Rodrigo Terpins: The Ultimate Brazilian Rally Driver for Sure

Rodrigo Terpins is definitely a force to be reckon. Inheriting the passion for sport and speed from a sports’ family, Rodrigo was born to be that ultimate and high achieving, Brazilian rally driver. Jack Terpins is his father who was a successful basketball player, the Maccabi Latin American Confederation’s president, and the Latin American Jewish Council’s president. Also, his brother, Michel Terpin, is a high achieving, famous rally driver, with a spectacular record of their own. They have been a duo in this sport for at least four years now.

Rodrigo’s Record

Rodrigo Terpins is a champion in rally driving. At the age of 44, he has finished five Sertoes Rally. Racing for the Tea Bull Sertoes Team, Rodrigo is teamed up with Michel. They drive the T-Rex that was design for them by MEM Motorsport. Also, The T1 prototype is a passion of Rodrigo in which he stated on occasion is one main reason his huge rally interest remains.

The duo recently competed successfully in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship. The distance for this edition was 2600km, reports As a result, they made third place in this race, and their overall ranking was eighth place out of thirty eight competitors.

He didn’t compete in the recent Cuesta off-road championship, but he vows to be in the next one. He is also hoping his brother will compete with him in the next Cuesta off-road championship. Nevertheless, he is still proud of his track record and career growth, and he is now working on balancing family and career.


Rodrigo is hands down the ultimate champion of rally driving. And teaming with his brother, they are definitely destined to win mostly all their competitions. He is so well-regarded in this sport that his name is now a household name. Follow Rodrigo on Facebook.

Julia Jackson and Wine GO Well Together

Since she was a young child, Julia Jackson, the offspring of Barbara Banks and Jess Jackson,, has always been associated with wine.

In her childhood, she was encircled by people that had wineries and created wine. One of her favorite recollections was her father taking her and her friends to a winery to harvest grapes. While they worked, he would teach them the worth of working hard. She thought her father made it clear what it took to achieve success and learn more about Julia Jackson.

To help prepare herself for success, she got a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College. She also got a summer certificate at Stanford Busnne School.

Her practical experience was going to France and making connections with winemakers with the help of a French-speaking friend. She went to Bordeaux and learned about all aspects of the French wine making process. She learned French language and culture as well and more information click here.

Today, she is an important element of the international sales team at Jackson Family Wines.

One of the wines that she has to sell is Champ de Rêves’ Pinot Noir. It is considered to be a deep, aromatic wine. The wine comes from the Jackson family’s association with winemaker Eric Johannsen.

She is very busy, but she has made time for herself to involve herself in a non-profit program. With the help of Cambria Wines, she runs a program called Seeds of Empowerment. The main goal of this program is to celebrate women leaders and charitable organizations. She wants to help create the women leaders of tomorrow .

David Giertz, the financial advisor focusing on a sustainable future for others

Life after retirement can be hard and according to David Giertz, it is important that people secure their lives for the time after retirement by using the appropriate plans. According to research, most people wait until they are about to retire in order to start planning for their retirement. This is considered a big failure as it is likely to end up in chaos.

David shares his thoughts and skills when he advises people that early retirement is not an easy sustainable project, it requires lots and lots of investments. When you fast forward time and do the math, no matter how much money you throw into your retirement account, you need an extra source of income. An extra income source that is reliable is the number one priority. David Giertz advises that making an investment that is calculated and well accounted for is a good retirement plan to consider. The type of investment that one makes should be smart. One should know where the investment should be made and how they will go about the investment in order to achieve maximum returns.

David says that an account in the brokerage industry is a good supplement for your retirement savings account. This is because with this account, you have an eye on bonds, currencies, and stocks and this enables the selling of stocks at good margins. The brokerage accounts are usually flexible in nature and deposits and withdrawals can be made limitlessly. A savings account for your health is also a beneficial investment as old age comes with a lot of health problems that can be expensive.

David Giertz has been in the finance industry for over 3 decades. He has been acknowledged as one of the renowned advisors in the United States when it comes financial advice. With his track records in the growth of businesses that have been seen in the companies he has worked for, he is a trusted leader with a vision. David has a WABC certificate that makes him a certified coach.

David studied at University of Miami and Millikin University where he achieved his MBA and Bachelor of Science respectively. He has worked in different positions for various companies such as Nationwide Investment Services Corporation and Bank Channel among others. He is currently the Nationwide Financial Distributors’ President. He is a broker who is registered with FINRA. This has given him a lot of opportunities to consult with various individuals and companies as well.

Read more about David Giertz:

The Texas Bankers Association & Its Influence On Regional Banking

Regional banking has come a long way over the years. As of today, regional banking is a direct challenge to national banking thanks to its wide array of services. NexBank Capital personifies what regional banking is today. This bank is located in Dallas, Texas, and it has laid the blueprint of success for all to follow. It specializes in commercial, investment and mortgage banking, but it provides many other valuable services such as:


  • Credit Services
  • Public Funds
  • Agency Services
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Treasury management
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • And many more

John Holt, CEO of the NexBank, has done great job in terms of leadership. This financial institution has skyrocketed in popularity as well as capital. As of June 2017, this bank was reported to having $6.4 billion in total assets. Business acquisitions have played a major role in such drastic changes as this bank has been able to expand beyond its perimeters. Middle-market companies, large corporations and real estate investors have all benefited from NexBanks valuable services.

