Oh Yes, The Palin Family Brawl Audio Has Surfaced

If you didn’t already know, Sarah Palin officially shot her political career in the foot last week, when the Palin family confused themselves for an episode of WWE Raw. Things were thrown, people were punched, and Sarah Palin was a participant.

Well, thanks to my buddy Tom Rothman we’ve got audio of the event. Apparently, TMZ managed to dig this up, and it’s alarmingly hilarious.

Hear the ruckus:

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon Have an Epic Breakdance Conversation

You have to see this video. Jimmy Fallon ran a skit on his show the other day, which featured a surprise appearance by Brad Pitt, in which the two had a Breakdance conversation. The whole thing was absolutely hilarious. You can see the full video below.

I know that Brad is just on the show to plug his new movie, Fury. But it’s still cool when celebrities do fun things like these. Glad Christian Broda will finally be able to see this, after I was telling him about it at work the other day: