Bernardo Chua’s Path To Success

Bernardo Chua has really been a big success in the corporate world. There are several different ways that he has been successful in the business world. Ultimately, he was able to create his own extremely successful corporation that sells coffee. The name of this business is Organo Gold, and they sell coffee that has a very unique twist. In addition to selling great coffee, his products also contain a mushroom with powerful medicinal properties. This mushroom is ganoderma lucidum, which has had a great reputation in Chinese medicine for many years. People have experienced incredible health benefits from drinking the coffees and teas that are infused with it.

Bernardo Chua began his career in the Philippines as a multi level marketing professional. This career really took off, and it was quite successful. However, this was only the beginning of his distinguished career in business that ultimately took him to the United States.

Chua became employed with a company called Gano Excel, while he was still located in the Philippines. This company sold various types of coffee that contain ganoderma lucidum. At first, this was a Philippines company that had no ties to the US. Bernardo Chua helped this company to grow and expand. Ultimately, the company made it’s way into the US to sell it’s coffee products there. When the company made this expansion into the United States, people began buying Gano Excel’s products quite frequently. This helped to make the company quite successful.

Then, as some time passed, Chua decided to go into business for himself. When he did, he founded Organo Gold, which also infused their products with ganoderma lucidum. In addition to containing the mushroom, Organo Gold is well known for it’s high quality coffees. The superior taste and nutritional qualities of the product have made it become popular in multiple different countries. He has expanded his company well beyond the United States, and his company has made it’s way into 34 countries in total. As time goes on, the company can be expected to continue to expand further.

Dick DeVos’ Love for Business

Dick DeVos is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire career in order to help continue and to build the family legacy. Dick DeVos is a member of the distinguished and well respected DeVos family that is currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos is not only a well respected businessman among his community, but is also a well respected leader who has helped build his community to become one of the best places to living within the United States. Dick DeVos has helped to improve his community through his long volunteer hours, as well as through the large sums of donations that he makes to spread not only culture around the community, but also education around his community.

Dick DeVos’ enthusiasm for business is a result of his family’s business known as Amway Corporation which was created by Dick DeVos’ father, Richard DeVos. Dick DeVos, even as a child was thoroughly involved with the company. Dick DeVos has fond memories of him and his brother playing in the basement of his own which was the resident of the company at that time. Dick DeVos knew and watched as Amway Corporation grew out of a basement and became a multi billion dollar company. Dick DeVos not only studied business management to help improve the company, but also dedicated 30 years of his business career with working with as well as leading the company.

In recent news, Dick DeVos has found a new successor to his Holland-based home storage company known as Stow Company Inc. Dick DeVos, after long and hard deliberation, chosen his successor and CEO of his empire to be Phil Dolci, a marketing and leadership expert who has proven himself to be a trusty individual to Dick DeVos and his family. This company is one of the world’s largest storage companies which has excited Phil Dolci to take up this challenge and lead his new team.

As one of the largest home storage companies in the world, Phil Dolci has a total of 280 employees to supervise. Dick DeVos specifically chose Phil Dolci not only for his decades of experience, but also for his technique when handling problems. Rather than getting upset at any problem, Dick DeVos has observed that Phil Dolci is a man of action and finds solutions right away. Mr. Dolci is excited to become the leader of this prestigious company.

Treat Your Dog with Beneful

Our dogs are like members of the family, so naturally we want to feed them only the very best brand of dog food. With all the options on Wal-Mart grocery stores today, the choices can be overwhelming. You want to purchase from a company with an excellent reputation that uses nutritional ingredients and offers flavors your four-legged friend will love. Beneful dog food meets all of these criteria.
Beneful Originals dry dog food ( comes in three different varieties: Beef, chicken, and salmon. This choice is the perfect option for everyday health and combines real meat flavors with vegetables like spinach, peas, and carrots.

Growing puppies require different nutrition than adult dogs. During their first year, it is vital that they are fed nutrient dense food to help support healthy development. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food is high in calcium, and other nutrients, making it an ideal blend for young, developing dogs.

