable contributions and growth of luxury properties. DAMAC has been the foundation of growth and security to the Hussain Sajwani household since there are several relatives that hold key management positions in the corporation.

DAMAC specializes in the many lavish real-estate improvements in Dubai.

To mention that Hussain Sajwani, the property tycoon, and philanthropist, has global presence could be a significant understatement. He functions as the creator and proprietor of this DAMAC Properties, that’s a business involved in the property development market.

Aside from company, Hussain Sajwani and Trump household are fantastic buddies and spend quality time together. Hussain and Donald are excited about establishing Trump International class in Dubai. Throughout the new year eve, President Trump realized Hussain participation in the world market through his firm Damac.

Damac Company was spent heavily in property jobs in the leisure, residential and commercial properties in the United Arab Emirates. He’s a property improvement billionaire, and Forbes magazine recorded him one of top ten powerful business people in the world. Before he began investing in million-dollar hotels through DAMAC Properties and handling assets by his private equity company, DICO Investments,” Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, was included in the petroleum business and a food enterprise.

The Hussain Sajwani household has gotten to understand President Trump and his family over the years back before Trump chose to run for president. Sajwani told them that he is excited about what is occurring with all the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, a multi-billion dollar hotel that opened only last year. See their projects on this YouTube channel.

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MB2 Dental Solutions Shakes Hand With Jackson Hildebrand

MB2 Dental is a dental solution that performs dental practices. It is a It is a development firm that holds expertise in the field of providing dental solutions. The dental solution company provides information and acknowledges the clients with proper guidance necessary to attain correct dental services. They provide their service to almost more than 70 independent and self-operated offices in the area of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alaska, Oklahoma and Tennessee. It offers premium dental solutions and a number of dental services in order to streamline the management and maintain a very high quality service that is provided to the patients.

MB” Dental has recently made an announcement of merging with Jackson Hildebrand. He will soon be appointed to the position of the company’s Chief Financial Officer CFO for the purpose of observing and managing the financial department and management of financial issues of the dental solution and all of its 91 other practices and also its high quality and expensive dentist-owner channel. The firm is very excited for merging with Jackson. The Dental firm is a very unique place where the doctors in the dentist profession can invest and financially help each other. To MB2 Dental Solutions Jackson was the perfect candidate for the post of chief financial officer as he holds adequate knowledge and skill required for the post and is an expert in delivering financial advisory and management. They believe that he will be the perfect one to elevate the success of the company and lead it toward achieving its goal in the long term.

The firm needed someone who had great knowledge regarding private equity and finance. Jackson is expected to bring along with him his expertise and leadership to the firm and make it more feasible for eh doctors to make the investments in medical and dental practices that are established in the firms’ network. The firm has great organisational culture and scope for making incredible growth. It has potential to become one of the leading dental practice houses with the correct amount of guidance and leadership. It is also local private equity based firm and is safely backed.The dental support tends to serve the community as a partner to all the affiliate doctors and the one who practices there. They provide the dentists with adequate help to practice their profession without any obstacle and hassle and also allow them to put more focus in providing high quality treatment to the patients.

Architect And Award Winner- Robert Ivy

It is the first time that an architect has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement.Ivy was recently recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, the Polk Awards are giving to any Mississippi native who is connected arts and arts patrons who have a unique work by being creative, having good performance, and have extraordinary services. Robert enters the category of other individuals who have been earlier recognized including Walter Anderson who is an artist, actor Morgan Freeman, and writer Eudora Welty. Mr. Ivy is recognized for his work in making architecture available to the general public a statement that was echoed by Nancy LaForge who is the President of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

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Nancy LaForge continued to say that Ivy has now taken his rightful place by receiving the Noel Polk Awards. Since 2011 Robert Ivy has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of AIA. Mr. Robert is not a leader, a Noel Polk honoree but he is also a publisher and an editor. The President of AIA Carl Elefante also recognized Robert Ivy as a worthy ambassador of their professionalism. Carl further said that the honor came as a personal and professional crowning achievement for Robert as a native from Mississippi. Elefante went ahead to congratulate Ivy for the award and achievements. Robert Ivy has accomplished a lot for AIA since he joined in 2011. He is responsible for their expansion and their high membership level since their establishment. Robert Ivy was recognized during the event which was held on June 2nd.

