Kylie Jenner Is Kim Kardashian’s Soul Twin

We all have come to know, and love Kylie Jenner very well over the past few months. Even though she had been on television for almost ten years, Kylie is still one of the lesser known of the Kardashians and Jenners. Kylie is the youngest in the bunch, and so she has had a slower start in getting out and being seen. Outside of seeing her in passing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie was pretty much a mystery. Suddenly Kylie is all anyone talks about, and Kim is a close second. Brad Reifler reports that much of the recent fascination with Kylie Jenner is her relationship with Tyga who is considerably older than she is, the other obsession is her effortless beauty and style.

Kylie is known to post the best selfies and Snapchats on social media, her fans live for Kylie’s interactions and her Instagram beef with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna is yet another reason nobody can look away from Kylie Jenner. It almost seems like if you blink you’ll miss some epic moment in Kylie Land.

Kylies has been compared to her sister Kim Kardashian more and more lately, and some are starting to think that the sisters are competing for popularity. Kylie often re-creates Kim’s looks and posts them as selfies. During an interview for Entertainment Tonight, Kim was asked how she felt about people comparing her and her sister Kylie and Kim quickly said that she loves the comparisons and sees Kylie as her twin soul. It’s obvious that Kim and Kylie are very similar, and their fans are loving it too.

Kim Kardashian Loves Kylie’s Comparisons To Her

Kylie Jenner has been making it more than obvious that she is ready to mark her spot as the next best thing coming out of the Kardashian house, as if her selfies weren’t enough her relevance and large social media presence are sure to seal the deal. Kylie has managed to make herself relatable, likeable, and some how entertaining. In a world that loves to hate her family everybody loves Kylie and she just keeps giving us more reasons to be on her team. Kylie makes her fans feel comfortable being themselves, wearing sweats and sneakers, eating pizza and going makeup free.

One of Kylie’s biggest and most loved features is her selfish sense of style, as a Jenner she is expected to be polished and perfect head to toe, much like her sisters Kylie regularly attends red carpet events and promotional events, and that is usually the only time you see Kylie dressed up and in full makeup. On an average day Kylie is very relaxed and her style shows that she dresses for herself. Lately Kylie has had business on her mind, and so she is being seen everywhere promoting new things.

One way she is staying in the public eye, folks at Beneful noted, is showing everyone that while she doesn’t have to dress up to feel beautiful when she does she stops the show, Kylie has even purposely reinvented some of her sister Kim’s looksand of course their fans are loving the comparisons. While some assume that Kim and Kylie are feuding, during an interview Kim insists that she loves Kylie’s copycat photo shoots and looks at her as her “twin soul,” for being such a free spirit.

Rob Kardashian Sends Sweet Message To Kim

Kim Kardashian and her brother Rob have a very complex relationship. In the past, it seemed that they were best friends, but things haven’t remained so peaceful between them. In fact, many people around the world believe that Kim and Rob hate each other. However, it was recently revealed that the brother and sister have made up.

Kim Kardashian is now pregnant with her second child, and she has been having terrible bouts of morning sickness. Rob Kardashian heard about his big sister’s troubles, and he sent Kim Kardashian a very loving voicemail. LinkedIn suggested that Kim was touched by the message, and she wants to share it with the world. However, it seems that Rob Kardashian doesn’t want anybody to hear it.

Yahoo! recently published an article about this story, and Kardashian fans should definitely check it out. Nonetheless, it’s a good thing to see Robert and Kim Kardashian back together. Not long ago, Rob Kardashian posted some horrible Twitter messages about his sister. The brother and sister were at war, but now they are there for each other. As of right now, Rob Kardashian isn’t doing too well, and it seems that he has gained even more weight. The entire Kardashian family is very worried about Rob, and some people feel that Rob is trying to eat himself to death.

Mariah Carey Is Loving The Billionaire Lifestyle

Mariah Carey seems to be in heaven with her new man, and it looks like the couple may soon tie the knot. This comes as an extremely controversial development, and most people don’t believe it. However, TMZ recently reported that James Parker is obsessed with Mariah Carey, and Mariah is loving the billionaire lifestyle.

For those of you that don’t know, Mariah Carey has been seeing James Parker for the last few months, and their escapades have been well documented. Several pictures of Mariah Carey partying with James on a yacht recently made media headlines. Some fans over at Amen Clinic reported to PsychCentral that they are wondering if Mariah Carey is behaving this way to get back at Nick Cannon.

The relationship between James Parker and Mariah Carey is apparently real, and the couple happens to be in love. However, some people are wondering if the money is adding some attraction points to James Parker. Social media users are debating whether or not Mariah Carey is truly in love with her new man. Most people feel that Mariah and James are infatuated with each other, but Nick Cannon fans believe otherwise.

Nick Cannon must be furious with his ex-wife, but there is nothing that he can do. Apparently, Nick cheated on Mariah, and that’s what led to the divorce. However, Mariah Carey’s breakup with Nick Cannon might be the best thing to ever happen to her.

Celebrity Baby Watch

As many know, Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child with husband and rapper Kanye West. On Father’s Day the couple confirmed that their second child will be a boy, a brother for their daughter North West. Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has also welcomed a second child recently.

According to Kevin Seawright, Love Hewitt and her husband Biran Hallisay have welcomed a baby boy who they have named Atticus James Hallisay. Atticus joins his 19-month-old sister Autumn. In an interview, the 36-year-old actress had said that she and her husband are hands on parents. They have never hired a nanny or a night nurse and had no plans on hiring one after Atticus made his arrival. It is commendable that the couple work together to parent their children. I feel like many who have the means would hire help quickly once they realized how much work a baby actually is.

