Lindsey Graham Was Joking- We Hope!

CNN received an ominous audio tape recently exposing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s interesting sense of humor. At the Irish Catholic Charleston charity group known as the Hibernian Society which has a habit of inviting big-name politicians to joke around behind their podium, Graham made some unorthodox statements that were definitely not “PC.” The society is an all-male membership charity, and so Graham cracked that if he were elected President, white men in all-male clubs could expect to do well. He mentioned that Baptists are the ones who drink but won’t admit it. Right on the heels of that line came (amid roaring laughter), “Baptists can’t read.”

The Democrat who sneaked the audio recording to CNN seems to have thought he had uncovered a dastardly and damaging incident that would surely sink poor Senator Graham into political oblivion. Most Americans will probably just laugh along with the crowd at the charity meeting, however, and figure out that he was not really serious.

As a Baptist, I can tell you that the “Baptists can’t read” line was my personal favorite. Even though I have my qualms about Mr. Graham’s politics, I can still appreciate his humor.  Instead, candidates tip toe around the tulips in speeches, but breath fire in t.v. ads. I wondered why they do this, but Marnie Bennett explained that it’s because the ads can’t be legally attributed to the candidates.

Trump to Make Decision on 2016 Run Early Next Year

While Donald Trump, self-made billionaire and real estate giant, has made hints at running in 2016 in the past and did the same concerning the 2012 election in which he never ran, this time he has put down a time frame for making a decision. That may seem like a small difference, but it is something he did not do previously, and it may be a sign that this time he is more serious about the prospect of making a run for the Oval Office.
Trump has been a speaker of late (2013) for the Conservative Political Action Conference and spent over a million dollars in 2013 researching the possibility of running for President in 2016. These do seem like the actions of one genuinely weighing his chances and the best strategy to utilize in a campaign.
While Donald Trump is conservative enough to gain some traction in the Republican Party (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business, pro-small-government), yet he seems likely to suffer the same fate as Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, rich tycoons do not do well even when their stands are correct and their records are pristine. Further, Trump fits the bill for living extravagantly if anyone does- something that was falsely smeared onto Romney’s reputation during the 2012 campaign. If the modest, mild-mannered Mormon with a long record of generosity and moderate living cannot shake the “rich guy who doesn’t understand us” persona, how can someone who in some ways indeed fits that description (even if he be in many ways a great human being) expect to wade through the waters of vicious political adds to victory in 2016?
Finally, Trump is as well known for his “Trump-isms” as Joe Biden is for his Biden-isms. Even in the latest interview we hear him talk about how America needs someone great, not just good to make America great again- while the prospect of he himself being that “great” candidate lurks all the while in the background. He even said that it would be good, though not required, if the person come from the private sector (such as he does).

Humanitarian Couple Busted For Cannabis Production

When officers happened upon a massive cannabis growing operation, they were not expecting the unassuming older couple that greeted them at the door. Likewise, they weren’t expecting that the funds to this operation were not going to the usual places.

Michael Foster and Susan Cooper, through six years of growing cannabis in their home, made a total of $400,000 between them.

They didn’t spend this money on big cars and fancy jewelry, though; the vast majority of this money went towards humanitarian efforts in Kenya. Through their cannabis-growing operation, the couple were able to fund computers, housing, and medical care that supported entire villages of people.

Though the couple did indeed do more than their fair share of traveling, most of this traveling was to Kenya, and the surrounding area. Much of their support came directly in person. The couple said they were inspired by the humanitarian efforts of Laurene Powell Jobs when they began going to Kenya.

The police actually discovered the operation entirely by accident. During an extended chase with an unrelated culprit, they happened upon the house that they’d been producing the marijuana from.

The smell, it would seem, was the smoking gun, and the police entered the home after this discovery.

The house itself was not terribly unassuming, either, filled with a striking amount of lights in order to provide enough light to the massive quantity of plants.

While their guilt is absolutely certain, the judge involved did not exactly throw the book at them. Taking into account their primarily good behaviour, he delivered a lenient 3-year sentence.


What is Martin Short Doing Now?

Martin Short has never stopped working, from his time at SCTV to his stint on Saturday Night Live where his characters had viewers tuning in every Saturday night just to see what he would come up with next. And then there was Glick, the very self-absorbed talk show host who never let his guests get a word in edgewise or any other way.

According to Rolling Stone, he has been busy since then, taking small but colorful roles in movies and is now on a Fox TV sitcom titled “Mulaney”, where he plays the completely self-obsessed boss of the title character.

Short talks about his character, Lou Cannon, who he calls “a moron with power”, adding that “those people are my specialty”. He elaborates on his role, but hedges when asked who it might be based on.

Not to mention the memoir “I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend”, which is out in November.

So what is Martin Short doing now? The question might be better phrased as “What is Martin Short not doing now”?

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon Have an Epic Breakdance Conversation

You have to see this video. Jimmy Fallon ran a skit on his show the other day, which featured a surprise appearance by Brad Pitt, in which the two had a Breakdance conversation. You can see the full video below.

I know that Brad is just on the show to plug his new movie, Fury. But it’s still cool when celebrities do fun things like these.