After High school, Robert joined Tulane University and graduated with a Masters of Architects, and he also holds a Bachelors of Arts in English from Sewanee; the University of the South. Ever since the beginning of his career Ivy has held different top positions including being the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the Vice President and the Editor Director. The Noel Polk Awards is not the only honor that Ivy has received he has also been recognized by the architectural Records for his publishing. The CEO of AIA continues to make a positive impact in the construction and architectural industries.

Source: https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/5547-architectural-record-editor-in-chief-robert-ivy-to-head-aia

David McDonald’s Contribution To The OSI Group

David McDonald Also known by the name of Dave McDonald is the former president of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is based in the United States in Chicago, Illinois. He is not just the president but is also the active Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group LLC. For several years MR McDonald has served in the OSI Group and managed numerous projects as he held the position of the project manager of the industry. He is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable businessman and serves directorship in many companies. He serves as a chairperson of North American Meat Institute . Since the year 2008 he has been operating as the independent director of Marfrig Global Foods. The company has acquired OSI Group’s operations in Brazil and Europe segment.

David McDonald has contributed a lot of his expertise and resources into the development of OSI Group ever since he joined the company. He has helped the company tremendously to improve their operations and sustainability over time. He had initially joined the group in the year 1987 and is also a member of the company’s board of directors. He has a graduation degree in Animal Science which he acquired from the Iowa State University. David McDonald believes in working along the trend and adapting those changes as time goes by in order to improve sustainability. He believes that adaptation makes the company for stronger to compete and hold existence in the changing marketplace and also says that this adaptation has to be quick.

David McDonald and his entire team let the local management to manage and handle everything at the facility where they work because the local management keeps the most knowledge about the cultures and what the consumers really like. They figure out solutions to allow the company come up with produce local consumers like and derive out local solutions for the problems if any arise. David McDonald has worked extremely hard over the years to bring fame and success to the OSI Group and it can be said by the growth of the company that it will raise to higher success in the coming future.

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Getting to Know More About Fortress Investment Group as a Private Equity firm

The foundation of Fortress Investment Group was done in 1998 by the likes of Randal Nardone who is still the principal, Wes Eden, and Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. The three professional entrepreneurs brought with them very effective financial experience, which they got from their former positions while working with several successful companies including Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock Financial Management, and UBS.

The performance of Fortress Investment since its establishment

Since the establishment of Fortress Investment Group as a private equity institution, the firm has always been holding its reputation and has been a trendsetter to many financial institutions. This was summited by its public offering in 2007 when it was ranked to be the only large-scale private financial firm to be publicised by the New York Stock Exchange. By now, the company is diversified globally and is one of the biggest investment firms. It directs more than 43 billion dollar fortes for more than 1,750 private investors, hedge funds, and permanent capital vehicles. The institution headquarters in New York has over 900 employees.

The firm’s professional specialty

Fortress Investment Group has always specialized in different areas, which have led to its tremendous growth. Most of the core areas are in the asset-based investments, the capital corporates acquisitions, just to mention a few. The company’s investment coverage include real estate investments, and for many years been helping investors in the management, ownership, pricing, and financing of assets. The firm is in a stable position in line with the management system. It has for long been able to come up with crucial implementations to assist investors when it comes to bringing values to the investment sector. The institution also has much expertise when it comes to management of merger and acquisitions.


Fortress Investment Group has about 1,000 employees who have professional skills and expertise. The competent workers create good relationships with stakeholders of different board memberships, corporates, and professionals from management areas. The company’s three principals have worked for the firm and have ensured it remains successful in its operations.

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Jason Gottlieb Remains In Place With Visium Asset Management

Visium Asset Management announced in June of 2016 that it would soon be significantly scaling back the scope of its operations. The changes were being made in response to what many believed to be the mismanagement of bonds within the company. Jacob Gottlieb, the founder, and CIO of Visium has emerged as the only executive of note to remain in a position of power within the company.

Visium is a hedge fund focused on the healthcare industry launched by Gottlieb in 2005. The company began with 20 investment partners and the expertise Jason Gottlieb had previously acquired in both healthcare and finance made him perfect for the task at hand. Gottlieb graduated with a degree in medicine from New York University and after completing his requirements as an intern decided instead to opt for a career on Wall Street.

