Michel Terpins, a Successful Rally Driver in Brazil

Michel Terpins is a famous safari rally driver who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over time, he has earned titles for impeccable his performance in rallying competitions. Michel Terpins inherited his desires for sports from his father, Jack Terpins, who was a basketball player. He began his career with motorcycle races before teaming up with his older brother Rodrigo Terpins in car rallies in 2015. The love for sports has left him with numerous podiums and excellent titles in the Brazilian sports world.

The Terpins brothers participated in the recently concluded Sertoes Rally 22nd edition aboard their powerful car, T-Rex. They finished 7th in the Prototype T1 category citing their average performance to unexpected and harsh terrains. Nonetheless, they took the challenge in the Sertoes Rally 24th edition, which they finished 5th in the overall competition. At the 24th edition of Sertoes Rally, the duo was more experienced and cautious and emerged victorious in several stages of the race. Having honed their skills, the Terpins hopes to prove their prowess in the upcoming edition of Sertoes Rally. It creates an opportunity for them to experience the harsh and most extensive off-road terrain in Sertoes Rally championship. They will cover a distance of approximately 3,000km.

The talented rally driver began his career with motorcycle in 2002. Over time, he upgraded to car rallies where he met his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins. He currently races aboard his T-Rex, which is a hi-tech modern model machine. His powerful car uses a V8 engine, which makes it fit and favorable for harsh conditions. It also has additional components that are rarely compromised by rough courses. Even though his car emits carbon dioxide, Michel Terpins has embarked on an initiative to plant trees to preserve the Atlantic environment and install a carbon-free seal to his car to reduce environmental pollution. Michel and Rodrigo Terpins have worked as a team to reach their goals in car rallies. Their powerful machine, T-Rex, was invented by MEM Motorsport and has helped them to win numerous competition including the Mitsubishi cup and the Brazilian off-road rally championships.

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg Tips on How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

The Techstyle Fashion Group is a firm that deals with a variety of beauty and clothing among other accessories. The firm was founded by Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg. By the time the two were forming the company, they had little information on fashion related topics. All they had was the desire to satisfy the needs and requests of their customers.

Mr. Goldenberg is among the few businesspeople who joined the business world at his younger age. He was only fifteen years when he entered into the corporate world. Since then, he has been in various management positions across the nation. He has started firms and seen them through to success levels. The first company that Mr. Goldenberg owned was the Gameras Alliance. During this time of his life, he specialized in offering marketing advice for the different gaming sites. In the year 1996, Adam decided to sell Gameras Alliance to the Intermix Company. By the age of 20 years, Adam Goldenberg had already joined the circus of senior management team.

Don Ressler almost followed the same path to success. The Intermix Companies bought off Ressler’s website known as the fitnessheaven.com. By the time he was selling his site, Don had accumulated enough resources capable of starting and running some companies. The availability of funds to invest convinced Ressler to join the fashion business.

It is during their time at Intermix that Don and Adam became best of friends. As their friendship grew, they decided to invest in a common cause. They started a business. Their idea was to develop an e-commerce store as their brand. They decided to brainstorm and see how they benefit from the steadily growing online shopping venture. In their mind they thought, why not start a store for comfortable and trendy clothes?

With the right information, the two decided to invest in a firm known as JustFab. They would then use the company to offer personalized athletic products for their clients every month. The two went ahead to analyze the market and make a decision on the best possible way to match and mix various fashion trends. With this, the two investors were in a position to attract a customer base that later gained confidence in the choice of products that the two were selling. In the year 2016, the JustFab Company was rebranded to Techstyle. Since then, the firm has turned to become one of the largest online stores on land.

Find out more about Adam Goldenberg: http://norcal.news/news/23749-la-entrepreneurs-don-ressler-and-adam-goldenberg-are-reinventing-how-we-think-about

Fabletics -Designing Style, Beauty and Quality Into Activewear For Women

In 2010, taking note of their surroundings, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg noticed the consistent growth in sportswear for women. It wasn’t the usual fad-in fad-out routine in fashion, and it appeared that athletic wear for women was here to stay, and the growth of this market had not even tapped the surface in sales.

