Ryan Seacrest: Flourishing Entrepreneur and Producer

Ryan Seacrest is an award-winning creative entrepreneur, television host and producer. He is host to local radio and cable television programming. Ryan Seacrest is currently hosting American Idol, an American singing competition television series. American Idol aired on Fox for several years in 2002 to 2016. On March 11, 2018 the 16th season of American Idol made its debut on ABC with Ryan Seacrest as host.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest is another American syndicated radio program with Ryan Seacrest as host. It is is No.1 nationally syndicated in Los Angeles for HeartMedia’ 102.7. It is also one of the top 40 stations on KIIS-FM.

As host to television programming and radio, Ryan Seacrest also appears on a morning television talk show. This show has had several hosts since 1983. Today, host Ryan Seacrest, is host along with Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He also manages the Ryan Seacrest Productions and produces various diverse tv hits like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Shades of blue and more.

As an entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest has also improve the needs of men through a men’s skincare line named Polished by Dr. Lancer. It adds to mens skincare a better living and healthy skin. His passion for improving the lives of men gets better, with not only having a mens skincare but also providing a fashion line collection called the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is only sold at Macys. The Ryan Seacrest clothes line offers unique and classic looks for men.

Having not only a flourishing enterprise and lifestyle, his passion in entrepreneurial have impacted nationwide and thus becoming chairman of the charity called Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). He has provided 10 broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals, where children explore radio, television, media and more. This provides an effective healing process for children and their families. Here’s Ryan’s favorite email reply according to businessinsider.com.

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How Whitney Wolfe Revolutionized Dating for Women

Whitney Wolfe founded the dating app Bumble in 2014 and it is based on women initiating the contact with men. The popularity of the app has allowed Whitney to spin off two additional networking apps focused on women called Bumble BFF in 2016 and Bumble Bizz in 2017. Bumble BFF was designed as a friend finding app and Bumble Bizz is a professional networking app. Bumble currently has over 35 million users in over 140 countries. Whitney was featured on the Forbes “30 under 30” list in 2018 and has been on the cover on a few respected business magazines such as Fast Company and Forbes. She also co-founded the dating app Tinder in 2012. Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and is married to Michael Herd. She majored in International Studies at Southern Methodist University. She also attended Paris Sorbonne University.

In March of this year Bumble banned pictures of guns on the app. This was a very controversial decision inside and outside the company. Whitney Wolfe and her leadership team were harassed and received threats. The decision was made after the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Police had to guard the company’s premises for weeks in response to the threats.

Whitney Wolfe has always been known to has always had strong beliefs in doing things her own way. She started her companies in unconventional ways that were not always popular. She was invited to attend Disrupt SF 2018 because of her success. The conference is a place for tech experts of all types to put their talents on display. Originally she didn’t want anything to do with the dating business, but after meeting Andrey Adreev she realized the importance of giving women a more powerful presence in the dating world. She was recently named to Time Magazines list of 100 most influential people.

Contact Whitney Wolfe : tim.blog/2018/05/25/whitney-wolfe-herd/

Vinod Gupta’s Involvement With The Spread Of Education In India

India is coming a long ways from the place it was when Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for its independence and bright national future. One man who’s helping make it into a place where young people’s education can thrive is Vinod Gupta, a managing partner of the Everest Group and a pioneer of information marketing. Gupta has helped small villages and remote areas come out of the dark ages and establish new schools and libraries. The village he grew up in even has a women’s polytechnic institute now. Gupta has also given to American education and health foundations, and at one point he was a top consideration for ambassador to Fiji.

Vinod Gupta was CEO for over 30 years, though it started out as American Business Lists when he first founded it. He had come all the way from a remote village in northern India and a background of poverty to completing a master’s degree and working at Commodore Corporation, a mobile home manufacturer and supplier. His business idea started when he needed to buy yellow page phone books to look up mobile home dealers around the nation, and he realized he could use all kinds of business information as a middleman business-to-business firm. That’s when American Business Lists started with $100 and mailing lists, and gradually Gupta brought in many clients.