For adult dogs who tend to pack on the pounds easily, help keep them at their best with Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food. Made with chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans, this mixture of tender and crunchy morsels will keep your dog, and the scale, happy.

If your dog is a bundle of energy, he needs food that can keep up with him. Beneful’s Playful Life dry dog food is made with beef, egg, blueberries, and spinach and gives him the fuel to stay active.

Beneful also makes a line of wet dog food ( in a variety of tasty flavors and blends that your dog is sure to love. Their savory medleys include combinations like turkey with sweet potatoes, beef with carrots and barley, and lamb with brown rice. Mix it with his dry dog food as a special treat!

When it comes to nutrition, value, and taste, there is a reason dogs and their owners love Beneful.



Is There Really Any Difference Between Shea Butters?

So you’ve been sold on the miraculous benefits of incorporating Shea butter into your personal care regime. Using Shea butter for even a short length of time, you will have relief from dry, itching skin. It’s anti-inflammatory agents have proved powerful in treating eczema (a skin condition characterized by rough, inflamed skin and intense itching), or dermatitis (a red and swollen irritation of the skin). Cosmetically, Shea butter has been used to soften the facial hair of men – which can be a game changer in the romance department, or as a shaving cream by mixing with equal parts coconut oil and some olive oil; or create your own super charged hair conditioner by mixing Shea butter with coconut milk and essential lavender oil. A list of do-it-yourself recipes incorporating raw Shea butter can be found here.

According to the American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI), there is a difference in the quality of Shea butters being sold. This 100% pure natural gift from Mother Nature can be bought raw or refined; additionally, using quality or premium brands is important due to the fact that old Shea butter that has passed its shelf life will have lost much of its natural integrity and its wonderful healing benefits are greatly diminished. Shea butter is taken from the nut of a tree grown in many regions of Africa. Eu’Genia Shea is a Ghanaian trusted brand that is a family-run social enterprise, committed to providing the best quality of Shea butter with the highest concentration of the Shea fruit to ensure that users will reap all of the healthy benefits.

As a buyer of Shea butter, you have two options provided – either raw Shea butter, or refined Shea butter. The Eu’Genia recipe and process for harvesting the unrefined, raw Shea butter is a generations old technique with its roots in midwifery. They still use traditional methods of hand-sorting, selecting only the best of the crop and creating their product with love. While the raw Shea butter has the highest concentration of the Shea fruit, refined Shea butter has its benefits also with the addition of other natural oils to increase the butter’s smoothness and add a pleasant scent. Avoid poor quality Shea butters which may provide moisturizing benefits, but will not be powerful enough to battle stretch marks, fight poison ivy and poison oak allergies, or provide lifesaving protection from the sun.

Brian Torchin Innovates the Healthcare Field

Brian Torchin currently works as the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC. After studying at the University of Delaware and the New York Chiropractic College, Torchin earned a degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy and subsequently became a Licensed Chiropractitioner. What started out as a simple passion for helping other people to achieve overall health and wellness for Torchin eventually turned into one of the top chiropractic services in the nation.

Because Torchin was able to expound on his experience as a chiropractor before launching into the business world, he was uniquely positioned to succeed in his lofty undertaking to empower others to provide top notch chiropractic care all over the country. Specifically, Torchin was able to build upon his unique ability to connect to other people to enter into the medical staffing field. Right now, his company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC, is one of the largest medical staffing companies in the entire country. Although the company is based out of Philadelphia, it serves healthcare facilities all throughout the U.S. Under Torchin’s vision and leadership, the company continues to grow at a rapid pace and is poised to remain a leader in the medical staffing industry.

One of the reasons Torchin was able to create such an impressive medical staffing company is that he is constantly in touch with advancements and innovations in the field. He writes frequently on various hot topics in the medical staffing and healthcare industries and is widely consulted for his perspective on trends within the industries.  In fact Brian even posts Vimeo videos to deal with some of the biggest issues.