CEO John Holt attended the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last year, and he represented NexBank very well. This conference is sponsored by the Texas Bankers Association, and it’s a great way to discuss all of the changes and challenges of regional banking as a whole. Holt represented as a panelist as he discussed topics that include organic branching, innovation and the opinions of what’s happening within the industry. Consultants, advisors and bank leaders all had a chance to share their thoughts and perspectives. The Texas Bankers Association put together another winner and with such success, this event will continue well into the future. All in all, NexBank Capital and John Holt is the perfect fit as this combination is drastically changing the status quo.

Vijay Eswaran: From Cab Driver To Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran completed higher education, including getting his Masters, in Universities throughout the UK and the US. While he was getting his higher education he was introduced to network marketing. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

He returned to Asia in the 90’s. He was working as a cab driver and had a side job of network marketing. He decided to make the pert time marketing job full time and became an entrepreneur.

He co-founded a company called QI Group of Companies. Not only is Vijay the co-founder of QI Group he is also the executive chairman. The company has been in business for 19 years. The company was co-founded in 1998.

It is an e-commerce based company that works with businesses that are diverse in fields such as: retail and direct sales, telecommunications, lifestyle , leisure. QI Group has regional offices in several countries such as: Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. There are also subsidiaries of QI group in 30 countries.

Vijay has a very impressive track record. He is known for working with top of the line companies in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada. He has established RYTHM Foundation which is involved with philanthropic activities around the world. Through RYTHM he has provided 1,2000 scholarships.

He is also involved in community development, arts and environmental conservation. In Malaysia he started the Vijayaratnam Foundation. This foundation works with charitable organizations on projects such as youth development, child mentoring and special education. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

QI group is a diverse entity. they cater to various businesses. Some of the businesses involve direct selling, education and financial services, to name a few. They focus on enabling people to work through solutions that empower them as entrepreneurs.

Vijay is also a motivational speaker and author. HE spoke at leading universities, wrote columns for the newspaper in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

He has also published 5 books. He received several awards. He got the Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy, The international leader in Global Business Strategies Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Unstoppable Dr. Akhail Reddy – Dental Care Crusader

Dr. Akhil Reddy is an accomplished dental practitioner and innovative entrepreneur. Currently residing in the great state of Texas, the state where he was born, Dr. Reddy always knew what he wanted to do. He was accepted at the respected University of the Pacific Accelerated Dental Program earning his B.S. degree. Later he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from above university and Arthur A. Degoni School of Dentistry based in San Francisco, CA. After receiving his Doctorate at the young age of 23, Dr. Reddy moved home to Texas to begin his career, opening a practice there. Today, Dr. Reddy is one of the prominent doctors at MB2 Dental.

It is evident that Dr. Reddy has compassion for people unable to afford or obtain dental care. He works tirelessly to increase the options for this sometimes forgotten dental patient group. This is the main premise behind his business that mentors and educates other dental care providers. Dr. Reddy is helping to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, has access to affordable, high-quality dental care. Dr. Reddy combines his extensive technological knowledge with his dental background to further the above cause, while striving to create higher dental standard of care practices.

This busy doctor finds time to enjoy his hobbies. He is very active, enjoys concerts and fine wine. Dr. Reddy likes to consider himself a bit of a wine connoisseur. He loves to scout out excellent wines on a budget. People can read his article in The French Tribune, detailing his budget-friendly wine recommendations. As a rule, Dr. Reddy advises wine lovers to consider French wines as they tend to have more flavor and wonderful notes of intriguing accents. When he is not busy with his many work ventures, Dr. Reddy spends time with his fiancee.

This enterprising dentist has written several books. He is also quite the fashion adviser. Check out his recent article in The Bro Talk. Here is a refreshing how-to article regarding proper dress to be worn underneath the standard practice white lab coat. He has examples with photos for a number of appropriate menswear ensembles. Guys can pick a dressy look, or opt for a casual vibe. It is definitely a unique twist on lab coat undergarments. This is clearly a service for those docs that come to the office looking like their clothing came from a drunk hobo’s collection. Dr. Reddy rocks.

Jason Hope Helps Other People with Technology Options

As a technology entrepreneur, Jason Hope knows what he can do to help people. He tries his best to show people what they can get from technology industry so they will be able to see different things. He also does what he can to help people out of the situations they are in because of the different situations that they are a part of. This is what has given Jason Hope the chance to experience more, and it has allowed him the chance to make his business better no matter what type of issues he faced in the past. It gave him everything that he needed to succeed and also showed him the right path for the technology that he was following. He took a lot of interest in this type of technology so he could do different things with different people.

Now that Jason Hope is confident about the technology that he has spent a lot of time studying, he hopes to do it with other people, too. He tries his best to show them what they are able to get from technology and he wants to always be sure that people know what they can do with the experiences they have. Since the IoT is huge trend right now, Jason Hope is going to take that and use his entrepreneurial skills to show others what it is all about. He just wants to be sure that it will be a lasting trend instead of a fad.