Vinod Gupta turned ABL into a company with holdings in marketing research and data analytics companies, and that prompted him to rebrand the company to InfoUSA later on since it now had additional resources. Vinod Gupta and his team grew from just a few employees to several hundred and the company’s operations modernized into computer databases over the years. Eventually Gupta decided to sell it to a large corporation for over $600 million. He still invests in other business data companies as managing partner of the Everest Group.

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Jeff Herman is Helping the Next Generation Protect Themselves

Children are the future, the next generation. They need help to be guided in the right direction throughout all aspects of their lives. Jeff Herman had some advice on how to help talk to your children about protecting themselves from sexual predators. Herman realizes that you can’t always be with your kids to protect them from dangerous people; however continuously talking with them about what is going on with their body and teaching them what is right and wrong is a great way to help them to protect themselves.

Start the talk by keeping it age appropriate. You don’t have to wait until your child is a teenager to give them “the talk” just inform them about keeping boundaries and that they are able to say ‘no.’ If something makes them feel uncomfortable, they don’t have to just let it happen, and they have the right to make whatever it is stop. Keep open lines of communication and don’t stop talking. This sort of conversation shouldn’t be a onetime thing Herman emphasizes. It needs to be ongoing as bodies change and they get older and more curious. Having your kids feel comfortable talking with you is one of the most important things. It helps them to feel safe enough to come to you if something unfortunate were to happen. Even with all the talking and safety precautions, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Herman also recommends keeping an eye on your kids’ behavior to make sure there are no sudden changes. A few drastic behaviors to watch out for are: bed-wetting, nightmares, depression, self-harm, and/or anger problems.

Jeff Herman is well known for exposing sexual abuse scandals. One of the best known was from Archdiocese of Miami in 2011 where a $100 million verdict was awarded on behalf of the client who was abused by a priest. With this background Herman’s advice on how to keep the next generation safe can be taken seriously. Kids are our future, and we need to work to protect them and help them protect themselves.

Jeff Herman Shares Tips for Parents to Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse

Travel Recommendations with Surf Air

Surf Air flies to several destinations that offer so much regarding luxury and entertainment. For these reasons, Surf Air has come up with weekly recommendations that will motivate one to grab the weekend. These recommendations include Surf Air-approved activities, entertainment, lodging, dining and more. Some of the areas that the company recommends include:

Meadowood Spa, Napa Valley
This destination has two incredible gardens for relaxation. One is meant for women while the other is for men. Each of the gardens has a steam area, sitting area, mineral soaking pool, and sauna. With its design, guests maintain their privacy and receive whatever service they need right from their suites.

Bacara Resort and Spa, Santa Barbara
The ocean bellow provides drawing soothing elements that offer a complete wellness retreat. The spa has a redwood sauna, adults-only pool, fireside lounges, a rooftop terrace, and a eucalyptus steam room. With its Mediterranean climate, lush vegetation and Spanish colonial architecture, the resort is a perfect place for many travelers throughout the year. Surf Air has flights to and fro the spa every week hence making it more interesting.

Spa at Hotel Bel Air, Los Angeles
Found in the bustling city of LA, this destination is a relaxing oasis. At the Hotel Bel-Air Spa, science and nature blend well to obtain desirable results. The hotel has spacious rooms that offer peaceful, warm glow, simple elegance for the guests to remember after they leave.

The Cedars Social
The Cedars Social is a mid-century modern décor Southside bar that offers prohibited era drinks. There is a variety of cocktails including tequilas, exotic mescals, fresh fruits drinks, bourbon concoctions, and inventive gin.

SODA Bar (NYLO Hotel)
Soda Bar is a rooftop bar in Dallas’s NYLO hotel. The bar offers sunset drinks by the pool as well as remarkable views of the skyline of Dallas. The Menu has many classic bites such as tacos, hot dogs, salads and many more.

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How MB2 Dental Solutions Helped Out After Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston many families were affected, including those associated with MB2 Dental Solutions. While they are based in Carrollton, Texas, and so their headquarters weren’t affected they do have a number of Houston area dental practices who are affiliated with them that were affected. In order to support their affiliated dentists and their families the team at this company came together in order to collect money and goods that were sent to the victims and employees who had been impacted by this Category 4 hurricane.