Research and due diligence proved to be a vision for the future in women’s activewear. Don and Adam co-founded Fabletics with a simplistic view of their mission.

That mission was to create activewear that was:

  • FASHIONABLE in style
  • FUNCTIONAL and sturdy
  • Most importantly – AFFORDABLE

Focusing on what women enjoyed wearing performing their athletic endeavors, and always wanting to look their best in apparel that was flattering to their body shape, yet allowed them to move freely and still provide flexibility and comfort. Don and Adam designed a revolutionary style of activewear that achieved their goals. Through consumer tests and focus group settings Don and Adam found the greatest problem that faced this market was the cost and market pricing. Something had to be done to lower the cost if they wanted their design and product to succeed in today’s economy.

The existing so-called activewear that existed was expensive, garish in appearance, and lost its shape after just a few wears and washings. The inadequacies of current Activewear had to change, and their product had to be produced with a most excellent quality of fabric, more forgiving to wear and cost less than being sold on the market at that time.

In other words, Fabletics Activewear had to be exactly as they thought:

Connecting with Kate Hudson provided everything they needed:

  • FASHIONABLE – not garish
  • FUNCTIONAL – designed for activewear and not inactivewear.
  • AFFORDABLE – not expensive and unaffordable
  • Branding
  • Audience attention
  • Connection to women
  • Terrific spokeswoman
  • A co-founder for Fabletics

Kate Hudson provided all that and with her charisma and people skills, this put the bow on the Fabletics package and success has arrived.

This year, in 2017, with seven years behind them in planning and promoting and manufacturing, Fabletics has decided to expand their market, aiming at the plus-sized women in their fashionable clothes with an incentive to lose weight, get in shape become healthier. The program with Fabletics continues to make their selections affordable and attractive.

Agora Financial Provides A New Way Of Investing For The Future

The secrets used by the richest and most impressive investors generally have access to the latest and most impressive research about what to expect in the coming years on the financial markets. Agora Financial is hoping to bring a similar level of impressive research to its subscribers who can explore over 20 publications containing the best research and advice from those who have been working in their chosen fields of expertise for the majority of their careers; predicting the future for investors is completed by individual experts working with Agora Financial including a billionaire investor and experienced geologist.

Agora Financial has set out to explore the world to ensure subscribers to the service have the best possible advice and tips for the future as possible. The company spends an impressive $1 million each year in travel expenses as a highly trained team of writers explore the trends emerging for the future of the markets. Success is easy to see when looking at the work of Agora Financial after the company revealed a series of financial problems facing the world long before the mainstream media followed suit; among the problems identified by Agora Financial was the prediction of the 2008 real estate and financial crisis exposed by the subscription service as far back as 2004.

Agora Financial became an independent entity in 2004 but the brand has a history dating back to 1979 when the first finance based newsletters were produced by the forerunner of the company. Initially offering a free newsletter, “The Daily Reckoning” which is still available as an email still circulating in the 21st-century.

Many financial experts and journalists have passed through the doors of Agora Financial which also owns a collection of books once owned by legendary economist Dr. Kurt Richebacker. In 2017, Agora Financial is operated under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief, Addison Wiggin.

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EOS Shimmer Lip Balm For The Fashionistas

EOS has a shimmer lip balm on the market not only keeps your lips healthy and smooth, but it also provides your lips with a nice shimmery sheer of color that will make you stand out. EOS three shimmer lip balms are sheer pink, pearl, and coral, order now here on amazon.de. Sheer pink provides users with a light pink shimmer over their lips like a lip gloss would provide except with the great health benefits of lip balm. Pearl provides users with a light shimmer coat of lip balm over their natural lip shade to make their natural lip color pop more than normal. Coral shimmer lip balm is a coral shaded shimmer lip balm that gives people a hint of coral over their lips.

