Troy McQuagge’s Success at USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Mr. McQuagge was named CEO of the Year in the One Planet Awards, an awards program that allows submissions from all over the world. Troy McQuagge’s hard work with the company is what no doubtable gained him the level of recognition needed to obtain the award. In 2010 he joined the company and began to re-build it. The first task he undertook was rebuilding the advisors used in the distribution agency. By giving the advisors the tools they needed to help the company grow in a more positive way, Troy McQuagge set himself up to become President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

Mr. McQuagge has brought the company nothing but success in his years, and the company continues to grow today. USHEALTH Group has to compete in a very competitive market, and Mr. McQuagge has made sure the company is well equipped to beat the odds time and time again. Even though Mr. McQuagge has put in the hard work to deserve this award he still states that the award doesn’t only belong to him, but it belongs to everyone as the USHEALTH Group and more information click here.

The company is based in Ft. Worth, Texas, and is focused on providing outstanding health insurance to individuals that are self-employed or own small business. USHEALTH’s main purpose is to provide quality insurance in a competitive market. At the USHEALTH Group they feel their customers should come first, and for this reason they always provide a high quality of customer service as well. With Troy McQuagge as Chief Executive Officer it is safe to say that the USHEALTH Group will continue to grow in both profits and customer service.

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Benefits of Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a weekly peer- reviewed medical journal with an open access and it covers the entire oncology research aspects. It was established in 2010 and published by impact journal. Oncotarget has two main editors that are responsible for finding information on the journal. The Editors are Andrei V Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The journal is committed to disseminating research to the scientific community without hassle.

All the publications done through oncotarget are available worldwide. Therefore, it is easy to find information about oncology that will help to lighten the procedure. Some of other benefits that everyone gets from oncotarget are that, when you are unwell, you can find information on how to get a helping way before you consider the options of getting to a medical facility.

Also, when doing research on a particular case, the journal can be helpful in providing relevant information concerning your search. The journal also serves as a way of helping the scientific community in finding new things and adventures as far as medically is concerned.

The journal is also translated in various languages to ensure that it covers the entire demands of users from across the world. The translation serves as a bridge even to the people from the remote areas.According to the able leadership of Mikhail, oncotarget as a journal is one way of ensuring that the community is empowered and trained on basic medical care.

As an editor, Mikhail ensures that the journal is information and does not serve as a scholarly journal but also its accessible to the community for information on how they can take care of their needs when necessary. Oncotarget serves as a bridge that covers the gap between the scientific community and the public. It has information that ensures the round person is safe and informed.

Karl Heideck, The Exceptional Litigator

Karl Heideck is a knowledgeable litigator located in Jenkintown within the Philadelphia Area. He has been practicing law for over a decade now.

Karl Heideck also holds a Law degree from Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Karl Heideck, The Exceptional LitigatorLitigation is a legal term defining the process of defending or enforcing the law between two opposing parties. A litigator like Karl Heideck is a licensed lawyer who helps clients in legal despite resolution. Litigation is a series of steps aimed at resolving the feud between the two opposing parties. It is a lengthy process that may lead up to weeks, months or even years.

The first step is the filing of a complaint and answering a complaint. It describes the disputed issue and outlines the legal claims of the plaintiff. The defendant provides a response to the court, and this is the answer.

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The second step is pleadings; this refers to all written legal documents presented to the court. The pleading followed by the discovery which is often the longest part of litigation. It involves the gathering of evidence and documents relevant to the case.

The settlement conference is the fourth step. It is when the disputing parties meet before the judge with or without their lawyers. The trial is the next step; it may be before a jury or be decided by a judge. A party who isn’t pleased with the outcome of the trial may appeal to a higher court. The appellate judge may issue a new verdict if an error is found or send the case back to court.

For a person to become a litigator, he/she must hold a degree, a Doctor of Jurisprudence and pass the bar exam.

Karl Heideck not only understands the litigation process but also bears skills in corporate law, commercial litigation, legal research and legal writing. He works as a contract attorney who specializes in compliance practices and risk management. Karl Heideck is a litigator that cares for his client and listens to them.

Actors That You May Have Thought Were Dead But Are Actually Still Alive


There are many old famous people from the bygone days of Hollywood and film that many people think have long since passed away. Below I describe some actors who people often think are no longer alive but are actually still living and in some cases active in the film industry.