With the IoT, people can learn more about what they need to do to ensure they are connected on all levels. Jason Hope knows this, and he has come a long way from the point where he used to be at. He does his best to show others what they can do and how they can have a positive influence on their own. It gives him the chance to try new things and also shows him what he can do to make things better on his own. For Jason Hope to do all of this, he has to try his best to make the industry better.

As things have continued to improve with IoT, there are more chances for people to try different things. Jason Hope knew this and also knew he would have to make the changes that he needed in his own career. He remained dedicated for many years and has now started helping other people out with all of the issues they have had. He hopes that he will be able to show people what they can get and how their experiences will give them all of the things they need to be as successful as possible.

About Jason Hope:

A Look At The Man Behind The QI Group Of Companies

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. He founded QI Group in 1998 as a multilevel marketing company. The QI Group is involved in a number of different sectors of the economy including retail, education, financial services, direct selling, hospitality, and more recently education.

The company is based in Hong Kong and has offices in other Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand, and Dr. Eswaran’s native country of Malaysia. QI Groups services and products are additionally sold in 10 other Asian countries through subsidiaries.

Beyond his work with the QI Group, Dr. Vijay Eswaran is an author and is a sought out motivational speaker. He has spoken at conferences and business gatherings across the globe on a variety of different topics. He is also a philanthropist that supports a number of charities.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran built the QI Group of companies on direct marketing and sales over the internet. The company has a vast network of independent contractors that sell the companies products and services. This has worked out very well for both QI Group and the independent contractors have both done well with this model of selling.

The first product that he sold was commemorative coins for the then upcoming 2000 Olympics that were held in Sydney, Australia. Even though other companies had a head start on selling the coins, QI Group ended up in the top three in sales volume due to direct marketing and internet sales. Dr. Eswaran is now worth over $500 million.

As he deeply believes in giving back to the community, Dr. Eswaran has established a number of charities. The RYTHM Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the QI Group. This foundation supports disadvantaged children throughout Asia. In his native Malaysia, Dr. Vijay Eswaran established the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

This charity also supports children and has a focus on providing teenage girls with educational opportunities. The foundation also mentors children in order to help them reach their full potential.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies
Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Are Campaigning For Awareness Of Prostate Cancer

More men are affected by prostate cancer more than any other type. To increase public awareness the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumni Association. They are offering screenings and providing an education on prostate cancer. The program begins on September 1st and continues through October 15th. The program is intended for men age forty and above. All men who have met the eligibility requirements can receive a free screening at any of the 1,750 LabCorp locations in the United States. There are 2,000 free screenings available after which a special price of $25 is offered for six months after the sign-up date.

Out of every seven men one will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer within their life. According to the American Cancer Society, 161,360 men will receive this as a new diagnosis in 2017. Men at a high-risk should be screened when they reach the age of forty. Although African-American men are seventy percent more likely to be diagnosed, family history and race are also factors. The campaign is being called the Prostate Pep Talk and legendary coaches of the NFL are featured. Head coaches Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil, and Herm Edwards are making men aware of the risks of prostate cancer and encouraging screenings. Since September is the awareness month regarding prostate cancer the announcements will commence during this time.

The event begins with a press conference scheduled on August 30th in New Jersey. Herm Edwards and Beasley Reece will be featured along with NFL players from the past including Jon Runyan and Mike Quick. Gary M. Huff of LabCorp and Sean Cavanaugh M.D. will also be in attendance. All the campaign events are in conjunction with the Cancer Centers of America. Although an elevated PSA is not conclusive of prostate cancer any range outside of normal should be checked by a physician.

Igor Cornelsen Has All Of The Investing Tips

Igor Cornelsen has a deep insight on foreign investments in Brazil. Since the World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games were held in the country, Brazil was put into the investment spotlight that continues to grow. The rebound offered by foreign investment has been the country’s best bet since growth has stagnated in recent years.

President Dilma Roussef has been rather complacent to how the economy is going and thus has restricted their growth. As a foreigner, this means that right now may be a great opportunity to purchase land and businesses as the economy is in a standstill. If the Brazilian market rebounds in the near future, investments will greatly multiply.

What Igor Cornelsen Believes An Investor Should Do

First of all, you will need to figure out what the needs of the Brazilian people actually are. Networking with professionals is now easier than ever since over a quarter of the working population are entrepreneurs. Brazil is also the type of country where the people are open to talk business with strangers. The environment is much more social than North America.

The unfortunate part of doing business in Brazil is the nonsensical government red tape. High taxes, strict employment rules and pervasive inspections are something that you must get used to. However, once one can get past the pesky government, this is a huge return on investment in comparison to Western countries.

Currency in Brail is rather unstable, so be prepared to learn the rules of exchanging. There are limitations on how much one can exchange the Real for the USD or Euro, so keep that in mind if you are an international company. Exchanges can only be done though authorized banks, but some still do it under the table in cash. The government also sets the exchange rate that must be enforced when making commercial transactions.