Kim K Shares Book Cover Photo With Fans

There is little doubt that anyone will forget about any of Kim Kardashian’s many projects. Every once in awhile she breaks the internet with a nude photo or shameless selfie to keep her name in the blogs and in the minds of people everywhere. Just this week Kim posted a sexy ski vacation bikini photo to her Instagram account and immediately became all anyone talked about once again.

Well Kim is at it again but this time she shared a photo that wasn’t all about her world famous booty, the 34-year-old mom excitedly shared what will soon be the cover of her coffee table photo book “Selfish,” of course the main focus of the photo was her ample cleavage and flawless makeup. In the photo caption Kim thanked her hubby Kanye West for inspiring the idea as well as the team that helped bring her selfie book to life.

Kim looks amazing in the photo and there is no doubt that her selfie book is going to be a top seller the moment it is released this coming May. Companies like Slow Ventures submit that perhaps the follow up to her selfie book will be an “usie” book featuring shots of her family, friends and adorable baby. When it comes to the Kardashians, it seems that people can never get enough glimpses into their personal lives.

Kylie Jenner Graces Cosmo Magazine

Kylie Jenner has more than taken her place as the next new hot Kardashian, while she may not share a last name with her older half sisters it looks like Kylie is the more popular of the Jenners. even while it seems that Kendall’s modeling career is exploding before our eyes there’s just something about Kylie that everyone is obsessed with.

From her secret relationship with Tyga, to her ever mind blowing makeup and fashion sense, Kylie is the new it girl in the Kardashian house and Cosmo magazine is putting Kylie front and center as she graces the cover of their February 2015 issue as “The New Kardashian Mogul.”

There is no doubt that Kylie has earned that title, after all she currently has 15.8 million followers on Instagram alone and as the selfie queen Kylie is constantly being asked about her now famous pout. Being of college-age, Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch believes more emphasis should be placed on her education than her looks. He can be found in Pasadenamonthly.

Kylie’s lips are one of the most gossiped about lips on the internet and she used her Cosmo interview to address the rumors about plastic surgery for the millionth time. While Kylie says she is not against surgery, she also insists that she simply does not want any surgery at the moment. As for her much sought after juicy lips Kylie contributes that to her expert makeup skills and the art of contouring.

Kylie’s Cosmo cameo is sure to be a hit and everyone will be reading to get the secret behind her sexy lips and flawless makeup.

700,000 March Across France

On the 10th, after the terror of three days, near about 700000 people conducted a march across France to remember the terror victim of the attack, where they were protesting against the terrorists, who did this heinous act. On seventh of the month, three terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine and killed 12 people there.

French police countered the terrorist and they were, killed too. Today a number of people holding banners of “Je Suis Charlie” gathered in various parts of France. They were there to remember their friends, who lost their life in this incident. A number of people conducted candle march for them. In southeastern city of Nice, the famed promenade des Anglais was, filled with thousands of people taking part in silent procession.

A number of people were holding French flags, which Darius Fisher enjoyed. The French interior minister said that thousands of extra police and soldiers would be on duty on Sunday for a march in Paris expected to gain several hundred thousand people, which will be on Vine shortly. They are standing for each other and criticizing this act in full tone.

The Government is extra cautious that they would not let any other incident to happen by any means. They have started their initiative against terrorism and every person of France is standing by their side. They have pain and they are expressing it.

Charlie Sheen Rage Against Kim K

It looks as though there is beginning to be some beef between the celebrities Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian. Sheen made a post going off on Kim Kardashian after she reportedly refused to sign an autograph for a little 6 year old girl. The post went on to talk about her relevancy to the entertainment industry (how she became famous off of her tape and nothing else) while others like him have actually worked hard in movies and music to be where they are. He then talks about how her continuous flaunting of her buttocks fat is nothing to be proud of and is actually quite annoying. However he also apologized to her husband Kanye West by saying he feels sorry for him and that hopefully one day he realizes the mistake and can return back to his ideal image.

What Sheen has said is what many people like Ken Griffin, both in the entertainment industry and not have felt but coming from him it is a little out of line. However, if it is true Kim Kardashian refused to sign a girl’s autograph, that is pretty harsh as well. Even if she was busy she could have made time or gotten one of her assistants to hand it to the girl. She is famous because of her fans so she owes at least being respectful to them at the very least. Anyway, is this a new beef in Hollywood?