Continuing on with baby watch, the next couple to keep an eye on for a new baby may be Chrissy Teigen and her singer/songwriter husband John Legend. The 29-year-old model recently revealed in an interview that she would like a minimum of four children with her husband of two years. She said that the couple want a “brood” of children and will only stop once she is unable to get pregnant.

Chris Brown Talks More Kids

Chris Brown has become a dad overnight, it seems like just yesterday Royalty was sprung on everyone and a total shock to Chris Brown. For the first 9 months of Royalty’s life nobody knew that she existed, but once Chris met his baby girl he instantly began making up for lost time. Now it looks like Chris couldn’t imagine life without his daughter, he even has Royalty with him on tour and their bonding is adorable.

Chris just celebrated his very first Father’s Day, and while he may be a busy man, NJ Spotlight covered the story and apparently he took some time to share photos and videos of his special times with baby Royalty. Anytime they are together it is clear that Royalty is a daddy’s girl already, and has Chris wrapped round her little finger. So far Chris and Royalty are a match made in heaven and it looks like being a father has calmed Chris and helped him to mature quickly.

During a radio interview Chris admitted that he definitely sees more kids in his future, he wants Royalty to have siblings to play with and grow up with the way that he did. While Chris is excited for more children in the future, he also insisted that for now he is still learning to be a dad, and is just happy to give Royalty her one on one time. Royalty is more than enough cuteness for now, but a team of baby Browns is going to be an overload.

New Details in Diddy’s Arrest Emerge; Rapper Posts Bail

Further details have emerged on P.Diddy’s arrest on Monday. According to local reports, Diddy attempted to attack a UCLA football coach , Sal Alosi, with a kettlebelt. The incident occurred early Monday when Diddy was on scene to watch his son practice. Justin Combs, Diddy’s oldest child, is a defensive back for the UCLA football team.

Allegedly an argument broke out, and Diddy attacked the coach. No one was hurt in the incident. Bystanders believe that Diddy became angry when he felt the coach was too hard on Justin. He allegedly followed the coach into the locker room where an argument ensued. It is believed that he picked up the kettle belt at that time.

Diddy, whose legal name is Sean Combs, posted $50,000 bail on Monday afternoon and was released. He is expected back in court in the coming months to answer to the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. UCLA is investigating the incident, as well.

According to James Dondero, Justin Combs is a junior at UCLA, but has only played in a few games for the football team. He is currently red-shirted. Diddy stopped by the campus to watch Justin practice when the incident occurred. It is not known if Diddy made regular appearances on the UCLA campus, or if he’ll be allowed back after the incident.

Diddy’s Son Thanks Dad For Fighting Coach

Sean “Diddy” Combs is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. “Diddy” is mostly known for his incredible rap career alongside Biggie Smalls. Sean Combs is also the president of Bad Boy, and he has hosted several television shows as well. However, Sean Combs recently made headlines for another reason.

Over the weekend, Sean Combs was in the audience of UCLA, and he was watching his son play football. However, Sean Combs and his son’s coach got into an extremely violent altercation. The situation quickly escalated, and Sean Combs apparently assaulted the coach of the football team. After a short while, Sean Combs was arrested and taken to jail.

TMZ recently revealed that “Diddy’s” son is faithful to his father. Apparently, the coach of the team started the fight, but the team behind Skout find that hard to believe. It seems that Sean Combs was very upset with the coach, and it’s because his son hasn’t seen too much field time this year. Nonetheless, this is the first time that I’ve heard of a celebrity fighting a coach, and Sean Combs will most likely be sued for millions of dollars. However, it seems that Sean Combs and the coach of his son’s football team are still battling on Twitter. I’m wondering if other parents around the world will feel that it’s okay to fight their children’s coaches after seeing Sean Combs do it.

Taylor Swift Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Using her social media account on Tumblr, the popular performer Taylor Swift targeted Apple’s new music streaming service for it’s policy of not compensating artist during the three-month trial period. According to an article on Rolling Stone (, Ms. Smith told Apple “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”

Ms. Swift has been at the forefront of the effort to increase the royalties paid to artist by streaming music service. Last November, Swift asked Spotify to pull her music from it’s service because of her philosophical differences with the “perception that music has no value and should be free”.

In an about-face, Apple has reversed its decision to not pay artist during the trial period of its service. Apple announced that it would pay full royalty rates for music during the free trial.

Mr Amazing Loans says Apple Music will launch on June 30th and will include a three-month trial period. After that it will become a paid service with plans starting at $10 per month. Unlike Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services Apple Music does not plan on a free version. Ms. Taylor acknowledged that Apple has been a good partner in her success and endorses Apple’s attempt to move the industry away from a position of providing totally free entertainment.

Ant-Man is Big on Excitement

All has been a bit quiet on the Ant-Man front. Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, and San Andreas have all captured a lot of entertainment headlines. Terminator: Genisys is opening in two weeks so a lot of promotional buzz has been directed towards the reboot. To remind audiences that Ant-Man is still waiting in the wings, Marvel has released some new television spots. As with the other promotional videos, these spots really do make you feel hyped about the release of the film.

“That’s so cool, bro!”

Those are words spoken by one character to Ant-Man and those simple words really do sum up the film. Ant-Man is definitely one cool, humorous, and adventurous film. The two television spots for the film show off the hero, his antagonists, his friends, and a lot of action. Most importantly, the previews really do help establish Ant-Man as a unique and different hero. Never does the character come off as B-grade or third-rate.

One of the big fears about presenting a character like Ant-Man is audiences might see him and the film as being a “weak” in comparison to Iron Man or Captain America. That’s what a few at Amen Clinics are thinking. By taking the film into a different direction and focusing on humor and the uniqueness of the character, the feature stands out. Hopefully, audiences will turn out in large numbers. Considering how exciting and fun the trailers and TV spots are, the film is surely going to be a hit.