EOS lip balm is great for those who want a well working product for a decent price but what most customers don’t realize is that EOS also makes lotions and shave cream to not only keep your lips visibly soft but to keep your skin visibly smooth and soft also, see also dm.de. EOS shave cream comes in 4 different scents and can be used when shaving both wet or dry so that you as a customer can get super soft skin without having to worry about being nicked by your razor or having razor burn after shaving. EOS hand and body lotion provides people with protection against getting dry skin by providing users with a smooth skin feeling. Hand lotions include cucumber, berry blossom, vanilla orchid, and fresh flowers. Whereas body lotions include berry blossom, delicate petals, and extra dry vanilla orchid. Extra dry vanilla orchid provides customers who have a really hard time combatting dry skin with a strong protection against it. Vanilla orchid hand lotion is an intensive hand lotion that provides more moisture and protection against dry skin than other EOS hand lotions.


White Shark Media Helping You Increase Your Business Revenue

It is crucial these days to dominate your niche online as well to ensure that your business continues to get new customers and gain popularity. The competition in just about every industry has been on a record high, and it continues to get more difficult with time. It is where the need to implement effective marketing strategies comes into the picture.

Online marketing is used by just about every company these days to get new customers and explore the new operational territory. The world of online marketing has helped many small to medium-sized businesses to reach out to further audience, which was something that wasn’t possible earlier. The best part is that online marketing doesn’t cost a fortune and gets you a better result than the traditional forms of marketing, which are being used by companies for ages.

I have had landscaping business for many years and felt that the firm has reached stagnancy in the last few years. To gain a bit of mileage and integrate a few modern marketing techniques, I consulted with the White Shark Media, and they provided me with the roadmap on what to do to take the business to another level with the help of online marketing.

Their experience and reputation in the field of online marketing helped me trust them, and I am glad I did. It is because, within a couple of months of them implementing online marketing strategies for my business, I started to get new clients, and my business revenue jumped generously. I made what I paid to White Shark Media in the first order itself. I am thankful for their constant support and guidance with online marketing.

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Anthony Petrello- Growing Nabors Industries a step at a time

Anthony Petrello is a business executive who has made a name in the drilling industry for the contributions that he has made. He has made the drilling industry in the United States and the world at large to be very successful. He has revolutionized the manner in which businesses used to do work. The drilling industry is now driven by the latest technology. He has set the bar for drilling services in the world so high, that other players in the industry cannot afford to give mediocre services. Anthony Petrello is the man behind the biggest drilling company called Nabors Industries. This is a company that has been in drilling and miming for a very long time now. It was established in 1962. Back then it was known as Anglo Energy. To be the biggest company on the globe, it has taken years of hard work by a team that is dedicated to making the company great. At the top of the list of the people who want to make it the best company in the world is Anthony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello has been with Nabors for more than two decades now. He has seen the company grow a step at a time. His contribution since he joined the company has been tremendous. He first joined the company when it was not the best. His contribution has been key to the level of achievements that we see today. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the chief operating officer of the company. He has managed to change the fortunes of the company by ensuring that the efforts of the workers are aligned with the vision of the management.

Anthony Petrello is a problem solver. This is what makes him the best. He knows how to analyze problems that the company is facing and come up with solutions. He does not believe in being part of the problem. He has helped Nabors Industrious especially during economic hard times that make the drilling and mining industry hard to navigate by the player. All through his tenure as the CEO he has ensured that the company has never dropped its profitability listing.

Anthony Petrello came into the company with dream of ensuring that the company would be great. His efforts in the firm are manifested by the rewards that he has received from the company. In 2014, they made him the best-paid CEO in the world. He earned $68 million in one year. This was a record payment for the firm.

Learn More: www.nabors.com/about-nabors/leadership-team

Market America Convention Brings Others Together for One Cause

It has been twenty-five years since the beginning of an international sensation known as Market America. Each year, those involved with Market America Inc gather to share their own personal experiences as well as learning new techniques to be successful within the company.