Jason Gottlieb began his career on Wall Street in 1988 as a buy-side analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where he worked for two years focusing his efforts on global healthcare before moving on to Merlin Biomed Group where he was a healthcare portfolio manager.

The next rung on the career ladder for Jason Gottlieb was a position with Balyasny Asset Management where he caught the attention of many due to his ability to build productive teams and a growing reputation for making moves to facilitate large portfolio gains. While an employee at BAM, Gottlieb earned the distinction as a top earner for the firm.

Jason Gottlieb soon grew restless in his position with BAM due to the desire he possessed to manage larger amounts of money. The team Gottlieb assembled at BAM joined him in launching Visium and the company was started with $300 million in seed money.

Visium grew rapidly and Gottlieb realized another great success with the company. At its height, the company was in charge of managing a hedge fund worth more than $8 billion and employed 170 employees.

The alleged asset mismanagement and resulting fallout did not result in any wrongdoing being proven against Jason Gottlieb and he continues to work with Visium Asset Management as the company’s CIO.


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Ryan Seacrest: Flourishing Entrepreneur and Producer

Ryan Seacrest is an award-winning creative entrepreneur, television host and producer. He is host to local radio and cable television programming. Ryan Seacrest is currently hosting American Idol, an American singing competition television series. American Idol aired on Fox for several years in 2002 to 2016. On March 11, 2018 the 16th season of American Idol made its debut on ABC with Ryan Seacrest as host.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest is another American syndicated radio program with Ryan Seacrest as host. It is is No.1 nationally syndicated in Los Angeles for HeartMedia’ 102.7. It is also one of the top 40 stations on KIIS-FM.

As host to television programming and radio, Ryan Seacrest also appears on a morning television talk show. This show has had several hosts since 1983. Today, host Ryan Seacrest, is host along with Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He also manages the Ryan Seacrest Productions and produces various diverse tv hits like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Shades of blue and more.

As an entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest has also improve the needs of men through a men’s skincare line named Polished by Dr. Lancer. It adds to mens skincare a better living and healthy skin. His passion for improving the lives of men gets better, with not only having a mens skincare but also providing a fashion line collection called the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is only sold at Macys. The Ryan Seacrest clothes line offers unique and classic looks for men.

Having not only a flourishing enterprise and lifestyle, his passion in entrepreneurial have impacted nationwide and thus becoming chairman of the charity called Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). He has provided 10 broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals, where children explore radio, television, media and more. This provides an effective healing process for children and their families. Here’s Ryan’s favorite email reply according to businessinsider.com.

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Clayton Hutson Uses His Expertise to Help Artists

For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping artists is giving them a chance to experience more than they ever did before. He wants people to continue getting positive opportunities and he knows this is something that will keep getting better no matter what issues they have with their musical careers, he can keep giving people positive opportunities. By focusing on how he can help others, he gives them a chance to do things the right way. Even though Clayton Hutson knew what he wanted to do, he had to take a lot of time to continue helping people with different issues. He knew they had a chance to use him or use other producers.


When Clayton Hutson goes up against other people, he believes he can keep giving artists the options they need. He doesn’t worry about the issue of having competition and other producers who feel like they can do better than him. Clayton Hutson knows he is the best and he has an excellent service to provide artists no matter what. If he can continue helping people with the issues they face, he’ll keep giving them the experiences they need to succeed no matter what issues they have or what they’re doing to make these things happen.


Clayton Hutson continues feeling good about the decisions he made. He felt like he could try things that would allow him to serve people more than he ever did before. He considers himself an artist who knows what to do and knows how to help people with the issues they face. Even though there are other producers and people who know what they want and know how to help the artists, Clayton Hutson keeps giving them the chance to make their music the best it can be.


Thanks to Clayton Hutson, artists can make the best music possible. He knows how to use their music to keep giving people the right things and the right opportunities no matter what. Even when he was just starting out, he could keep giving others the right opportunities and keep making things easier for them when he was working on his own. While people kept seeing him as something that would change, he knew he had a lot of experience to offer to others.


There were times when Clayton Hutson felt like he was a great producer. He pushed forward and made things easier on those who were in the industry. The artists saw Clayton Hutson as someone who knew just what to do in different situations. They also saw him as a great producer who could try things on his own.

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