In order to reflect on these events they recently created a video as part of their “We Are Dentistry” which covered them. The video is called, “Overcoming Hurricane Harvey 2017” and it shows the disaster relief efforts that took place and features the MB2 Dental Solution’s employees who had their lives disrupted during that time. Altogether 25 of their affiliated dental practices were affected by Hurricane Harvey where hundreds of this company’s employees work.

Right after the storm MB2 Dental Solutions started collecting supplies and money for these employees. Their goal was to raise $100,000 and within just a few months they were able to raise $93,000 for this cause. Both employees of this company gave money as did their patients. The donated supplies such as clothing, bedding, food, water, diapers, and more, were loaded into trucks and sent to MB2 Dental Solution’s affiliated offices as well as to churches in the greater Houston area.

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions team. He said that he and his management team were very grateful to everyone who chipped in for this cause. He said the effort showed that everyone on the MB2 Dental Solutions team cares about each other. He said that the video they created commemorating these events serve as a reminder that people can do good things for one another.

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Herbalife Football Sports Partnership

Herbalife Nutrition is a leading company in the sports nutrition industry. Herbalife is a provider of good quality products and programs that support good nutrition. The company began in 1980 with the mindset of aiding the community around them with the resources to live a fulfilled life of health and happiness. Today, the company has around eight thousand employees and annual sales exceeding over four billion dollars.


Customers are attracted to Herbalife because of their wide selection of programs and products that enable people to get into shape and eat healthier. The company has a set of independent distributors that sell the products to customers. These distributors are heavily influenced in the company’s select nutritional programs. The company provides coaching on a one on one basis to customers. The company also makes sure customers feel like they are apart of a supportive community of people aiming to live a healthy and satisfied life. The company also has a foundation that works with the independent distributors to make sure customers are provided the utmost care and solutions for aging, weight management, nutrition and healthcare related costs. The products this company sells are always science backed and are made in company owned facilities to ensure the Herbalife promise is being thoroughly carried out.


Herbalife works with many different events, sports teams and athletes. They have a roster of about ninety different athletes they have landed sponsored partnership deals with. Recently, the nutrition company signed a deal with Jonathan dos Santos. Johnathon is a Galaxy midfielder and apart of the Mexican National Team member. Herbalife signed the football star to a multi-year deal through 2021. The company selected the football player for this partnership due to his commitment to living a leading healthy lifestyle. With his large influence, he can be a voice to other people and promote to them the importance of eating healthy and setting and attaining nutritional goals.


Johnathan being the official sports performance and nutrition Herbalife partner, he will be able to have access to the company’s host of nutritional products. These products will help the footballer’s performance by keeping him hydrated and energized. The athlete is eager to be apart of Herbalife and wants to work to spread the company’s mission.



William Saito: Insatiable Innovator

The esteemed William Saito was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA during the height of America’s economic boom in industrial markets and the birthing pangs of what would become the information age. Always an adventurous thinker, he helped his father’s colleagues resolve a computer programming issue while still in junior high. By the time he had finished his undergraduate studies, he’d founded and managed his own technology firm, I/O Software, Inc. in 1991. He later negotiated with the global magnet Microsoft as a business partner for his software developments, online security innovations and other digital functions. He later sold this business to Microsoft for an undisclosed sum.


William Saito has held and continues to thrive in prestigious functions regarding digital communications. He moved to Japan to assist Prime Minister Abe with cyber security concerns and functioned in that capacity for over four years. He has provided consultation services to institutions, establishments and projects such as Japan’s Ministry Of Education, Japan Airlines and the 2020 Paralympics. Some of his other career distinctions include “100 Most Influential People For Japan” as declared by the world renowned Nikkei and “1998 Entrepreneur Of The Year” by all three master analysts USA Today, Ernst & Young and NASDAQ. Currently, William Saito continues to lead two of his other founding firms Palo Alto Networks which is a comprehensive cyber security establishment and InteCur. He also continues to serve as advisor on many boards including the Global Shapers Foundation and Young Global Leader.