During the summer of 2017, the Greensboro, North Carolina region greeted thousands of people who attend the Market America Convention. Those attending the convention are greeted by a magical time. The center of it all, a specific stage that is used just for this event is the center of attention of all who come to the convention. Excitement and intimacy are at the forefront of the convention.

The goal of the convention is to allow those involved in business to hear stories from others who are in the business. They are shown views from other users and the emphasize of the convention is to allow people to see that the business is truly about family and how as a family, they each struggle along the way.

The Market America UnFranchise is aimed at helping others to generate income to create the economy of the future. The beginning is looked at for the convention and people are taught how to use the same methods that were first used many years ago to be successful today.

Market America has been changing how things in the world work by showcasing shoppers and how they shop. During the summer of 2018, the Market America Convention will enter the Miami, Florida region. In the twenty-five years, the most incredible experience that convention users have been greeted by was the convention in Greensboro. What started out as a small group of users has turned into an sensation that others have turned into an income for their families. Visit More Click Here

Those attending the convention are met by others who are making in difference in their lives and using the business to build a future they only dreamed of once before.

Securus Technologies- Impacting the Correction World with High-Tech Devices and Technology

Securus Technologies over the years has played a significant role in criminal and civil justice technology solutions that offer corrections, public safety, investigations and other monitoring services. Due to their diligent work that is effect customers have given their comments on how the technology has helped to solve and prevent other crimes from occurring that includes the inmates planned crimes.


According to samples of comments through email communications and formal letters from various jail and prison officials nationally the technology has made it easy to prevent and solve crimes making the environment a safer and better place to live.


The Chief Executive Officer Mr. Richard A. Smith Securus Technology has come up with the weekly development of services and products that main aim is to give the corrections officials and other law enforcement an easier time to prevent and solve crimes. Securus Technology states that building safety is their dominant DNA and the numerous positive feedbacks from selected customers who are using their technology are an honor to the company.


According to a client who uses LBS software, the software with other resources has enabled them to recover illegal assets, cash, and drugs in the shortest time and efficiently. Other happy client’s states that during an investigation the covert alert features enabled them to arrest a suspect and they have enough evidence for prosecution.


Securus Technologies Inc boasts as one of the leading leaders in providing all gadgets and devices that help in running of correction facilities. They serve more than 26,000 institutions in America, Canada, Mexico and Districts of Columbia. Also, more than 1 million inmates use their communications and parolee tracking devices.


Securus technologies aim at making inmates, correction agencies and all people surrounding them a safer way of communication without infringing on their rights.


Drew Madden: Executive and Entrepreneur in the World Informational Technology

Drew Madden: Executive and Entrepreneur in the World of Informational Technology

Drew Madden is an executive and entrepreneur in the field of information technology. Informational technology is the utilization of computers to study, transmit, store, retrieve, and manipulate data for a variety of businesses. Drew Madden has been a pioneer and has boldly revolutionized how providers communicate with one another, how they communicate with their patients, and how they access health information. This results in a marked improvement in the quality of patient healthcare and the quality of life that patients are able to lead.

Drew Madden is the president and the co-owner of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., an informational technology company based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Nordic employs over 500 people, and is a fast growing company. Their annual revenue totals over $100 million. The company offers comprehensive consulting services focused on the implementation and use of the Epic information system. The Epic information system is a computer software product that is used by healthcare providers to access and store patient healthcare information.

Nordic has won KLAS awards for the last two years reflecting their commitment and dedication to client services in Information Technology industry. Every year, KLAS honors enterprises that have improved the industry and have made a difference for their clients with their outstanding quality of work. KLAS LLC, a healthcare Information Technology company provides the IT industry with objective, straight to the point research on software and related services utilized by healthcare providers around the world. In 2016, Nordic received the KLAS Top Performer award for Healthcare IT Advisory Services. In 2017, the company received the KLAS top performer award for Clinical Optimization and Revenue Cycle Optimization.

Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. believes that their continued success is due to their focus on the relationships that they establish with their clients. They state that they

“put relationships above everything, creating meaningful partnerships with clients.” These relationship drive them to achieve positive outcomes. The results they seek are customized to their clients needs.