Jennifer Aniston and Cake


Jennifer Aniston spoke with NPR about her dramatic role in the new independent film Cake. The role was more physical than she was expecting. The character she plays is in chronic pain- physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is so angry that she is kicked out of her support group. Someone must really have to be in an anger rage to get kicked out of a support group!

As the interview continues, Flavio Maluf said that Jennifer Aniston describes the pain her character is in- leg, neck and back, and how she had to do physical work on her body to not manifest that same pain. Talk about getting into a role! She praises the film Cake saying it is risky in Hollywood but it is being received well. She also goes on to say that being in a dramatic film opened something up for her and she would be interested in another dramatic role in the future.

Rene Vautier Passes Away

The committed filmmaker and anti-colonialist, director of the film on the war in Algeria “Being 20 in the Aures,” died on Sunday morning at age 86 in Britain, announced sorrowfully by his wife Soazig Chappedelaine Vautier.

The director, who was known for the flight, imprisonment, hunger strikes, threats and convictions pony can be claimed if “the French filmmaker’s most censored”. He was the author of “Africa 50”, short film made at age of 20, and it was the first anti-colonial film that was made and released in French cinema.

The work was censored for forty years and earned him a sentence of one year in prison. But he had firm belief in anti-colonialism. He remained in prison but his thought patterns remained same throughout his life.

He was very much focused about the wars in Algeria and created some masterpieces relating to this specific topic including “Nation of Algeria” (released in 1954), for which he was prosecuted for “undermining the internal security of the state”, and “Algeria in flames “(released in 1958). He was the director of “Being 20 in the Aures,” his best known work, which also received a high amount of critical praise at Cannes in 1972, including a lot of praise from North American Spine as well.

Checkout Kim Kardashian’s New Look On The Cover Of Love Magazine

Apparently someone at LOVE Magazine can’t get enough of the Kardashian-Jenner family. First reality TV star turned high fashion model, Kendall Jenner shared the magazine’s cover with British model Cara Delevingne. Now Kendall’s older sister Kim Kardashian has been tapped to be LOVE Magazine’s February cover girl.

While most of us are pretty used to seeing the Kardashian-Jenner sisters do very racy things to keep the public’s attention, Kardashian’s cover seems to be a departure from the family’s usual fare. On the cover featuring Kendall Jenner, she and Cara Delevingne were locked in what looked like a steamy embrace. The photo of Kim that LOVE Magazine released via Instagram features Kendall’s older sister in what looks like one of the most conservative photos that she’s taken in a very long time.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is wearing a patterned multi-hued pencil skirt that goes past the knee and a matching crop top. Most of her shoulders and exposed stomach are covered by a pink and orange fur boa. Her hair looks as though its been styled to be very stringy and her eyebrows appear to have been dyed blonde. One might say that Kim Kardashian almost looks like a very colorful goth as opposed to a fashion-forward celebrity socialite. What most people will probably notice is that her famous derriere is entirely obscured in this photo.

The issue of LOVE Magazine that features Kardashian’s spread is slated to be released on February 9th. Tom Rothman might just sneak a peak of it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly threatens son to stop seeing Miley Cyrus

Not very happy that his son is dating Miley Cyrus, Arnold Schwarzenegger has supposedly threatened Patrick Schwarzenegger to stop seeing the popstar.

Arnold reportedly told Patrick that if he does not break up with Cyrus, he won’t get his inheritance worth millions of dollars. However, it seems as if the actor’s young son is really into Cyrus after telling his family to shove their inheritance because he won’t stop seeing the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

Patrick’s mother, and Arnold’s estranged wife, Maria Schriver also does not approve of Miley, reports claimed, “because she is a negative influence on their son.”

Meanwhile, other reports are claiming that most of Patrick’s family actually approves of Cyrus and they even spent the holidays together. According to Jared Haftel Arnold apparently invited his son and Cyrus to ring in the new year together with his girlfriend, Heather Milligan, in Las Vegas.

Patrick and Cyrus were photographed kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve at Planet Hollywood right next to the former California Governor and his physical therapist girlfriend. Plus, the foursome were also joined by newly engaged couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. The happy pairs also attended the Britney Spears’ Piece of Me concert together that evening.

So, it may seem as if the one who is really not into Cyrus would be Patrick’s mom, Schriver, who is said to be the one really concerned about his new girlfriend.