Through his company InteCur, William Saito quenches his thirst for helping others plan and realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. You can find many of his advisements within the pages of his popular publications “The Team: Solving The Biggest Problem In Japan” and his 2011 autobiography “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures Of An Incurable Entrepreneur.” A recent read that he’s found inspiring is Max Tegmark’s “Life 3.0: Being Human In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence.” Two key information nuggets that William Saito cheerfully passes on to his protoges are 1 / live on purpose to keep your physical and physiological self well and 2/ seek after failure. William Saito submits that if you are not failing in some area of your business pursuits, then you are not stretching yourself to your maximum potential. That’s a required move beyond yoga.


Jason Hope: Philanthropy

As a very well-known, enthusiastic, and admired individual, Jason Hope proves his worth by his selfless donations and contributions to his community and other societies around the world. As an admired philanthropist and entrepreneur, the Arizona, United States megastar has been interested in business and politics for a very long time, which makes for his involvement in the modernization of the world and its technology. Like many philanthropists involved in society, Jason Hope has been known to find ways to help in the medical community and all that are proficient in the field. He invests his money and time into evolving medical firms and professionals whether it pertains to revolutionary machinery or a new technology that in turn helps society. He has looked for methods that combat infectious diseases and looking for healthy methods to better people in his career.

As a philanthropist and an individual very involved in technology and its attributes, Jason Hope has poured as much money that he can to developing projects. As he is also interested in the medical fields, he shares an equal amount of effort to technology companies and ventures. Mr. Hope as funded a number of medical firms such as a company known as the “SENS Foundation”, a company interested in the science of biotechnology as well as preventing diseases, and stopping the aging process. The firm has thankfully gathered means of revenue and donations to continue its studies with the help of Jason Hope. The chain of development continues with first, Hope’s investments into the company, and from there, the medical businesses fund other firms related to their profession, causing a well-rounded advantage. To see a continuous growth, Jason Hope has influenced others to be involved in the company’s development by heavily enunciating the advantages of such innovation and means to evolve communities through practices like the “SENS Foundation”.

Hopes devotion to better medical and technological firms has come with its benefits and long-term accomplishments as it has made for extensive buildings to be set up around the world. This allows for a greater range of accessibility to the masses. He has also allowed for laboratories to be opened and other programs that oversee the development and management of the newly made departments. Laboratories in countries like the United Kingdom enjoy the expansion of the SENS Foundation’s technology as one school in particular “Cambridge University” has allowed its biotechnical engineering departments to supervise the program. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

PSI-Pay Alternative Banking With Superior Currency Exchange

Who Is The PSI-Pay Group


The proud PSI-Pay Ltd. Group is an alternative banking solution that exchanges 44 forms of currency in over 173 countries. They suggest that your big business should include a sound financial plan. A business plan is important to securing funding and PSI is prepared to help you make sound financial decisions. You can follow their comprehensive financial plan for your personal or business finances. They will create your plan to help you build the prospects of wealth. They’re there to support your financial plans for your start-up. Learn more about PSI today.


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There are thousands of reasons to choose the PSI-Pay alternative financial services for your currency. Their hyperactive technology gives them a fine outline of your finances to build your business plan. They’re team of customer service professionals are highly trained and qualified in business corporation and independent finances. Their responsive team of professionals are prepared to set your financial plan right away. Thousands of customers have been able to change the way they accumulate their business wealth by joining the strong PSI-Pay leaders. Visit the PSI page for more details on their features and services today.


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The PSI alternative financial group offers you a superior form of alternative currency exchange for your business that accepts money from around the world. Their unique technology keeps your finances in order. You don’t have to worry about being on your own with the popular financial designed used by PSI. Furthermore, they provide their clients with a finance plan that is put together with their customers in mind. Get the most out of an alternative financial group that offers the popular MasterCard. You’re invited to visit the popular PSI-Pay website for more details on their alternative currency institute today.