Doris Day is an actress who began her career all the way back in 1939. Talk about a long time ago!. She really became famous in 1945 while singing. Recently Doris Day found out that she is in fact two years older than she thought. The singer, actress and animals rights activist is in fact 95 years old not 93 as previously thought.


Dick Van Dyke was a famous actor and comedian back in the day. He would also produce films and sing and dance in shows. With a career spanning almost seven decades, Dick Van Dyke is one of America’s most well known actors. He is still alive at 91 years old.


Ann Margaret is an actress who is originally from Sweden but had settled down in the United States. She won five golden globe awards throughout her acting career and was a nominee for two academy awards in film. The actress is now 75 years old. Old timers may remember her performing in films such as Bye Bye Birdie, Tommy and the Cincinnati Kid.


Melvin James also known as Mel Brooks was a comedian, actor and later a screen writer and director that was known for his comedy performance and parodies, some of the best movies of all time. He is now 90 years old.

Yanni Hufnagel: College Basketball Recruiter To Watch

College basketball is not an even playing field. Some schools have the history, the giant program with all the booster funding and the national spotlight. Other schools struggle to break into the limelight; forever behind the schools that did basketball first.


That’s why I love watching college recruiters work. The good ones can take a program and move it from obscurity to fame. A good recruiter can outmaneuver the big schools for the best high school talent in the country. They also have a keen eye for how a young man will develop into a program to create a unified team capable of winning the big games.


Yanni Hufnagel is the best underdog recruiter in the country. One of the first things that stands out about Yanni Hufnagel is that he is Jewish. There are very few Jewish people involved with high-level sports, especially basketball. He is also incredibly young as he is only in his early 30s.


Yanni Hufnagel was not even able to make his own high school basketball team. He became that team’s announcer and stayed close to the game by interning for the New Jersey Nets while attending Cornell University. He went on to become a graduate assistant at Oklahoma where he helped the basketball team with practices and on-campus recruiting.


He took those recruiting skills and experiences to Harvard University where he put together an incredible team. Harvard won its first Ivy League championship, which is saying something because Harvard is the oldest school in the country. The team went 79-24 during Yanni Hufnagel’s four-year recruiting stint.


Yanni Hufnagel has since recruited for Villanova and UC Berkeley. He has a knack for identifying future NBA draft picks. He is now the assistant coach and recruiter for the University of Nevada at Reno where he continues to do good recruiting work.

Wave of The Future: Wearing Technology

Christopher Burch is an investor and an entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in the field. Christopher is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Burch Creative

Capital. Burch Creative Capital has a philosophy for investing that reflects the core of the company and Christopher Burch himself. Christopher Burch has a vision for applying creativity, imagination, support, incubation, and scale into the businesses that he works with. He desires to do work that will impact consumers’ lives in a positive way.


Christopher has been at the forefront of the rise of 50 businesses. He has a track record of understanding the behavior of the consumer and has experience in direct sourcing. The brand portfolio of Burch Creative Capital is vast, with high profile brands on the list.


In Christopher Burch’s latest article, he discusses the connection between fashion and technology. While both industries are evolving, they are both growing together. You can’t have fashion with technology and you can’t have technology without fashion. With the constant surge of wearable tech, that statement is very true. in his writing, he discusses the boombox as one of the first devices related to wearable tech. As the years went on, the boombox changed to the cassette player then to the Walkman. After the Walkman came the CD player, the finally the iPod. Today, more and more designers are integrating technology into their fashions, to a dress that makes drinks to a self-painting dress. Designers are experimenting with technology in many ways.


Many believe that technology and fashion can help each other. When designer makes an outfit, designers usually have to incorporate computer equipment to make sketches and to communicate with each other. Also, Google Glass came down a runway before hitting the shelves because the company knew that the runway show will draw a large crowd.

Improved Quality of Life with Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a health based industry that strives to provide health status knowledge to people. In the long term, clients who seek the company’s testing services get to live an informative life. The institution revolves around one basic question that’s fundamental to the well-being of people. Why diagnose when it’s possible to prevent? Over the years, Life Line Screening has offered affordable and reliable preventive screening procedures. The Screening procedures aim at identifying underlying problems. Consequently, these processes have played a big part in the fight against lifestyle diseases. Additionally, early detection of health problems helps in improving the quality of life.

Together with highly trained and licensed individuals, the health institution carries out screening services in neighborhoods, community centers, place of worship and corporations. The company was founded in 1993 and has grown to over 5000 employees. Life Line Screening offers safe, non-invasive and painless screening services. The equipment used are of high technology, and the interpretation of results is carried out by highly trained professionals. The results are used as a benchmark to determine the clients’ overall health. In the case of anomalies, treatment begins, and lifestyle changes start in the event of serious problems. Life Line Screening goes a notch higher to offer health e-newsletters. The newsletter aims at helping everyone to live a good lifestyle. It also helps those living with lifestyle diseases manage them accordingly.

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In the corporate world, Life Line Screening has incorporated a wellness program. The company’s strategy begins with educating the employees about the benefits of participating in screening programs. The institution further engages them by providing the details of their current and future health risks. It is at this step, where the screening services get introduced. Finally, the results from the screening process get interpreted, and the employees are requested to discuss them with the primary physician.


Goettl Air Conditioning Company Dominance in the Air Conditioning Market Takes Shape

In the recent past, Goettl Air Conditioning Company has been acquiring other air conditioning companies, with an objective of expanding their operations in Las Vegas. The latest companies to merge with Goettl are Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. These companies were acquired early this year. With these acquisitions, Goettl now stands as the largest player in the Las Vegas air conditioning market. The employees from the two companies were absorbed by Goettl, with the few who commented expressing optimism that the merger would bring mutual benefits for all. Goettl inherited clients from residential houses and rental homes from Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air respectively. Other companies that have merged with Goettl include, among others, Desert Valley Mechanical and The Sunny Plumber.

Merger Benefits

The merger will bring along some unprecedented gains for all the three companies regarding diversification of both skills and services offered. Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air, for example, could only offer HVAC services before the merger since they lacked the necessary equipment and skill to offer plumbing services. With the merger, the two companies will now get the equipment from Goettl. On the other hand, Goettl will now extend their services to the commercial sector. The merger came at a time when the Goettl Las Vegas branch was gaining momentum after reopening mid last year.

About Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning was established in Phoenix, Arizona about 77 years ago by three Goettl brothers: Adam, John, and Bill. The company specializes in offering HVAC management and installation services as well as selling and repairing air conditioners and heating furnaces. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas and has about 200 employees.

Goettl is also involved in charitable works as a company. The company recently donated tools worth over $100 million to the College of Southern Nevada. Goettl also donates free air conditioners to schools.

Vincent Parascandola’s Vast Experience As A Financial Advisor

Vincent Parascandola is the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors. He is responsible for the management, recruitment, productivity, retention, and progress of experienced and new financial professionals. He has rendered his services in the industry for more than 25 years having started his career in 1987 by working as an agent for Prudential. Vincent held a variety of local and regional management positions. The executive started working for MONY Life Insurance in 1990. In 2004, he joined AXA Advisors. Here, he worked as the president of the Advantage Group before he was promoted to serve as a divisional president. Advantage Group is a unit of AXA Equitable that attracts highly experienced and talented financial professionals. Additionally, he was a co-manager at a branch of the company in New York Metro, which has about 400 financial experts in the region.

Throughout his profession, Parascandola has won many awards, including the Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development Award. He is also a well-known speaker who has shared his insights on different topics at various industry and company conferences such as LIMRA’s Distribution and National Lamp Meeting of GAMA. He is the former president of Florida Chapter, a member of GAMA, and a former chairman of Field Officers Committee, LIMRA. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Lubin School of Business at Pace University. He is highly skilled in estate planning, asset management, life insurance, retirement planning, and financial services.

AXA Advisors Company is a renowned distribution channel and dealer for Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA Insurance Company is one of the United States’ premier providers of annuity products and life insurance. In addition, the corporation leads in providing financial protection services in the US. The Network of AXA Advisors comprises about 6000 financial professionals who offer innovative solutions and strategies for financial investment and security. Moreover, the company provides unique services such as asset allocation as well as advice on business and estates, and retirement planning to assist clients with their financing needs. Additionally, AXA Equitable is a section of AXA Group, a leader in offering wealth management solutions and financial protection strategies around the globe.